Money Does Not Grow On Trees

first_imgNancy J. LaPointe, MBA, CFP, ChFC, CLUMetLifeSenior Financial Planner, Financial Services RepresentativeRegistered RepresentativeInvestment Advisor Representative4520 Intelco Loop SE  Ste. 1E  Lacey, WA  98503Tel 360-236-0312 ext 111  Fax 360-236-0317Cell 360-402-3200 Facebook0Tweet0Pin0 Submitted by Nancy J. LaPointeMoney does not grow on trees.  That is what flashes in my mind when asked “How can I teach my kids about  money ?”I suggest we teach children not just about money but finance.  This will be the subject of my next few articles.The “money doesn’t grow on trees” was a consistent theme in the household I grew up in.  Seems a silly analogy, but think about it.  Leaves just happen, they renew consistently, some fall off once a year but the next spring they’re back.  For the majority of people, trees are not cultivated or maintained, they are enjoyed freely.Money and income does not just happen.  One cultivates it by the sweat of their brow, their skills, their creativity and by intention.  A child needs to have an understanding of that correlation.  This can happen by sharing via stories the “work” of the parent, friends or relatives and by having a child see and participate in that “work”.Strive to let them see the rewards of a job well done, a sense of accomplishment or contributing.  Share with them your recognition of another’s skills and contribution, such as a nurse, mechanic or computer programmer for example.  One’s “work” is the source of the money/income.Have frank discussions, acknowledge there are illogical discrepancies in income vs. contribution or work load.  I encourage you to do this in a non- judgmental manner.  Just like some people love Engineering or Science or Dentistry, there are those that don’t.  There are individuals whose passion, be it teaching, nursing, or maintaining roads, contributes to our community and our world in a manner whose compensation in relation to their contribution is off kilter.The key point I’m trying to make, is that there is personal happiness in working in a field you have a passion and skill for.  That is healthy for the individual and the family.  What is not healthy, is failure to acknowledge and embrace one’s financial parameters.“Money doesn’t grow on trees”.  Growing up, we heard that most when we wanted to know why the “Jones” were able to get a new TV or to go to Hawaii or even just have steak every week.   Mom and Dad would share with us that we did not have the same income and we are saving to go to visit our grandparents, or they have two kids and we have four so there were two more mouths to feed.Bottom line, it was made clear to us that money was not freely available, it was earned through work and effort. My parents came up with a school clothing budget and when we were in grade school we did not get an opportunity to make many choices.  As we grew older we had more input but with that we got to see consequences of decisions.   When I chose to buy two pair of upscale tennis shoes and used 1/3 of my budget,  I then got to wear the same two pair of jeans all year as well as last year’s coat.  That was fine for school but I had forgotten about the need for boots for skiing and taking care of my horse.  By December, I was looking for babysitting jobs to earn money to cover those additional needs.  Lesson learned.Share the family parameters and priorities with your children.  As the parent, learn to say “no”, you don’t need to say you’re broke and you don’t have the money.  Just say “No”.  Be more proactive and intentional by saying “No, it (a new TV, boat, bike) is not a priority right now.  Or, no, we have chosen to go out to dinner or the movies less because the money saved is being set aside for Mom to go back to school, or for a vacation. Kids need to experience delayed gratification, consequences and self- discipline.  Lead by example.If a child sees their parents buying at will for themselves and the family, the child has been “taught” that money is available freely and without consequences.   There is a disconnect between income being the source of money.  To the child, wants become the source of money.  Humans, by nature, are not short on wants.Share with your children your work, the rewards you get from the time you spend away from them, what you are contributing, learning and working toward.  How the income you bring home is to be used has parameters.  They need to understand at some time in their future they will be earning income.  Children seek security, which includes knowing their boundaries.  It won’t necessarily stop them from pushing back, which is part of their growing process.  Teach them first that money is earned, cultivated and is a reflection of effort and time.  It is not magically grown on trees.NancyP.S. Thanks, Mom.  Money doesn’t grow on trees.  Even today it is irritating to hear, yet I’m grateful for the lesson.   It has and is serving me and my siblings well.center_img Metropolitan Life Insurance Company (MLIC), New York, NY 10166. Securities products and investment advisory services offered by MetLife Securities, Inc. (MSI) (member FINRA/SIPC) and a registered investment adviser.  MLIC and MSI are MetLife Companies.  L0212237430[exp0213][WA]last_img read more

