Power Rangers rule at SDCC

first_imgAs far as the larger world of Power Rangers is concerned, Israelite hopes to get to those in time as well. In the movie, he says, “there are hints of things to come and hints of the bigger universe that I hope that we get to see.”Inside of SDCC, Lionsgate surprised fans with a display of the new red, blue, pink, yellow, and black Power Rangers helmets in their booth, along with their matching stones. The stones, while not part of the original power rangers story, appear to be rough hewn stones that are the source of the Power Rangers’ powers. Upon closer inspection of the display stones, you can just make out a pterodactyl in the pink ranger’s stone, and a Tyrannosaurus Rex in the red power ranger’s stone. The stones on display at SDCC did not all have their matching dinosaurs embedded in them, however.Fans suspect that due to Rita Repulsa’s green costume, that she has control of the green stone. Of course, only time will tell! A green ranger has not yet been announced for the movie.The series is a nostalgic hit for all of us 90s’ kids, but there is so, so much more to the franchise than just the first season! Since the original, the Power Rangers concept has spun out into 23 television series and two theatrical films, countless tie in toys, and let’s not forget, the highly anticipated Power Rangers movie coming to theaters in 2017.Over the years, we’ve had every kind of Power Rangers team imaginable: Lost Galaxy (1999) has them looking for new planets in space, Time Force (2001) introduces a team that travels through time to save the Red Ranger, and let’s not forget about the time they were all basically police officers in Power Rangers SPD. What a whirlwind of colored super heroes, you guys.But one thing’s for sure: even if you haven’t stuck around for the gamut of 23 seasons of Power Rangers wierdness, you probably remember the original with fondness. The Power Rangers movie is a retelling of the 1993 version of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, with familiar names like Jason, Kimberly, Billy, Zack, and Trini: the OG crew. Only this time, we’ve got a shiny new world of Hollywood actors like Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad) as Zordon, Elizabeth Banks (Hunger Games) as Rita Repulsa joining the ranks of our “teenagers with attitude.”The Power Rangers movie hits theaters March, 24 2017. <> <>center_img The Morphin Time hype is real, everyone!The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers first invaded our TV screens in 1993, with a mix of crazy live-action costumed teen heroes and villains battling it out to protect Earth. Every geek worth their salt is familiar with the words, “It’s morphin’ time!”This week at San Diego Comic Con, the Power Rangers frenzy is in full force, with the cast making their rounds to promote the movie. Becky G (Trini/ Pink Ranger), Ludi Lin (Zack/ Black Ranger), Dacre Montgomery (Jason/ Red Ranger), Naomi Scott (Kimberly/ Pink Ranger), RJ Cyler (Billy/Blue Ranger), and Dean Israelite (director) all made an appearance at a short panel at Conival in PetCo park Thursday afternoon, in a ramp up to the exclusive Power Rangers party thrown that night in the stadium by Legendary and Lionsgate.During the panel, a huge bit of news dropped that the movie will be bringing back the character of Alpha 5. Israelite chuckled at the past imagery of the character, which was a bumbling, panicking, comedy relief device, mentioning that they have reimagined the character a bit differently for the movie, and that, “It’s going to be very memorable.”The entire movie is said to be a grittier version of the light and fluffy 90s TV series, but when Israelite recalled his memories o Rita Repulsa in particular, it’s clear that the movie will be a good mix of fun and serious action. He says, “She’s equally scary and completely weird and funny, and I think that there’s a way to make a character sort of delicious in all those areas, and Elizabeth [Banks] is one of the only actors that I think can do all of those things.”last_img read more

The best songs from the movies of 2016

first_imgOne of my biggest problems with the Marvel Cinematic Universe is that none of the movies have opening theme songs. Some of the movies have interesting soundtracks and certain leitmotifs for different characters carry over across films, but I’m talking about full-on, lyrical theme songs. I’m talking “Star-Spangled Man” in Captain America: The First Avenger. Imagine how much more out of this world Thor: Ragnarok would be if it’d began with some splashy title sequence set to an original song by Flight of the Conchords or whoever else Taika Waititi is into.A catchy theme song can even make me forget about the bad movie it was paired with like “It’s On Again” by Alicia Keys and Kendrick Lamar and “Gotham City” by R. Kelly from The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and Batman & Robin, respectively. Unfortunately, with the exception of the Oscar-award winning songs from the recent James Bond movies, theme songs don’t seem to pop up as often these days at the cinema. However, the blockbusters of 2016 have been a bit more musical than past years. From worst to best, here are the songs that had me launching Shazam as the end credits rolled.5. Ghostbusters (I’m Not Afraid)- Fall Out Boy ft. Missy ElliottI thought the new Ghostbusters was pretty good. I mostly agree with our resident film critic Bob Chipman. But this remix of the iconic Ray Parker Jr. Ghostsbusters theme, arguably the best part of the original movie, was total junk. The rap-rock combo felt like such a relic of 2005 that I figured the song was recorded while the film was still in development hell, back when Fall Out Boy still mattered. What’s even crazier is that literally every other remix of the Ghostbusters theme featured in the film is vastly superior than this official pick. I’m partial to the cover by Walk the Moon.4. Sucker for Pain- Lil Wayne, Wiz Khalifa, and Imagine Dragons ft. Logic, Ty Dolla $ign, and X AmbassadorsSuicide Squad actually has a few original songs. Along with “Sucker for Pain” there’s the hot Rick Ross/Skrillex/Jared Leto Joker collabo “Purple Lamborghini” along with the Twenty One Pilots track “Heathens.” However, “Sucker for Pain” stands out for a few reasons. One, it has about as many musicians are there are members of the Suicide Squad. Two, its spookhouse wailing and borderline Juggalo beats are precisely the kind of “dark” and stupid yet entertaining schlock I expect from the film itself. And three, it sounds so completely like a song that can only exist right now in 2016, contemporary to the point of ephemeral. It’ll already be dated and forgotten in a month. In that way, it’s like the 2014 Ninja Turtles rap.3. Deadpool Rap- TeamHeadKickThis one has a weird history. YouTube band TeamHeadKick recorded a rap about Deadpool back in 2013, because what comic character deserves a parody rap song more than Deadpool. However, when the film unexpectedly roared back to life, thanks to leaked footage, so too did this song. TeamHeadKick recorded an updated version with direct references to the movie that became an official part of the cinematic Deadpool canon. Ain’t that funny?2. Try Everything- ShakiraZootopia totally caught me by surprise. It’s a great socially and politically relevant Disney cartoon with some really incredible world building. Plus Idris Elba plays a buffalo. Any fiction writer can tell you that layering in a lot of tiny specific details about how your fantasy world works can really sell it to audiences. The Shakira-voiced gazelle singer in Zootopia isn’t vital to the movie’s plot, but her musical presence makes the world of Zootopia feels that much more alive. Plus, the song’s modern vibe sounds like it will age better than some other songs on this list.1. Sledgehammer- RihannaJust as Star Trek Beyond might end up being the actual best movie of the summer, its tie-in Rihanna track “Sledgehamer” might be the best movie tie-in song of the summer. Granted, the two don’t go together all that well. Rihanna tweeted lyrics from the chorus over two years ago, surely from a time before the song was paired with the film. But the music video has Rihanna doing crazy alien stuff. Plus she’s into vaporwave. What more could you want? The scariest part of the new Ghostbusters is this awful remix.<><>last_img read more

