Blind judge search engine the original content

all the technical background, purely from the perspective of sense, the first thought is definitely better than the original time, reprint the content appeared earlier. The 1 hypothesis by the website A original, reproduced by Sina, and other major sites have reproduced from Sina, a reprint of a time appeared on the network. According to statistics, the search engine is currently only found that included the entire Internet about 30% of the data, and this is an astronomical figure, in the case of limited resources, the search engine can achieve the real-time monitoring of the entire Internet information, and Sina became the original 1. read more

Website optimization t is necessary to quality content

third: website content is not only the text but also reflect the value of.

second: careful analysis of peers and competitors.

: first must understand the theme of the site location: what is

we must first understand their own strengths and weaknesses, then, should pay attention to factors very alert observant and alert site peers and competitors. The purpose is to understand the peer address gaps and improve themselves, like others in a class or a keyword on the competition is very strong, so, we look at the time to update the content of your advantage in what place, can be as much as possible to outdo each other? And a lot of the time I have to do is to analyze the other deficiencies oh. read more

What is the core of Shanghai dragon

love Shanghai first to grab a large amount of data, and then from these numbers.

we will often see a great publicity, in a forum, tell you the core algorithm is love Shanghai. Then you point in, 100% of the title of the party, tell you or three, we despise such people today? This cannot be said is absolutely the core love Shanghai algorithm, but it will give you a different feeling. So, what is the core of Shanghai dragon

? Recently often search for a word, or a word frequency is relatively high, then love whether Shanghai will also take the same ranking? Through the above, we see, love Shanghai first through a large amount of data, and then extract some features, and then ranking using this feature. read more

Through the web site to site index and site analysis

from the above data contrast can be seen, the accuracy of site than.

three, with sea index query data:

from August 14th to August 17th love Shanghai site collected data, as shown in Figure today (August 17th) the blog included the number 30, with the manual included almost identical.

query site included value is the webmaster has been concerned, although the number of sites included not representative of a website is good or bad, but we all know that a website if included more for keywords in ranking will likely be more big, especially the long tail keywords, sometimes an article can make a long tail keywords in the rankings, the introduction of a lot of traffic, so the precision of the collection as a webmaster attention points. read more

To understand the effect of sitelink on the website promotion


the user click Custom records, we know that one-box and similar search results very attract the user’s eye. Because long-term love Shanghai does not support sitelink, so Er is the major domestic Shanghai dragon as the research focus. But Sogou and 360 involved in making love in Shanghai made a rapid response.

The current mainstream

We all know that

love Shanghai although the rapid on-line sitelink, but soon withdrew. Because of love, Shanghai has its own brand promotion box page, so with the sitelink red and suspected sitelink withdrawal. But at the same time change is love Shanghai logo display site began to appear. I found in the comparison of the 360, Sogou and Google, the former two, technically still lags behind Google, at present can only display the link and title, and can not display the description of a link. In addition when the same page of Google with a word appeared in a number of sitelink, sitelink in accordance with the old version of the display. read more

Website optimization Shanghai Longfeng Sun Tzu knowledge day know article

! ?

believes that many grassroots AdSense for the unfavorable factors dreaded, because this is no way to resist their own, such as the hand of God wanted Adam and Eve’s descendants who suffer suffering, to bless someone give someone! Many people suffered human intervention, had to change policy, to replace some keywords. Is lucky to be able to recover in a short time! For this disadvantage, for personal webmaster, can only rely on their own holistic optimization method, and try to make each influence website ranking are good, so even if the encounter love Shanghai manual intervention, as long as you can get the user experience of the website users love, it is not certain rely on the love of Shanghai, like Taobao did not love Shanghai’s support is still alive and well! Is the so-called man proposes God, the net Shanghai Longfeng station optimization to achieve perfection because love Shanghai artificial intervention by K station, that is "adverse piebald not passed away!" read more

Love Shanghai also need to transfer positive energy

recently a lot of people website ranking dropped, many reasons of course rankings off, the basic common here is not listed, mainly talk with positive energy related, for a long time, the love of Shanghai is considered a liar in the big VAT, this has been criticized by Shanghai in the 360 years of love, the birth of last year, 360 is a medicine has been attacked in Shanghai recently 360 weakness of love, seems to have launched a good doctor, seemingly also transfer positive energy, so from the recent search results, love Shanghai in this respect also vigorously improved, after all, there are now 360 of the soldiers, on the other hand also in Shanghai ahead of the spur of love. read more

Novice how to optimize their web ads

mom, as long as you have a website, but also have a certain traffic flow, it does not require a large, generally 100ip can be approved, so that you can put your mom in advertising on the site to make money, but according to the observation, Ali mother put advertising really to love Shanghai included effect, because we all know that Taobao and Ali mother belong to Ma, but Taobao recently blocked the love of Shanghai, so Shanghai to love mom is not very friendly, and Ali mother’s income is not very good. read more

Know of 100% successful chain of actual combat skills to love Shanghai

In addition

automatic door music test, last week for 3 consecutive days to answer the questions are connected, and every day to answer two questions only, no need to review the. Then this yesterday Suddenly answered several questions, there are about 4, 5 ah, of course, is to answer the questions people ask you, not with the connection is completely, then the answer is through the link with. I love Shanghai know this thing to understand the relaxation of it has caused, not a day to answer several questions, not every day with links to answer, should be lazy psychology to do it, it will make a direct the chain is no problem. read more

dentify mild moderate or severe level optimization method and how to deal with excessive

1, a pile of keywords timely delete, if you’re in the near future to add to the keywords in the title and the website ranking declined, then the problem may occur when you add a keyword in the title is deliberate, we should put him removed in the first time, to restore the original title set.