Local Fashion Designer Invited to Style Fashion Week In Los Angeles

first_imgSubmitted by Bri SeeleySEATTLE, Washington – Award winning Pacific Northwest fashion designer Bri Seeley is debuting her Spring 2013 collection at Style Fashion Week in Los Angeles, California.Bri received a personal invitation to show her new collection, Escape, on the runway at Style Fashion Week with only six weeks notice.  Recently shown at Phoenix Fashion Week, Bri is now part of a People’s Choice In Social Media voting campaign to select a favorite designer.  (To view and vote, click here.)To learn more about the national launch of this local designer, please visit Fashion Week is the newest and most ambitious fashion week to emerge from Los Angeles. The week of events consist of a welcome party for VIP and Media, followed by five days of runway shows. Initially regarded as the new kids on the block, Style Fashion Week LA has made a global impact on the fashion scene by presenting fashion in new ways, merging interior design with fashion design, and giving Los Angeles based designers a world-class platform to showcase their collections. SFW represents the diverse culture that embodies the people of L.A., making the City of Angels a fashion hub, and being a leader in the world’s fashion community where it belongs. Fashionistas, celebrities, VIPs and media from the United States and around the world are set to cover Style Fashion Week. Style Fashion Week is the only one of its kind bringing together the top production and integrated marketing teams.Bri Seeley is American made, contemporary vintage inspired fashion to enhance the female figure.  Bri’s clients rave about her talent and ability to invoke a feeling of confidence through her designs.  Her creations have been described as fun, wearable, sassy, and versatile.  Bri began to create at a young age when her grandmother taught her to sew in rural Minnesota. She continued to build upon her knowledge throughout her high school years, and naturally progressed into a Fashion Design major in college – obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Apparel and Textile Design from North Dakota State University. Bri then spent two years living in Florence, Italy attending the Accademia Italiana and obtained her Master’s Diploma in Fashion Design. During her formal education Bri fell in love with historic fashion and regularly draws upon this, as well as nature, for inspiration. Facebook6Tweet0Pin0last_img read more

Penrose Physical Therapy Talks About Balance

first_imgFacebook14Tweet0Pin0Submitted by Penrose & Associates Physical Therapy“I Didn’t Realize My Balance Was That Bad – Now I Know Why I Keep Falling Over.” We hear this all the time.  So we are offering our free balance workshop next week, February 5!Photo courtesy: Penrose & Associates Physical TherapyIf you or a loved one have fallen recently, or felt unsteady on your feet – that it has knocked your confidence to move around independently, or even leave the house without someone there to help support you just in case you fall – then I’d like to invite you to attend this new, fun and educational class which may be the most important thing you do this year. It may help you find out if you have problems with your balance that you weren’t even aware of, and exactly what to do if you, or a loved one have recently fallen, and show you a way to get back on your feet and the life you deserve before balance issues struck…A life where you can walk around the store without relying upon the shopping cart, or a loved ones arm to keep you steady…A life where you can move around the house independently and not take 20 minutes to move from the couch, without feeling lightheaded and dizzy…A life where you can pick up and play with your kids/grandkids without worrying when a ‘dizzy spell’ is going to come on and leave you feeling worried…A life where you can do and enjoy all the things you see so many others doing and enjoying, but a fear of falling has kept you from going out and crippled your confidence…Basically, a life without the fear of falling and feeling unsteady on your feet.If You Feel Unsteady On Your Feet, Nervous, And Even Confused About What Can Be Done To Help You,Then Read On… My name is Jennifer Penrose, one of the nation’s leading Physical Therapists, and my team and I have been helping people live with more confidence and getting back on their feet for more than ten years now…And what we know now is that so many people don’t even realize they have problems with their balance, and if they do, are confused by the advice they’ve previously been given, and perhaps even skeptical about their best chances of living with more confidence and being at less risk of falling over unexpectedly in the future… and that’s why I created this fun, educational class entitled: “Balance & Fall Prevention Workshop” – And decided to make it free for you, and a family member or friend, to attend.Here’s What You’ll Learn At This “Balance & Falls” Workshop Why 50-53% of people never even realize they have bad balance in the first place!Fun activities you can do to put your balance to the test and find out if you need to do something to help improve your balance quick, so it doesn’t get in the way of living and enjoying your life.The 3 best exercises that you can do from the comfort of your own home, in your living room… that’ll help you get out and about with more confidence.The most successful tips and advice to help decrease the risk of falls, and what to do if you’re worried about a loved one who could be at risk.Here’s What To Do To Attend Our Next Class: Call us now, we have a limited number of seats available for this class to be help at our clinic. Please call us today to register your interest, to ask questions or secure your place by calling free on: 360-456-1444. Or you can visit the Penrose & Associates Physical Therapy website and register online.– Sincerely, Jennifer Penrose, Penrose Physical TherapyP.S. There are limited seats at this workshop. So please register your interest now and reserve your seat for this workshop.last_img read more