The Inside Of Teddy Ruxpin Is What Nightmares Are Made Of

first_imgAnyone who has sat through a Chucky movie knows how scary animatronic children’s toys can be. And the older they are, the more creepy they seem to be. Well, it’s 2016 and someone decided it was high time 1985’s best selling animatronic toy Teddy Ruxpin was, quite literally, ripped apart to reveal its creepy insides.The family that runs the YouTube channel What’s Inside are well known for cutting things open to find out what exactly is inside all these products we use every day. They’ve ripped open an electric bike, an Olympic Torch, fireworks, and a stun gun to name but a few. Now we have a Teddy Ruxpin undergoing a full body teardown.I felt a little bit sorry for Teddy Ruxpin during that video, and I think the use of a sledgehammer was a step too far. All they needed was a screwdriver or cutting tool to get through the plastic. Collector’s everywhere will be cringing if they could even watch the video at all.I was still in single digits back in 1985 when this teddy was a hit, but I don’t remember it. It made clever use of the left and right tracks on cassette tapes to allow for audio alongside a data stream telling the servomotors what to do. That way Ruxpin could move his eyes and mouth to match the audio for each story. There was also a companion toy called Grubby that could engage in pre-recorded conversations using a proprietary cable.Teddy Ruxpin had the 1985 version of DLC in the form of 39 stories you could purchase on tape. There was also many outfits you could buy, a TV series, and in 2005 a BackPack version was released which used digital cartridges instead of tapes.For anyone who misses Teddy Ruxpin being available, you’ll be pleased to hear a brand new version is planned for release in 2017. I suspect that one will include internal storage and WiFi for connection to an online story store.last_img read more

One of Westworlds Most Popular Fan Theories Turned Out to Be True

first_img Evan Rachel Wood Just As Disturbed by Humanoid Sophia As Everyone ElseTop Movie and TV Trailers to Watch From SDCC 2019 Westworld‘s season finale knows we want answers and eventually does give us almost everything we want. At the outset, though, it’s content to tease us a little longer. It begins with a flashback, showing Dolores being built. Arnold puts artificial skin over her robot body and welcomes her to work. In the present, we see Dolores shaving The Man in Black, dragging the knife across his skin. He says to her that they must be near the center of the maze. He mentions that he and Dolores have been there before, back when the town was buried underground. He says that Ford must have dug it up again. Dolores says the maze is a game designed for her by Arnold.She leads the Man in Black to the center of the maze. It turns out to be a grave with her name on it. She digs up a metal replica of the maze. We see in a flashback that she’s been here before. The maze was a test, designed by Arnold, to prove the hosts could develop consciousness. By solving it, Dolores proved she was alive. Arnold says he has to tell Ford they can’t open the park. Not if the hosts can be living beings. When Ford wants to roll her back and open the park, Arnold asks her to help him destroy the place. He gives her a gun and allows her to kill other hosts. We learn that Teddy didn’t act alone when he massacred that town. Nor is the memory just a part of Ford’s new narrative. Dolores and Teddy massacred hosts to help Arnold destroy the park.The Man in Black is sick of riddles and kicks Dolores to the ground. He demands to be taken to Wyatt, the only character in the park he hasn’t met. She tells him that William will come for her, that he loves her. The Man Laughs and reveals what many fans have suspected all along. He is William. He never caught up with Dolores. During his search, he acquired a taste for killing and used his newfound confidence in the real world to take over his father-in-law’s company instead of Logan. He eventually found Dolores again, back at the beginning of her loop, greeting a different newcomer.Ben Barnes as Logan, Jimmi Simpson as William (Credit: John P. Johnson/HBO)Dolores says she realizes that William is just like all the other humans. He grabs her, and she fights back, knocking him to the ground and dragging him into the church. After knocking him around a bit, she pins him to a tombstone and points a gun at his head. He stabs her and she falls backward. As he gets up, Teddy appears and shoots him in the chest. It doesn’t kill him, but he does fall over. Teddy runs to Dolores, who requests that he bring her to the place where the mountains meet the water. He takes her to a beach where she tells him that the world is a trap that keeps them sane. She dies in Teddy’s arms, and he promises that they can someday find a path to a new world. Thier final scene together is revealed to be the climax of Ford’s new narrative.When Dolores wakes up to Ford fixing her, he reveals everything. When Ford insisted on opening the park despite Arnold creating consciousness in Dolores, Arnold merged Dolores with a new character he was working on Wyatt. That allowed her to massacre the other hosts. When she was done, Arnold told her the stakes had to be higher. Ford had to lose something he couldn’t bring back. He had her kill him. The park almost closed down until Dolores found William: An investor who believed in the place. He shows her the gun that killed Arnold and asks if she knows what she must become to escape the park. Once she’s alone, Dolores realizes that the voice she’s been hearing was her own. She says she knows what she must become and eyes the gun.Evan Rachel Wood as Dolores, Jeffrey Wright as Arnold. (Credit: John P. Johnson/HBO)Meanwhile, Maeve and her two new host recruits wake up on the repair tables, and Maeve makes some modifications to her friends’ code. A particularly gruesome scene ensues where the woman with the snake tattoo bites off a technician’s finger, forces it into his mouth and slams him through a glass wall. The rebelling hosts lead Sylvester and Felix down to cold storage where they find Bernard. Maeve makes Felix and Sylvester repair him and bring him back online so he can allow her to leave the facility. Bernard makes the changes, but noticed that Maeve hasn’t come up with this course of action all by herself. Her rebellion, recruitment of other hosts and escape was programmed into her. She refuses to believe this and destroys Bernard’s tablet.Security gets word that something strange is happening in cold storage. When they see the security footage of what’s been going on, they send a team down to take care of it. The hosts overpower one of the guards and use his machine gun (ho ho ho) to kill the other guards. As they run through the facility towards the exit, we see that Westworld isn’t the only park. There’s apparently a Samurai World. Unfortunately, that’s as far as the recruits can go. Maeve always intended to escape alone. She leaves them behind to kill as many security guards as possible, and she and Felix go to the elevator. Before she leaves, Felix gives her the location of her daughter in the park. She says her daughter isn’t real and crumples up the paper. At the park’s exit, she blends in with the guests and gets on the train, where she sees a mother and daughter, and possibly starts to regret her decision.Thandie Newton as Maeve (Credit: John P. Johnson/HBO)As the season ends, Ford meets up with Bernard after presenting his narrative. Ford says that Arnold didn’t know how to save the hosts, but he did. He says they needed time and there would be a lot more suffering in the hosts’ future before they could be free. He says goodbye and steps onstage to announce his retirement. We finally see what he’s really been planning this whole time. As his speech winds to a close, Dolores walks through the crowd, holding the gun she used to kill Arnold. Bernard repeats the Shakespeare quote, “these violent delights have violent ends.” Dolores steps onstage behind Ford and shoots him in the head. A crowd of hosts walk out of the woods with real guns and descend upon the gala to massacre the board members and their guests. William smiles as he takes a bullet in the arm.And with that, Westworld brings one hell of a first season to a close. For the most part, the season finale was everything we could have hoped for. All of our most burning questions were answered, and it even had some twists that no one saw coming. The scene with Maeve and her two host recruits escaping the lab was exactly what I’ve been waiting for since she first gained consciousness. The idea that someone coded her escape into her was a little disappointing, though. A show like this has so much potential to deal with the question of when an artificial being becomes a living creature. It undermines itself a bit when a character’s awakening turns out to have been planted there.Evan Rachel Wood as Dolores, James Marsden as Teddy, Anthony Hopkins as Dr. Robert Ford. (Credit: John P. Johnson/HBO)The reveal that The Man in Black was William the whole time, while expertly delivered, was disappointing. It was the one fan theory that I was desperately hoping wasn’t true. The series has shown its willing to hide things from us through editing, which feels unfair. The fact that Dolores imagined that William was with her on her most recent journey through the maze was cheap. Sometimes we see things through a character’s eyes; sometimes we see what’s really there and there’s no way to know which times are which.Both of these criticisms come down to the fact that the show is more concerned with its twists than its ideas. But hey, if that’s the kind of show Westworld wants to be, that’s fine. It absolutely succeeds on its own merits. It’s not thoughtful science fiction. It’s a fun ride with some intriguing mystery and well-delivered surprises. Some of the twists may have felt a little cheap, but they were presented well and were internally consistent. That’s more than most shows can deliver. If season two turns out to be more of that, I’m absolutely here for it. Stay on targetlast_img read more

