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more importantly, the success of the "king of glory" is also changing the e-sports industry. The young industry, led by "king of glory", began to break through the boundaries of the PC era, moving into the mobile and universal era.

"king of glory" is Yao Xiaoguang’s Tencent interactive entertainment studio group products. After this game has received tremendous social attention, Yao Xiaoguang has been very low-key outside, this forum is his first official for "King glory" external voice. In his speech, Yao Xiaoguang revealed some stories about the development process, and encouraged young people to "keep beyond the boundaries of cognition, not to be prisoners of their own cognitive frame", and to explore the unknown and impossible". read more

A few large library website chain method summary

I do the main library website: love Shanghai library, Douding library, Sina asked, road passenger Baba, do the library first solve the problem of resources, which is the leading part of Shanghai dragon Er headache. The beginning is to find, but as time goes on, you will find more and more difficult to find information, then the conversion of ideas to point the other way. First of all to a place we recommend is some free SkyDrive sites like HUAWEI, SkyDrive and so on, there are some users upload courseware document can be downloaded for use; the second is the technical forum, the general technical forum are shielding spider search, the article above are not included. We can make use of. Again is to find some more interested in their own website, the above article copied into word or ppt documents or PDF documents, to share with you, it’s also a good idea. Anyway, remember: find articles more easily through the useful information to. The problem of resources will give you say this, introduce the library chain method: read more

An analysis of guide page on the impact of Shanghai Longfeng optimization

revised home page snapshot stalled, not included in the snapshot, from 20 down to 2, the entire site was K. The noble baby is slightly better, but also included and less visible, "guide page" is very friendly to the search engine is not, of course there are many reasons, such as the revision must have a right down.

my personal advice website is best not to get what "guide page", from the viewer’s perspective, some people love "guide page". However, for most people to "guide page" is not essential, and some people even more love "and to streamline; Shanghai Longfeng optimization perspective, it must abandon the" guide page ", it is to stand. read more

2012 Shanghai dragon ER how to improve site traffic

five, the efficient exchange Links: many people pay attention to the surface in exchange Links, do not pay attention to internal. In fact, the exchange Links need high technology, for a good link can make web traffic by leaps and bounds, otherwise can lead to the site unable to get up after a fall. So we in the exchange of Links must pay attention: first, we have to find our website content similar >

three, improve the user experience: the user experience is made a little optimization must pay attention to, if you have a website user experience is too low, a direct result of the website is the bounce rate increased, this website is to keep visitors, so we have to improve the user experience. First, we must ensure that the layout of the site and clear, at the same time to focus, so that visitors can find everything fresh and new feeling, attract visitors to browse the site; secondly to clear purpose, should be targeted; and the need to ensure that the site of the update, the "dry cargo website is" everyone’s favorite. read more

Analysis and optimization of SWOT search from the analysis of business strategy SWOT

and Shanghai dragon in the SWOT analysis method can analyze your website, the main competitors, keywords, and search engine results page. For example, a company with A PowerEasy made a website, updated every day, the enterprise innovation domain sense is good, but the domain name is too long. Therefore the enterprise A not obtained by the search engine too much traffic. But the main competitors in the same industry B is through the search engine to get a lot of traffic, because the B enterprises not only have the domain name opened a long time, some optimization strategy of Shanghai dragon, but Shanghai Longfeng optimization level is limited, so B enterprise mainly through the domain name age to get traffic. read more

Discuss details of the site optimization

tracked these pages every day to browse the site (home) dozens of times, open can see no trace of the chain, the appreciation of all don’t know from which entrance website login browse. This is what kind of situation, will not bring harm to the website. For example, the website caused greater pressure. Linked to the recent frequent gray code injection industry event, whether to prohibit access by robots.txt.

of the three methods in the end how, what is the effect for the website optimization? You want to ah, you accept a website without any optimization, optimization or wrong ideas, modify is not available. Nothing else, I feel the change before the good, there is no need to delete. If you have deleted, a large number of 404 pages will only lead to drop right. Of course, you may not have time to quickly change the good article, after all, instead of an article is more difficult to write an article. But slowly, Shanghai dragon itself is an accumulation of art, not read more

Ten Golden Wangzhuan tips to make your site turnover rate is greatly improvedA bully installation pa

fourth, the list of special items, if your website many special offers, do not have to list one by one, must pay attention to keep the page beautiful, generous and decent.