Obama Boosts Summer at the Jersey Shore

first_imgBy John BurtonASBURY PARK – The message of support for the shore, delivered under a rainy sky on a renovated city boardwalk by President Barack Obama and Gov. Chris Christie this week, was a welcome one.President Barack Obama speaks to a crowd on the Asbury Park boardwalk.The Tuesday, May 28, event “had the feeling of a rock concert,” said restaurateur and musician Tim McLoone. “There were thousands of people waiting. ” It was a concert, with Christie serving as the opening act “and then the star of the show comes out and does a 12-minute act.”The president and governor’s appearance “really means a lot to the Jersey Shore, not just to Asbury Park,” said Asbury Mayor Ed Johnson. “It really lifted the spirits of the citizens here and the Jersey Shore.”Area residents needed their spirits lifted as they continue to recover and rebound from the effects of Super Storm Sandy seven months ago.The speeches, delivered by the two leaders, were to let people know that much of the area is available for them to visit, vacation and enjoy; that lives are returning to normalcy – maybe slowly, but surely. As Obama told residents, the federal government continues “to have your back.”The president’s message was welcomed. “As the weather worsened, there were moments when we were waiting for the president, but the enthusiasm of the crowds never waned,” Johnson said. “It just grew and grew.”Vin Gopal, the Monmouth County Democratic chairman, said 3,500 tickets were distributed prior to the event with maybe another 500 waiting for a chance to attend on the boardwalk in front of Convention Hall.There were Republicans, Democrats and independents on hand, with elected officials from both sides of the aisle represented, Johnson said.People reach out to try and shake the hand of President Barack Obama during his Tuesday, May 28, visit to Asbury Park.“It was more than a return to the Jersey Shore to see how we’re doing, it was to recommit to resources of the federal government to the rebuilding of the area,” said the mayor.The event also was an affirmation to those in Oklahoma suffering from a devastating tornado. It was to tell them “that while times are hard right now, the disaster is terrible, you will stand again,” Johnson saidAssemblywomen Caroline Casagrande and Mary Pat Angelini, Republicans representing the 11th Legislative District, which includes the city, were invited with other area officials to participate to meet Obama.“It was very brief, but we were grateful he was able to come to Asbury Park to highlight the progress the Jersey Shore has made and we’re open for business,” Casagrande said.“I think it was important for the president to come and say the Jersey Shore is open for business, because that news clip made it on the next 24-to-48 hour news cycle to thousands of news channels, thousands of radio stations, websites throughout the country,” Gopal said.“We really couldn’t have paid for that for that kind of advertisement. It was fantastic,” Casagrande noted.The event highlighted the message that visitors should come to the shore “and patronize our businesses and bring that revenue that so many of these towns rely on,” Red Bank Borough Council­man Edward Zipprich said.The significance of the event loomed large for McLoone, as Christie and Obama were standing in front of his McLoone’s Asbury Grille on the boardwalk.“Having the governor and the president literally standing in front of my restaurant in Asbury Park, that’s not a bad thing,” he said.It has been a tough rebound for his business. It was damaged by the storm and business has been building slowing following a terrible first quarter this year, he said. “This is going to help a lot, to get this national exposure.”On the political side, McLoone said he was glad to see the two men, with differing political beliefs standing side by side. “It really did feel bipartisan,” he said. “I felt good about that and I think I can believe both of those men.”last_img read more