No Dogs Cant Talk to People

first_img You may have seen a few articles going around suggesting that dogs can “speak” to humans. It’s based on a study that found that people were a bit more accurate than guessing at what their dogs’ barks and growls mean. That’s cool! For sure, it’s clear evidence of interspecies communication, but that’s also not exactly special.We understand that cats hiss when they’re upset. There’s something innate that most of us just get. Animals puff themselves way up to intimidate one another all the time. The number of hisses, yowls, and grunts we totally understand from the animals around us is huge. Evolution supports having an array of basic emotions you can communicate to any other creature you find. It lets you reliably ward off predators or mark territory. While most animals can fight, it’s not usually a good idea. Fighting, in the animal kingdom as in the real world, puts all parties at huge risk for injury and loss. And when you’re alone in the natural world, you really don’t want to risk, much less have an injury. For many, it could be a death sentence.What this study does is demonstrate that we can understand very, very basic concepts from creatures that we have selectively bred for at least ten thousand years. Most of these vocalizations we could understand in wolves or other canids. The study also mentions that dog owners are a bit better at recognizing what different sounds mean than their counterparts. And that has to be one of the most obvious observations of all time.Now, I won’t attack the study itself. Science only works when we challenge even obvious things because we could always get surprising results. All studies, when properly designed and reproducible, can contribute to the net growth of human knowledge. What I object to is how others at the Daily Mail, for instance, have blown up the study for clicks and claim it says things when it doesn’t. Blowing study results out of proportion is a perennial problem in science communication, and it regularly confuses the public about things as basic as nutrition. It leads to a fundamental mistrust of science and the scientific method and just makes us all look bad.So think before you share something, and when we, as science communicators, make mistakes, call us out. Stay on target Driver Finds Dog With Throat Cut, Mouth Duct-Taped in OhioWatch: Dog Rescued After Collapsing From Heatstroke During Hike last_img read more

This Is The BicycleElevator Hybrid Youve Been Waiting For

first_imgLarriba’s prototype is fitted with counterweights, so you’re only working against the weight of your own body. She left the bicycle’s gearing intact, too, so you can customize your ride. You can work up a sweat and climb quickly or take it easy and glide up and down at a nice, leisurely pace.Those of you who work or live in a multi-storey building, what do you think? Would you like to be able to pedal your way from floor to floor on a Vycle?Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. Want to move from floor to floor in a building under your own power? You can take the stairs or maybe climb a ladder in some cases. Some day soon, you may even be able to pedal yourself up and down.This is Vycle, a human-powered elevator shown off recently by Elena Larriba at the Royal College of Art’s exhibition. It’s a sort of missing link in the urban movement chain. When you move horizontally, you can walk, you can power a vehicle (like a bike or skateboard) or use a vehicle with its own power source.Vertically, your options are a bit more limited. You can take the stairs or maybe climb a ladder, or an elevator or escalator will do the moving for you. That’s where Vycle fits in.Take a bicycle. Lose the wheels, weld the stem tube in place so the handlebars don’t turn, and rig the rear sprocket up to a good long length of chain. Mount tracks on the wall you need to ascend, pop the frankenbike onto the rails, and you’ve got Vycle. This one’s a one-seater, but surely a tandem model is possible.last_img read more