2, do not deliberately increase keyword density. The density is depends on the natural and reasonable arrangement, deliberately increase keyword density, although it will not be K, but the ranking will certainly have an impact on the. read more

How to write the soft lead users to resonate

soft. Not out of the ordinary herd

common 2 soft writing method:

is a primitive man, still stuck in the soft stone age, because we have no real understanding of text. You just stay in the soft for understanding: to attract users, information publicity drainage, promote your website, provide useful information, to induce users to help users and imperceptibly into your influence, user. The story is false, or is not entirely correct. What kind of ideas will be what kind of text. Your level of understanding is not the same, do not the same as the natural result. read more

Shanghai Longfeng optimization and bidding which occupation better prospects

Shenzhen was high after investigation found that Shanghai dragon network optimization and bidding work, in fact, not much difference in the wage level. Shanghai Longfeng optimization salary slightly higher, and the wage level in the industry is not particularly high. Reached 3000 yuan in general only about two or three lines of the city, in Beijing, Shanghai first-tier cities can reach five thousand or six thousand yuan, this is not particularly high. Some people even said Shanghai Longfeng optimization salary level is very low, even if you have a longer working experience, if there is no successful case of very large and it is very difficult to get a high salary. read more

Slimming Pro soft writing on the six skills

soft Wen written, put the soft Wen is also the key to the success of the time, in the choice of delivery platform to.

many enterprises have begun to pay attention to network marketing, and regardless of the marketing practices, write all cannot do without the article, how to write a good article? Today Wuhan Shanghai dragon Zhou Xiang will share with you some basic skills about soft writing and delivery techniques.

an article can attract readers attention, the title is very important, especially with hundreds of articles on the link in a page, if you want the reader to click to read, it depends on the title of the article, in the writing of the title of the soft Wen, the ability of the reader to the psychological, to attract them eye. read more

Small problems encountered when optimizing the website of Shanghai dragon robots protocol is very de

Website optimization received

this month 8 days, a tourist site, is a month to love Shanghai home, I looked at the data at the time, think a month time is short, it is difficult to do to the home page, but also did not loss and punishment, so he took a I hope, through their own efforts to do up the rankings, the home is not really don’t care so much, after all, Shanghai dragon this line do not carry out their work in order to improve the rankings, Shanghai dragon is actually improving the site, let users look comfortable, get what they want. read more

Some thoughts on the domain command analysis website punished reason

domain is used to love Shanghai contains a keyword check web content command. Such as: domain:www.× × ×.Org search results contain the keyword phrase (www.× × ×.Org) of all the web pages. Similarly, domain: Shanghai dragon refers to all the web pages including Shanghai dragon, similar to the direct search Shanghai dragon. If you want to find the number of web content contained in your web site, domain can come in handy.

to write this article before the Shanghai dragon advisor query about love Shanghai official documents, and found no clear instructions on the domain command. While in Shanghai Longfeng consultant study road, Shanghai dragon man told me domain is love Shanghai related to the domain of inquiry instruction, and did not have a thin bottom, still in use. read more

Save the medical industry love Shanghai bidding optimization techniques with high conversion keyword

love love Shanghai Shanghai customer service: at present there are love Shanghai auction with 50W users, of which more than 85% per cent of the private medical industry is visible, PPC let them really tasted the sweetness. Now the private medical industry to implement the management form of network bidding + Shanghai dragon love Shanghai, love Shanghai bidding way as burn – seven injuries boxing to hurt oneself, hurt people, but many enterprises do PPC because cost is too high and fall down. In fact, the same amount of money, use it can receive good results. read more

This chain of garbage will either give you

Shanghai Longfeng optimization people know that the chain is one of the factors increase the weights of the website, a website needs to support the chain, since the love of Shanghai after it began Scindapsus algorithm, against the garbage outside the chain! I believe that even the garbage chain or have some help for the website itself, but the effect is not obvious. Zhang Shoujin believes that in the spam chain is undoubtedly in the Internet to create garbage. The influence of the users search experience. For the love of Shanghai has already started the fight, but today there are still a lot of people do make these garbage out! Then we should be how to send the chain? This chain will give you to read more

What is blocking the road of new sites was collected

browse some webmaster BBS, many owners have said why the website is very long to love Shanghai has not been included? Today I Dennis to website optimization share is a wise remark of an experienced person talk about new sites why don’t love Shanghai included.

content is the site to meet the user search >

Love Shanghai included new sites included in the mechanism of

line railway station, the first thing to do is not the website ranking, the conversion rate is not a goal but indexed by search engines. Only the site was collected, then the operation can continue to expand, that is included is the premise of all site optimization work. read more

When the website is in love with the sea after K owners need to do

when you do have done, this solution will, the next thing is to wait for the webmaster, this time may be very long, but a month or two months, half a year is more likely, but no matter how to please the webmaster or wait two months quietly after two months, if Shanghai did not return the love included, at that time a domain name in deciding whether to

! update!

website is to find and solve the K problem, in order to let love Shanghai updated resume included as soon as possible, we can change the webmaster friends of the chain point of what the chain, but some matters need to remind the webmaster, not to be lazy in a short time to release the chain too much, otherwise not only help website instead, will harm to the site, was only a week old love Shanghai will restore included updates, but you get such a result, also do not know what to wait will return to update read more

The search engine to analysis algorithm

four: two documents are part of the same, but the layout of different formats, this is called a partial repeat repeat page.

near duplicate page types, according to the combination of the content and format of the page layout is divided into 4 forms:

Such as:

three: two documents are an important part of the content is the same, and the same layout format, called page layout repeat repeat.

if a "high repeatability, is often.

The aim of

1. URL address pointing to the same page and the mirror site read more