The Little School That Could

first_img[singlepic id=1076 w= h= float=none]There was no evidence of controversy when one of Mater Dei’s most famous graduates, Brian Williams, and his wife Jane Stoddard, attended the Save the Seraphs Gala Saturday night at the Shore Casino to benefit the high school.If anything, many people who were there were happy to see him and said his presence brought the school national attention.“Brian’s generosity and support of the Mater Dei community is fantastic and getting us closer to our goals,” said Joan Gotti of Rumson, of the Class of ’78.In his first public appearance since being suspended from NBC News, Williams was his old self. He was charming, friendly, and eager to renew friendships with former classmates, and obviously happy to be with families and friends with whom he shared many good times between 1974 and 1977.Friends and fans wanted to shake his hand and tell him they were happy he was there.Eager to acknowledge everyone who tried to crowd around, Williams, who few knew was attending the event, smiled broadly and shook his head at one alumni who held out his tie, flipped it upside down, and asked if the newscaster would sign it sometime during the night.Williams received a standing ovation after Gerry Harper, Class of ’71, whose family was the main sponsor of the event, gave a speech and then thanked Williams for coming and expressed support for him personally and “from the entire Mater Dei family.”And Williams had strong praise for his former high school. “This is Mater Dei. It’s been a very, very important part of my life,” he told The Two River Times at the event. “I had four great years here. I did not know it then, but it was the last degree I’d ever earn in my life.” Although Williams attended Brookdale Community College, he accepted an offer to pursue his journalism career before earning an associate’s degree and never continued higher education following almost immediate success on television.Before being pulled away by yet more attendees who wanted to talk to him, Williams said, “It’s a wonderful school, and it should be open for a long time, for everybody. I feel I was very fortunate I was able to go here. It was great.”Those in attendance only reaped praise on the Mater Dei alum.Williams attendance, as reported exclusively on the Two River Times website – – captured the attention of the national media because it was his first public sighting since his suspension.“The fact that so many news organizations picked it up, it gave us quite a bit of exposure,” said Little Silver resident Kathy Flood Cashes, Class of ’73. “It gave us national attention,” having Williams appear, to offer his support for his high school, she said, “for this little school that could.”Cashes hadn’t been aware of Williams’ intention to come to the event and was happily surprised. “When he walked in the door, I was like ‘Oh my God!’” she said. His support was certainly welcomed, she added.“It shows the spirit of the school,” she added.Chip Robertson, Class of ’78 who now lives in Cresskill, came south for the event.“It was an amazing gathering of our Mater Dei family,” said Robertson. “Hard times are a true test of family ties and this one is unbreakable. Special thanks to Brian Williams for his amazing show of love and support.”Joseph Buzzanco, who is now Red Bank dentist, gave Williams credit for showing his support for his alma mater, given the shadow Williams had been under for the last month.“I got to give it to Brian,” Buzzanco said. “It couldn’t have been easy for him to come out that night. Being in the business he understood it would draw attention.”And attention it did draw, which likely helped with the efforts to save the school, Buzzanco said.“Obviously, it had a very positive effect,” he said.“I think it was as much fun for him as it was for us,” Buzzanco added.Joe Rapolla was equally pleased.“It was great to see Brian there and so many of our friends willing to show our support, which further demonstrates the depth of character of the MDP family,” said Rapolla of Oceanport, Class of ’79. His band, Joe Rapolla and the Perfect Square, donated their time and performed at the fundraiser.Williams was just one who made a “generous” donation to the fund,which is aimed at helping the school to open in September as a private, Catholic institution, financially and operationally separate from St. Mary’s parish. The Seraph’s Fund will operate as an endowment fund for the school with a separate Board of Trustees overseeing budgeting and development.For more information about The Seraph’s Fund and upcoming fundraising events or to make a donation visit — By Muriel J. Smith and John Burton. Several Two River Times staffers also contributed to this report.last_img read more