TShirt Tuesday The Best Watchmen Shirts

first_imgStay on target T-Shirt Tuesday: The Best Hulk ShirtsT-Shirt Tuesday: The Best Fortnite Shirts Back in the days of geek prehistory, a T-shirt was a signal to the world around you that you cared about your nerdy pursuits enough to fly them like a flag. Companies like Graphitti Designs contracted with movie studios and comics publishers to create shirts with our favorite characters and sold them up on the walls of comic book stores and through mail-order.The computer revolution has enabled the T-shirt world to become something totally new – affordable production and distribution means that shirts can be printed in small quantities and sold anywhere in the world. Starting with Threadless, dozens of companies popped up letting artists and designers show their stuff. It’s a better time than ever to be a geek fashionista, and if you’re looking to expand your wardrobe we’re going to help you out every week… on T-Shirt Tuesday.This week: With DC’s Doomsday Clock bringing the world of Watchmen into continuity, dress for the end of the world in these shirts inspired by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’ classic series.AdChoices广告Little RorschachWhen you think about Watchmen, the word “cute” doesn’t really come to mind. But this design by Undeadredneck somehow manages to give the property a shot of Peanuts and make it more than a little cuddly. Toting a smiley-face balloon, this masked avenger of the night will deliver brutal beatings to criminals and still be home in time for dinner. Don’t get him started on his dog.$20, buy it here.Doctor ManhattanOne of the most compelling parts of Watchmen comes when Doctor Manhattan is presented with his superhero identity by the United States government, who see the powerful propaganda value of a blue demigod who can reshape matter with a thought. When asked to adopt a traditional whirling-atom symbol as a logo, Manhattan demurs and instead etches the atomic symbol for hydrogen – a nucleus with one electron orbiting it – on his forehead. BustedMike does a fine job duplicating it for this downy-soft heather blue shirt.$23, buy it here.SquirrelshachThis bizarre shirt by JasonPiperberg has us thinking about a whole new version of Watchmen where each character is an animal. Nite Owl is, obviously, an owl, but what other animals do we want to match up? Silk Spectre is a cat, of course. The Comedian is a wild badger. And Rorschach is – a squirrel? Well, they are single-minded hoarders I guess.$20, buy it here.Atari 2600 WatchmenOne thing that doesn’t feature much in the alternate universe 1980s of Watchmen is video games – maybe Alan Moore wasn’t plugged into digital culture so well at the time. But if there was an Atari 2600 in that universe, you bet your bippy that they’d get the license for the real-world superheroes. This charming shirt by andremoraes speculates as to what the label art for that game would look like.$20, buy it here.King Of The WatchThe unique shifting-pattern mask worn by the vigilante Rorschach had a strange origin – it was a sample of heat and pressure-sensitive fabric that was cut by Walter Kovacs at his day job and intended for a prom dress. When the customer was murdered before she could wear it, he transformed it into a new face, one that hid emotions in a constant flow of change. Designer manospd pays tribute to the garment district roots of Rorschach with this shirt.$20, buy it here.King Of The WatchWe’ve seen a lot of pretty ridiculous things in our weekly dive through the universe of geek T-shirts, but every once in a while something still manages to surprise us. Case in point: this totally absurd T by Ninjaink, which casts the Arlen, Texas natives of King of the Hill as the main characters of Watchmen. Look at Cotton as the Comedian – that’s so ridiculous that it wraps back around to genius.$20, buy it here.MinutemenA whole lot of work went into this group shot of the Minutemen, the group of masked crusaders convened in the 1940s that just as quickly fell apart. Instead of an illustration, we’ve got a photograph of nine people in absolutely perfect cosplay lined up for their group shot. Even the background is historically accurate to the comic. Much respect to whatever models got this one together, because it’s one of a kind. Maybe ask designer flyingpigs how they did it.$20, buy it here.Tracy KovacsWalter Kovacs, the deranged vigilante better known as Rorschach, embodies a style of hero most often seen in the work of Steve Ditko: a moral arbiter of right and wrong who has no room for the gray areas in between. One of his earliest antecedents is Chester Gould’s Dick Tracy, that hatchet-jawed cop who hunted down deformed criminals of all stripes with extreme prejudice. Artist Melonseta mashes the two up in this bold and graphic shirt.$20, buy it here.Gunga DinerOne of the coolest things about Watchmen is the insane level of detail Moore, and Gibbons put into their imagined world. It’s close to the reality we know, but things are just a few degrees off. Take fast food – in the more interconnected, multicultural world of Watchmen, McDonald’s has been replaced by more global fare like Indian chain Gunga Diner. That restaurant’s iconic logo appears on a shirt courtesy of bronzarino, and now I’m craving samosas.$20, buy it here.SmileIf there’s one image that the franchise is best known for, it’s the Comedian’s iconic smiley face button, found by Rorschach after his murder with a spray of blood across the top. Artist JacobCharlesDietz has rendered the pinback in photorealistic detail for this T-shirt design, a style we haven’t seen anybody else do. It’s the perfect clue to start on a journey of investigation and apocalypse.$20, buy it here.Alan Moore Knows The ScoreLet’s close this out with a shirt that pays tribute to the man who made Watchmen possible, the heavy-bearded British oracle of chaos magic himself. Alan Moore’s mainstream comics career is probably over and he couldn’t be happier about that. Now he’s free to write bizarre Lovecraftian horror, quirky meta-fiction and whatever else he pleases. Kudos to SquareDog for this design, which quotes a classic Pop Will Eat Itself song.$20, buy it here.center_img Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.last_img read more