Admin5 union channel every day to see ah, a lot of money online information.

eighth, customer service phone, do not think that receiving customer service calls is very troublesome, customer service in the order payment, if there are problems, the most wanted to do is to call to ask. Don’t let out customer service calls because of trouble. read more

2008 personal website size money must catchWhat do SEOer rely on to make money

when their own technology mature, many SEOer began to consider operating their own web site, the operation of a stand up, the income of the constant. But it may be less optimistic about the Internet environment.


2008, personal website profit more details, money is not bleak, but can not survive, but more of the site, the more outstanding performance, the maximum value of personal website is reflected in the personal website of the low cost, and profit opportunities.

2 uses its own technology to run large websites read more

How can e commerce websites be financedMy first encounter with Wangzhuan

many websites do not lack good development ideas. They don’t lack brains, but they don’t have any money. So the whole e-commerce sites have appeared in the same situation, the construction site to a certain period of time, regardless of who is responsible for the content, but everywhere trying to find the money, from bank loans, or to attract venture capital or direct financing.

coming back from the new year, I’m going to eat Kentucky Fried Chicken,



later, I went to KFC with my friends. Although I knew 102 was definitely not enough, I would like to share with my friends the first time I made money,. read more

Pure dry 2017 short video content entrepreneurship GuideYang Zhiyuan entrepreneurs over view revalua

as you know, a short video flame originated in 2013 started a prairie fire in 2016. The new year of China’s short video industry, which was just around the corner in 2016, is even more optimistic, and it is also the eve of the next big explosion.

dimension compared to graphic content monotonous, the video itself is a three-dimensional and more "IP" of the media state; and in contrast to the traditional video on the website of the content of work, because it can be embedded into the user every day each fragment of leisure time, a short video in the creation and dissemination of all more light – the new year, there will be more in homogeneity in the text on the content of entrepreneurs to short video. read more

Taobao customer development trend interpretation to make money we must change ideasFour points for

first thing: please do a good job in project research,

to make money, we must change our thinking, segmentation, promotion,

recently, people often ask me about the promotion, there is some ieda, some have a demo, and when we communicate, most people do feel quite blind App, mainly due to App is now very popular, everyone wants to make money, have an idea immediately to do, to do expect the market suddenly came out, suddenly thought of the promotion, so a chat, never before found a lot of work to do. I think about it, to do the mobile Internet App notes to everyone listed, I wish the transformation of the business friends can quickly succeed. read more

MyLNGO the first film dubbing app was created by a 19 year old Harvard dropoutMa Lake opening spe

it’s been three months since that meeting. Recently, the company announced a partnership with Pantelion Films company, which will soon launch a new movie "Cesar Chavez." the movie soundtrack is the English pronunciation, myLINGO for the film with a synchronized soundtrack in spanish.

Ma Yun: entrepreneurs should have faith, have feelings, have global vision,

a few months ago, the author noticed a start-up called myLINGO, run by a 19 year old dropout at Harvard University, a student named Olenka Polak. She came up with an idea that was very impressive. When a foreign language movie is played in a movie theater, the voice of the native language can be heard with the use of the App application. Of course, most movies today offer dubbing, but it is hard for the film to be presented to the audience in a centralized manner. Polak’s brother was co – founder, and the two have just won a seed round of financing, and they told me that myLINGO will soon be working with more studios. read more

Talking about how to make money at the movie stationTalk about my Taobao acne products mentality


two: movie station profit model

movie station has no way out? The answer is yes,

as we all know, the world wide web is a carrier for information delivery. This carrier is like another " the real world " this world makes our own real world narrow and wide.