Sea Bright Voters Elect Kelly, Birdsall To Council

first_imgBy Liz SheehanSEA BRIGHT – Republican incumbent Brian Kelly, who has served on the council for 11 years, was reelected to the Borough Council by a large margin for another three-year term, according to unofficial results.Newcomer independent Kevin Birdsall was also elected to the council for a three-year term, beating out Kelly’s Republican running mate, Jennifer Walsh, and independent Linda Lamia.Republican Peggy Bills decided not to run again for the council seat after 11 years as a member because she no longer had the time to dedicate to the position. “I learned a lot, I’m glad I did it,” she said Tuesday.According to the Monmouth County Clerk’s office, Councilman Kelly received 561 votes, and Walsh got 303; Birdsall received 383 with Lamia tallying 151.The 6-member council now has three Republicans: Kelly, Council President Jack Keeler and John Lamia. There are also two Democrats and now one independent, Birdsall.But recently, important issues in the borough have seen council members of the same party divided in their decisions on what is the best course of action for the council to take.When the bond issue to pay the town’s $5.7 million share of the $13 million cost to replace the fire house, library, police headquarters and the existing Borough Hall was opposed by Keeler and Lamia, who said the projected costs were too high and had to be lowered, Kelly and Bills joined with the two Democrats on the council, Charles Rooney III and Marc Leckstein, to pass the bond ordinance.And when a petition signed by borough residents forced a referendum on the bond issue the council had passed, Republican Kelly went door to door with Democrats Rooney and Leckstein to ask for votes for approval of the bond issue.Birdsall, 45, a computer programmer and developer, said after the election results were announced that he was “nervous and excited.”“I love this town. I feel I identify with those who are the heart and soul of the town,” he said.In an interview before the election, Birdsall said he was against the discussed noise ordinance that would limit noise levels after 10 p.m.“It’s always been a fun shore town and had the energy of outdoors,” he said.After the election results were read at Borough Hall, 48-year old Kelly, the president of Sea Bright Solar, said he was happy to be able “to see all the projects go through” that he has been working on as a council member. He cited the progress on the new library and beach facility building and municipal complex, which he had championed from the beginning through the final approval by a referendum that permitted a bond issue.Kelly said the streetscape project would begin in the borough next week.This project will include bumping out sections of sidewalks on Ocean Avenue so pedestrians will have a shorter distance to cross the busy highway, and placing decorative street lights, new signage, landscaping and trees, and more benches.Part of the proposal was to eliminate parking on the east side of Ocean Avenue and have head-out-angle parking, where motorists would back into an angled parking spot.Before the election, Kelly said that part of the project, which was being carried out by the state Department of Transportation, was now in question. Tuesday night, he said he was not sure what would be done in regard to it.Frank Lawrence, a staff administrator for the borough, said Wednesday the decision had not yet been made. He said on the state and town level there was support both for including or removing the new parking method in the town.Lawrence said one of the problems with the plans for the street changes, including bicycle lanes on both sides of Ocean Avenue and the new parking method was the narrowness of the street, which could not be changed.last_img read more