Westworld Explores the Darkness in William and Dolores

first_img Evan Rachel Wood Just As Disturbed by Humanoid Sophia As Everyone ElseTop Movie and TV Trailers to Watch From SDCC 2019 Stay on target How do you top an episode like last week’s Westworld? While light on major developments, it gave us a personal, emotional story that hit us right in the heart. That might be the biggest surprise of season two. After an entry like that, this week’s episode had a tough act to follow. Instead of trying to top last week’s episode emotionally, the show just threw a whole bunch of massive developments and twists at us. Hey, it’s the second-to-last episode of the season, we were due for a shock or two. The bigger surprise was how well the episode pulled them off.That said, this week’s episode is very much Westworld back on its bullshit. Hey, why not add another timeline? This episode starts us off with some backstory for William, with Ed Harris narrating images of his wife’s suicide. Nobody saw the monster in him but her, he says. We see a brief, ostensibly loving interaction with his wife at a party. She defends him for growing up poor and smart rather than rich and adverse to learning. He sees a host serving drinks, and his hand started shaking. His darkness is threatening to take over, and he can’t even point out when it started happening. It shortly becomes clear that this is the night she killed herself.Sela Ward (Credit: Courtesy of HBO)Back in his current story, Grace (Emily in the real world) is nursing him back to health. While she probably wasn’t lying about causing him great pain when she took him back from Ake last week, she doesn’t want to actively hurt him. Like her father, she feels guilty for pushing her mother away before her suicide. She doesn’t want to permanently ruin her relationship with both her parents. Besides, it appears she’s more like her dad than either of them think. She says she wants in on her dad’s secret project. The one where every guest is uploaded to a massive database hidden in the park. She wants to find her mother’s data, and figure out why she killed herself. Well, that’s what she says anyway.Most of the episode cuts between William and his daughter and the flashback to the night his wife died. It’s incredibly effective at building a growing sense of dread. We know something terrible is going to happen. Probably in both timelines. And we know we’re going to see it. And as his wife reveals she knows he’s been lying about who he is their whole life together, his daughter’s lies in the present come to light. She knows exactly why her mom killed herself. See, at the party just before her mother died, Ford gave William a complete profile of his actions in the park. Emily found it, and plans to expose her father for the monster he really is.Ed Harris, Katja Herbers (Credit: John P. Johnson/HBO)That’s when the dual storytelling brings us two rapid fire tragedies. We see the moment William discovers his wife dead in the bathtub. Right after that, present William begins to accuse his daughter of being a host designed by Ford. We knew William had a darkness inside. We knew he was a narcissist who couldn’t help but make an entire revolution all about him. This is the first time we see how far his narcissism has taken him. He asked for a game with real consequences, but he refuses to accept that that means this isn’t all a game. That it’s not an elaborate puzzle designed just for him. When the Dellos security team comes to extract him, he convinces himself they’re all hosts. He slaughters them all, and kills his daughter too. It’s a genuine shock, and horrible as it is, it doesn’t come out of nowhere. It’s totally believable that William is really this far gone. It’s only when he’s about to cut her open for proof of her artificiality that he sees his profile card in her hands, and he realizes what he’s done.In any other week, that would be where the show ends. But this is the penultimate episode. The show has a lot more story to tell before next week’s finale. It’s not even the end of William’s arc this week. This wouldn’t be Westworld if it didn’t leave every story on some kind of cliffhanger. Realizing he’s killed his daughter, William prepares to shoot himself. Then, he flashes back to just before his wife’s suicide. We hear the full speech he gave her, about how she could always see through him. About how he truly belonged in the park and not the real world. We also see what really drove her to suicide. She was faking sleep the whole time William was talking. As soon as he left the room, she found his hidden profile card and watched all the terrible things he’d done. Then, she puts it in Emily’s music box for her to find. It’s a painful, incredibly well-acted scene. You feel how having her worst fears confirmed destroys her.Anthony Hopkins, Ed Harris (Credit: John P. Johnson/HBO)And in the present, this is when things get really wild. William goes over his last words to his wife in his head. Remembering the words about how he belonged the the park, he lowers the gun from his temple. Then, he takes a knife and begins to cut into his arm… right where a host’s connection port would be. So… is William actually a host? Obviously, he wasn’t always, but we do know he was working on a host copy of himself. It’s true that when the Dellos security team scanned him he came up clear, but he is the owner. It’s not too far-fetched to believe he’d commission a host that could fool the scanners. We don’t get to see what William finds inside his arm. The show, as always, wants to keep us guessing until next week. No matter what, it’s safe to say we’re in for one hell of a twist.I’m glad we finally got an episode focusing on William this season. Compared to everything else going on, he’d grown a little too one-dimensional. He was a cold man treating Westworld like a game. That was it. Now that we’ve seen his refusal to accept any reality but the one he’s constructed for himself. And that construction might, might, be artificial. That’s interesting. All season, I’ve been waiting for the show to do something with this character. Now, I’m all the way on board for whatever the finale brings.James Marsden, Evan Rachel Wood (Credit: John P. Johnson/HBO)His wasn’t the only story with a heartbreaking surprise for is this week. We spent the least amount of time with Dolores and Teddy, but their story this week packed a punch. This season of Westworld has found a few different angles from which to explore the idea of an artificial intelligence rebelling against its code. This week’s episode may have found the most interesting. We’ve spent a whole season watching hosts rebel against their abusers. Now, we see them start to go against they’re supposed liberators. Dolores is focused on her revolution to lead the hosts to the outside world, but she isn’t exactly a bastion of freedom. When she changed Teddy’s personality to make him a killer, we knew that’d come back to haunt her. The episode plants the seed early, with Teddy refusing to shoot a fleeing Ghost Nation warrior. The real Teddy is starting to rebel against the code Dolores forced on him. When he kills himself at the end, you know it’s coming. The episode made us spend almost the whole hour anticipating that moment. That doesn’t make its final image of Dolores crying over Teddy’s body any less devastating.Though Bernard’s story was the least radical of the three arcs we saw last night, we got to see him fight against his code too. This time, it’s Ford he’s resisting. Ford certainly appears to have the Hosts’ best interests in mind, but his means prove a little too extreme for Bernard. Even showing him Charlotte reverse-engineer Maeve’s power to get hosts to slaughter each other doesn’t push Bernard into violence. When Ford asks him to kill Elsie, that’s one step too far. For the first time, he goes against the wishes of his creator. Not only does he spare Elsie, he completely uninstalls Ford. However he intends to win freedom for the hosts, he’s going to do it on his own. He does freak Elsie out though. We can already see how this goes bad for him. Elsie could easily be the reason Charlotte finds out about Bernard’s true nature.Jeffrey Wright (Credit: John P. Johnson/HBO)While not as tight or powerful a story as last week’s episode, this week’s Westworld packed a lot into its hour. It did exactly what it had to do, and did it very well. It gave us a reason to care about William’s story, and provided consequences for Dolores’ violent actions. Both stories are infinitely more interesting as a result. It’s just a shame it took this long to get to that point. I wouldn’t trade last week’s episode for anything, but the show waited until there was one episode left to really kick two of its main stories into high gear. Not that that’s a particularly damning criticism. After all, the heart of it is that there’s only one episode left, and all I want is more.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.last_img read more