and I started the chain of my career, my whole history of SEO, the chain is the history of me, because I was a rookie I pashui! Read many articles about the construction of the chain, the chain cheats what ah, several modes of the chain had to know, and finally I chose the submission, also is the soft writing as the first chain promotion strategy to me, now I have written more than 30 articles, the effect is obviously, the A5 this platform, it gives a lot of opportunities for learning and the promotion of the primary station. read more

GG pays good news soon to support western union fast remittanceMaking money online is a matter of

second step: according to the type of advertising to select traffic flow method

4, using E-mail

a Western Union remittance:

third, looking for ads,

2 and CPC ads: click ads to charge

this road, so many webmaster go very hard, very tired, very confused, and the success rate is relatively low, even if a small amount of money can be made, the process is very long. If you want to earn more online advertising fees, you have to learn to think backward, and you’ll find everything becomes clear as long as you have a reverse thinking. read more

High banyan capital completed a total of 5 billion yuan the new fund three years cast 8 unicornsLin

Gao Rong capital founding partner Chang Chen said, "the high dollar fund for institutional investors III Fuzhou people $350 million Main Fund the main fund from the beginning of January of this year officially launched the fund-raising is completed, contains the Spring Festival holiday, after only a month." In March 31st, the $50 million fund for the management team and entrepreneur of the banyan complex III $Side Fund sub Fund was also successfully completed.


in addition, Gao Rong has also released 3 year transcripts. Gao Rong capital said that as of now, more than 1 billion U.S. dollars invested enterprises valuation, reaching 8. A successful exit has been achieved on 7 projects, including 1 gem IPO and 6 mergers and acquisitions. In addition, there are 7 Gao Rong has been invested enterprises have completed three new board listing. read more

No Godfather how to do second stormA literary webmaster obscenity literary website in the future

this time, Feng Xin quoted a number of daily coverage, according to iResearch IUT statistics show that the storm’s daily coverage of more than 3113.2 people daily, this ranking has been continuous for more than a month, second only to youku. In Feng seems, this data can reflect the real value of a product, it really reflects the user specifications, is within 24 hours of how many people are there in you, we called on the activity, this is the most important data."

Chinese video industry has a strange phenomenon, Tencent, Sohu video video, love Qiyi, PPTV and PPS video companies are claimed to be behind Youku industry "second", and every company is from the report of the interception of the long-drawn and tedious documents required, some refer to the total length. Some refer to the per capita length, some references are HD length etc.. read more

Nine wins Alliance New Tianyuan network CPA advertising welcome deliveryPersonal monthly income of

around the countdown function, the page is very simple. Up and down the two parts: the upper part is the application home background map, you can customize. The top left corner is the administration button, which can edit and delete specific items. The upper right corner is the Add button; the lower part is the list of events, and each item can be added to the memo by voice. You can categorize the items according to the existing categories in the application, or you can customize the add categories. Separate background pictures can be set for each item. Important matters can be top to the upper half part becomes the background map applications. read more

Taobao’s alternative ways of making money are products that break upshlf1314 AdSense advertising col

2. sets the color of the ads based on the site’s users.

Keywords optimization promotion Taobao

, this is a website for women fashion white-collar, mainly introduce all kinds of fashion consumer goods information. The publisher based on female white-collar tastes and aesthetic analysis, bold use of pink advertising background, red advertising text, this thick female collocation, make the advertisement is full of fashionable breath, formed a relatively strong reading area, obtained very good advertising effect. read more

Supplement to the adjustment analysis and coping strategy of shlf1314 Adsense hot spotMusic as VR te

social tenderness an authentication for the music staff "users said LETV VR has two teams, one of the external components of the VR team has completely dissolved, another from the music as caused by the new VR team is currently in the internal representation will retain and do other business transformation.

last talked about shlf1314 AdSense "hot spot" adjustment analysis and coping strategy, and voted in Webmaster network Admin5, got a lot of friends attention and comment. One friend said "good price adjustment station ~ ~ ~ my industry quickly goes up ~ ~ ~ ~ I will complement", now, why shlf1314 Adsense advertising strategies adjusted some website advertising price will be increased and how to keep the good condition of income. read more