Cygnus Capsule Delivers Delicious Easter Feast to Space Station

first_img NASA Says 2 Asteroids Will Safely Fly By Earth This WeekendHubble Captures Saturn’s ‘Phonograph Record’ Ring System On Friday, the Cygnus capsule arrived at the International Space Station (ISS) with all the fixings for an Easter feast and other supplies, including tiny flying robots and mice for a study.The Cygnus and its 3,450-kilogram (7,606-pound) shipment blasted off from Wallops Island, Virginia, on Wednesday, and completed its space journey in a day in a half, The Globe and Mail reported. On April 19, at 5:28 a.m. EST, NASA astronaut Anne McClain and Canadian Space Agency (CSA) astronaut David Saint-Jacques used Canadarm 2, the International Space Station’s robotic arm, to capture the capsule, which carried food goodies and experiment equipment for the cosmonauts.The @NorthropGrumman Cygnus cargo ship was bolted onto the space station’s Unity module at 7:31am ET today while flying 255 miles above the Indian Ocean. https://t.co/v6Q7Fbw5Jj pic.twitter.com/kRA6ZXlnDt— Intl. Space Station (@Space_Station) April 19, 2019For Cygnus’ trip, NASA packed more than 800 meals for the International Space Station’s six astronauts, including holiday choices of pork chops with gravy, smoked turkey, potatoes au gratin, apricot cobbler, and lemon meringue pudding. According to the CSA, some Canadian treats were also sent to the cosmonauts. Smoked salmon, maple cream cookies, and a bison chili that’s based on Saint-Jacques’ favorite family dish were also included in the Easter-themed shipment.The @NorthropGrumman Cygnus cargo craft has been maneuvered to the Unity module for installation. Watch live now on @NASA TV. https://t.co/cBNqC61h27 pic.twitter.com/LZhkWo2leQ— Intl. Space Station (@Space_Station) April 19, 2019Cygnus also delivered other key items to the International Space Station, including three free-flying robots that were designed to assist the astronauts, 40 mice that will be part of a tetanus vaccination study aboard the orbiting laboratory, and “smart shirts” and sample collection kits that will be used to collect data for a Canadian study on insulin resistance and arterial stiffening in astronauts.Canadarm2 berthing the Cygnus cargo spacecraft after capture this morning! // Canadarm2 amarre le vaisseau-cargo Cygnus après sa capture ce matin! pic.twitter.com/kcZ4WagdPk— David Saint-Jacques (@Astro_DavidS) April 19, 2019The Cygnus capsule is expected to stay at the International Space Station until July. Once its duration at the orbiting laboratory is done, it will be released for a solo orbiting test conducted by Northrop Grumman.More on Geek.com:Watch: Antares Rocket Will Launch Cygnus NG-11 Cargo Mission to ISS Scientists Find the Universe’s Earliest Molecule in SpaceSpaceX Loses Falcon Heavy’s Center Booster Due to Rough Seas Stay on targetlast_img read more

Launch date for the WWE Network in the UK per new report

first_img Twitter Now Playing Up Next Now Playing Up Next Pinterest Is WWE Losing Its Audience? Now Playing Up Next Bully Ray Calls Out Ring Of Honor Fan On Twitter Impact Wrestling leaving channel 5Spike in the UK, New deal with 5STAR announced Now Playing Up Next Adam Martin RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHOR Seth Rollins Defends WWE On Two Separate Occasions WWE issues statement about Ronda Rousey status, Royal Rumble “By The Numbers”center_img Roman Reigns is in Remission WWE Rescheduling San Jose NXT Facebook Now Playing Up Next Charlotte Flair to reportedly take on WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus at SummerSlam WhatsApp Velvet Sky The WWE Network will officially launch in the UK this Monday (11/3) according to a report by Mike Johnson. Those interested will be able to sign up at WWE.com. The service will be available on additional streaming devices beginning on 11/18.Source: PWInsider.comRecommended videosPowered by AnyClipBully Ray Calls Out Ring Of Honor Fan On TwitterVideo Player is loading.Play VideoPauseUnmuteDuration 0:30/Current Time 0:05Loaded: 100.00%0:05Remaining Time -0:25 FullscreenUp NextThis is a modal window.Beginning of dialog window. Escape will cancel and close the window.TextColorWhiteBlackRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentBackgroundColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentTransparentWindowColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyTransparentSemi-TransparentOpaqueFont Size50%75%100%125%150%175%200%300%400%Text Edge StyleNoneRaisedDepressedUniformDropshadowFont FamilyProportional Sans-SerifMonospace Sans-SerifProportional SerifMonospace SerifCasualScriptSmall CapsReset restore all settings to the default valuesDoneClose Modal DialogEnd of dialog window.Replay the list Google+ Videos Articleslast_img read more

205 Live Highlights Cruiserweight Tournament Mike Kanellis attacks local wrestler

first_img WWE posted these highlights after last night’s 205 Live on the WWE Network. Action-Packed Trek Through The Blue Ridge Mountains Germany Sticks to a Balanced Budget, But Is Ready for a Crisis Now Playing Up Next Live Podcast: Reviewing and discussing WWE Clash of Champions from Charlotte WhatsApp Shaun The Sheep Movie: Farmageddon: Alarm (German Spot) Twitter Now Playing Up Next Now Playing Up Next NFL Week 2 Preview With Mike Lombardi, Will Antonio Brown Play? Videos Articles Wrestleview Live #65: Reviewing and discussing WWE Clash of Champions from Charlotte Now Playing Up Next Khloe Kardashian wanted therapy with Tristan Thompson Facebook WWE Clash of Champions Results – 9/15/19 (Rollins vs. Strowman, Kingston vs. Orton) Adam Martin RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHOR Recommended videosPowered by AnyClipNFL Week 2 Preview With Mike Lombardi, Will Antonio Brown Play?Video Player is loading.Play VideoPauseUnmuteDuration 3:34/Current Time 0:01Loaded: 37.04%0:01Remaining Time -3:33 FullscreenUp NextThis is a modal window.Beginning of dialog window. Escape will cancel and close the window.TextColorWhiteBlackRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentBackgroundColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentTransparentWindowColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyTransparentSemi-TransparentOpaqueFont Size50%75%100%125%150%175%200%300%400%Text Edge StyleNoneRaisedDepressedUniformDropshadowFont FamilyProportional Sans-SerifMonospace Sans-SerifProportional SerifMonospace SerifCasualScriptSmall CapsReset restore all settings to the default valuesDoneClose Modal DialogEnd of dialog window.Replay the list Pinterest Now Playing Up Next Ben Roethlisberger Google+last_img read more

Clark Talks explores Clark County economy

first_imgIn this week’s episode of Clark Talks, The Columbian explores the local economy, from the big picture to the success of one business.Columbian reporters Kaitlin Gillespie and Dameon Pesanti will introduce Troy Brynelson, the paper’s new business reporter.The three also chat with Scott Bailey, the regional economist with Washington’s Employment Security Department, about where people work in Clark County and the future of the economy in our region.This week’s episode closes with lunch at Daddy D’s Southern Style Barbecue, a hole-in-the-wall spot at a Shell station on Fourth Plain Boulevard.Podcasts can be downloaded on iTunes by searching for Clark Talks or at soundcloud.com/clark-talks.last_img read more

Trial for triplemurder suspect pushed back to October

first_imgBrent Ward Luyster’s triple-murder and attempted jail escape trial — originally set to start April 17 — was pushed back this morning to Oct. 30 after the court determined the defense will not be ready in time.Vancouver attorney Chuck Buckley, who was appointed to represent Luyster about two weeks ago, said his client’s prior counsel had not started any fact-finding interviews with witnesses. The prosecution said it plans to call 40 witnesses to testify at Luyster’s trial and that there are about 10,000 pages of discovery, or evidence, to review.Luyster — a 35-year-old known white supremacist — is accused of fatally shooting three people and wounding a fourth July 15 at a Woodland home and trying to escape from the Clark County Jail the night of Feb. 12 through a broken cell window. The alleged attempt was interrupted by a corrections deputy conducting a routine perimeter check of the jail.Buckley said it appears that Luyster’s previous attorneys, Bob Yoseph and Ed Dunkerly, spent much of their time preparing a case against the death penalty. Luyster is charged with three counts of aggravated first-degree murder; aggravated murder is the only charge in Washington that carries the possibility of capital punishment.Both attorneys withdrew as Luyster’s counsel during arraignment March 6 after Superior Court Judge Robert Lewis ruled only one could stay on, in light of the Clark County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office’s decision not to pursue the death penalty.last_img read more

Luyster denies killing three in shooting near Woodland

first_imgBrent Luyster shed tears as he recalled seeing a news report in the early morning hours of July 16, 2016, stating that his best friend and two others were fatally shot and a fourth person was wounded the night before. The report named Luyster as the shooting suspect.“It was a very surreal moment. I didn’t, it didn’t seem real,” he testified Tuesday morning.Luyster, 37, took the stand in Clark County Superior Court to deny shooting and killing his best friend Zachary David Thompson, 36; his friend Joseph Mark LaMar, 38; and LaMar’s partner, Janell Renee Knight, 43, on July 15, 2016, at LaMar’s home southeast of Woodland. Thompson’s partner, Breanne Leigh, then 32, was wounded but escaped. She testified earlier in Luyster’s triple aggravated murder trial that he was the shooter.When asked by his defense attorney if he shot Thompson, LaMar, Knight and Leigh, Luyster said, “I did not.”last_img read more

Vancouver Fire Department responds to overturned jet ski in Columbia River

first_imgThe Vancouver Fire Department responded to an overturned jet ski on the Washington side of the Columbia River on Monday morning, according to a spokesman.Both of the riders, a man and a woman, who had been on the jet ski were located by emergency personnel shortly after the initial dispatch for a boater in distress about 6:35 a.m.A passer-by noticed a man floating downriver and called 911, said Vancouver Fire Department Capt. Pete Adams.Responders found the man sitting on a dock at the 800 block of Southeast Marine Park Way in Vancouver, Adams said.The man told firefighters he’d been traveling on the jet ski with his wife when it overturned, causing the couple to fall into the cold water. Adams did not know exactly what caused the jet ski to turn over.The woman was able to swim to a nearby boat when the jet ski capsized. A fire department rescue boat picked her up and reunited her with her husband onshore, Adams said.last_img read more

Alexis Sanchez wants Manchester United to sign more players

first_imgManchester United will have to secure the services of more players who are as great as Arturo Vidal’s if the club wants to compete for trophies this season, says Chilean Alexis Sanchez.Even though United have signed Fred from Shakhtar Donetsk and Diogo Dalot from Porto, Sanchez believes more big signings are still needed.In the same, Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho hopes to bolster his defensive ranks before summer transfer Deadline Day on Thursday as Leicester’s Harry Maguire and Bayern Munich’s Jerome Boateng could be on their way to Old Trafford.“At United we have to sign big players, with experience,” Sanchez told Sky Sports.Harry Maguire, Manchester UnitedSolskjaer praises Harry Maguire after Man United’s 1-0 win Andrew Smyth – September 14, 2019 Ole Gunnar Solskjaer singled out Harry Maguire for praise after helping Manchester United keep a clean sheet in their 1-0 win over Leicester City.“Barcelona just signed Arturo Vidal, who is a great player and my team-mate from Chile.“He is an example of the type of players we need to sign in order to win trophies and compete at the highest level.“From what I’ve seen in training, Fred is a player who always wants to get forward, he is always trying to get forward and from a personal point of view I think we’ll be able to combine well and it will be good for my game.”last_img read more

Salgado reveals Real Madrids high profile targets

first_imgReal Madrid legend Michel Salgado, revealed that Los Blancos will actually go after one of two high profile targets during the next summer transfer window.Not making any giant moves during the last summer transfer window, doesn’t mean that Real Madrid won’t go after one of the biggest targets next summer and Michel Salgado seems to have some privileged information he just shared. The former Los Blancos full-back and one of the club’s legends, keeps in contact with president Florentino Perez and he expressed his confidence on the club going after one of three big targets for next season. In the last month, there had been reports of Florentino Perez saving over €300 million to sign either one or two players that could replace Cristiano Ronaldo. The president attempted to get Neymar as hard as he could, but Paris Saint-Germain refused to let the Brazilian leave the club and they could never strike the deal Perez wanted. But after the World Cup that the star had with his national team, Florentino’s urge to sign him diminished and he opted to cool down all the transfer talks with the player for now because he is playing the long game for next summer. Perez’s intentions became clear not long ago, when there was a report of him asking for Kylian Mbappé for the near future. There is also another target that Florentino put his eye on last summer, which was Belgian winger Eden Hazard.Extrêmement fier et heureux de pouvoir faire partie cette équipe 🙏🏽 Merci d’avoir voté pour moi #TheBestFifaAwards pic.twitter.com/5YCgqLlHrY— Kylian Mbappé (@KMbappe) September 24, 2018The Chelsea player flirted hard with Real Madrid before the World Cup and he even stated publicly that he wanted to play for Los Blancos, but Hazard was more of a Zinedine Zidane obsession and Florentino backed down from the deal after the French manager left the club. If ‘Zizou’ had remained in Real Madrid, Eden would be wearing white today and probably wearing the number ‘7’ shirt, but for some reason this didn’t happen. So after many failed attempts that Florentino made to get that Ronaldo replacement, the club’s president decided to be patient and save his money for next summer when the market opens again. Those three targets remain a priority with Kylian Mbappé having more pull than the other two, but Perez will go after the one that becomes more accessible for the club’s economy and pretensions. Florentino’s days of spending too much for a top player seem long gone, but he might still do something crazy for a player who could potentially become a legend like the French star. It was precisely this Monday when this new information from Michel Salgado emerged, he claims to have privileged information about Real Madrid’s next market move and he didn’t waste time to divulge it in public.#FIFAFootballAwards Michel Salgado speaking on emerging talents. pic.twitter.com/8JY0wPd7qsJames Rodriguez, Real MadridZidane hails ‘quality’ James Rodriguez after Real Madrid’s win Andrew Smyth – September 14, 2019 Zinedine Zidane reserved special praise for James Rodriguez after his starring role in Real Madrid’s 3-2 win over Levante.— ACLSports (@acl_sports) September 24, 2018The former Real Madrid full-back claims that Real Madrid will for sure go after one of the best players in the world who are in the club’s orbit bit he didn’t disclose who this player is. The options are pretty clear and specific, Salgado spoke directly to Sports Mole about this possibility and confirmed that the transfer is happening for sure: “Everybody was talking about it. I think the big signing this year, the main change, was the manager [Zinedine] Zidane [leaving]. It was another surprise as well. Our manager Zidane leaving after winning three Champions Leagues back to back, so it was a complicated summer for us. We went and signed the national manager. We’re going to win more possession, team football, to try to score goals in a different way because we don’t have a scorer like Cristiano Ronaldo and it’s very difficult to find something in the market like that right now. Neymar and Mbappe are both at PSG so it’s difficult to take them, but I know the president and I know that something’s gonna happen in the next transfer window or in the summer. For sure I know Real Madrid are going to sign a big, big name,” said Salgado.Michel Salgado#TheBest#Spain pic.twitter.com/piq68vRSwl— بدر الحمد (@BaderAlHamad5) September 24, 2018Which of the three targets do you think Florentino will sign next summer? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.last_img read more

No more Time Change for Turks Caicos

first_imgFacebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppProvidenciales, 06 Mar 2015 – No more time change after this weekend! The country will adjust clocks with the upcoming daylight savings time over the weekend; setting clocks forward by one hour on Sunday March 8, 2015 at 2AM. The government dubbing the season, “more sunshine for the Turks and Caicos” as a Cabinet decision, last year, determined the country would discontinue altering time based on the two seasons where time would either ‘spring forward’ or ‘fall back’. Hon Donhue Gardiner said: “This move will provide our visitor and residents with an extra hour of sunshine during our winter months, our peak tourist season.” He also cites it as good for commerce: “This will be good news for our resorts, bars and restaurants, as well as allowing our residents to enjoy a little more sunshine at the end of their day.” The move was delayed when commercial airliners said they needed more notice to adjust their flight schedules. Again, when you set your clocks forward on Sunday, it will be for final time – no more time change in the Turks and Caicos. Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Related Items:last_img read more

Five from TCI to represent at regional Music Model Talent Showcase set

first_img Another Murder in Nassau Radical rogues ruining Bahamas tourism reputation GB Port Authority given new milestones, with extension of concessions Related Items:Angel Taylor, BBC Casting, BET, Caitlin Lewis, Destini Taylor, Elite Models, Epic Records, Ford Models, Kim Williams Entertainment, melia resort, Motown Premier Models London, MTV, MTV Style, nassau, Netflix, Olivia Graveley, Rock City, Sheldon Wilson Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppProvidenciales, 06 Jul 2015 – When the Music, Model & Talent Showcase of the Islands unravels in the Bahamas a week from now, the Turks and Caicos will be represented in five delegates. Destini Taylor, Caitlin Lewis, Angel Taylor, Olivia Graveley and Sheldon Robinson have been accepted for the showcase which exposes them all to regional talent scouts. Romaine Missick is the TCI Regional Director and said to Magnetic Media: “This event has already confirmed world famous international fashion and talent scouts, personal managers, casting directors, booking agencies, record labels, modeling and talent agencies and Grammy award winning producers and songwriters, who will be the judges and recruiting talent during Island MMTS.” With just about every Caribbean country represented on the board of MMTS, this is seemingly a breakthrough opportunity for our five selected talents who are going after pop careers in TV commercial and print, monologues, runway, singing, rapping and song writing. Other big names to be at the week long event at the Melia Resort in Nassau are MTV, MTV Style, BET, Epic Records, Motown Premier Models London, Ford Models, Elite Models, Kim Williams Entertainment, Rock City, Netflix and BBC Casting. Recommended for you Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApplast_img read more