Harbor Improvements Underway in Atlantic Highlands

first_imgAccording to Hubeny, the project will require additional funding so that the building can be constructed properly and meet the new codes and standards as required by the flood elevation maps. The borough at first received just under $1 million in funding and has since appealed for more. Officials are now finalizing a letter to send back to FEMA after receiving a request for more information, dated April 29, Hubeny said. By Allison Perrine Construction on a new towboat building and trailer restroom facilities are underway at the harbor in Atlantic Highlands, located along Simon Lake Drive. Photo courtesy Adam Hubeny The building will also include office space for the marine division of the New Jersey State Police, according to Adam Hubeny, borough administrator and office of emergency management coordinator. The NJSP currently has three or four boats in the harbor and will lease office space on the second floor of the facility. Now, the fate of the towboat building project lies in the hands of FEMA. According to Hubeny, the borough rejected bids for the work in 2018 and 2019 after they came in too high. Then, at the end of 2019, the borough bid the project again and received the lowest bid of $1.265 million. Officials decided to appeal to FEMA for more money. The article originally appeared in the May 28 – June 3, 2020 print edition of The Two River Times. “Like at a campground, it’s a trailer but they’re bathrooms,” said Hubeny. And some are so well-appointed, people might not recognize them as trailers from the inside, he added. “That’s how nice they are.”center_img “It has not provided us with the amount of money that we need to bring the building into compliance with today’s codes and standards,” said Hubeny. Hopefully, FEMA will “do what’s right.” Since then, the agencies agreed on a plan for office space on the second floor and moveable trailer bathrooms outside the building. That way, if the borough is expecting a major storm like another Super Storm Sandy, officials can hook the trailers up to a truck using “quick connects” and tow them to higher ground. The borough is currently out to bid for these trailers. ATLANTIC HIGHLANDS – Nearly eight years later, the last rebuild of Super Storm Sandy is underway at the Atlantic Highlands harbor, with a new building under construction for the towboat and public restroom facilities. The borough is working with Eli Goldstein from the Maplewood-based Goldstein Partnership architectural firm for the work. Goldstein was also hired for the borough’s renovation work on the municipal building in 2010. The borough started designing the plan in 2016 after going back and forth with Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the state Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) for almost three years regarding the elevations of the building. According to Hubeny, the new floodplain ordinances and base flood elevation maps in the borough do not allow permanent restrooms to be installed under the base flood elevation. That would require the borough to put bathrooms on the second floor of the building, which Hubeny said did not make sense.last_img read more

Former Canuck winger Rick Rypien, found dead Monday

first_imgFormer Vancouver Canuck forward Rick Rypien, 27, was found dead Monday in his Southern Alberta home town.Alberta RCMP confirm police attended a home in Coleman Monday afternoon where  a man was found deceased.Rypien’s death is not considered suspicious and has been deemed a sudden death.The 5’9”, 190-pound winger had recently signed on with the Winnipeg Jets.Rypien had a reputation as a tenacious fighting foward, who often beat down larger opponents. He quickly became a fan favourite with the Canucks and while playing in the minors in Winnipeg for the Manitoba Moose.Last season as a Canuck he was suspended for lashing out at an opposing fan during a game in Minnesota against the Wild.He then took a leave of absence for personal reasons, playing only nine games for Vancouver during the team’s Stanley Cup run season.Rypien, who spent six seasons with the Canucks, did not have drug problems but is believed to have suffered from depression.In 119 career NHL games, he had nine goals and seven assists and racked up 226 penalty minutes.He played his junior hockey with the Regina Pats of the Western Hockey League and signed as a free agent with the Canucks franchise.Rypien is the second professional hockey player to die this season.In May, New York Rangers forward Derek Boogaard was found dead in his Minneapolis apartment. The 28-year-old had just completed his first season with the Rangers after spending his first five years in the National Hockey League with the Minnesota Wild.last_img read more

Killjoys waltz past Salmo’s Babes en route to sole possession of top spot in WKRD standings

first_imgThe Killjoys dominated the Babes from the opening jam, scoring points in bunches against the former local roller derby power.In game two, Dam City managed to remain in playoff contention by scoring the victory.Dam City entered the contest without a win in two games. The victory allows Dam City to climb into a fourth-place tie with Salmo Babes of Brutality.Valley Vendettas and Rossland/Trail Roller Girls are tied for second, each with a win in two games.Next up on the schedule is July 27 doubleheader.Killjoys meet Valley Vendettas while Salmo meets Rossland/Trail.Saturday (June 29) in the Silver City, Rossland/Trail hosts Mountain Town Maulers of Cranbrook at the Cominco Arena. First jam is 6 p.m. The Nelson Killjoys started off fast and never looked back en route to a lopsided 282-93 victory over the Salmo Babes of Brutality in West Kootenay Roller Derby action Saturday at the NDCC Arena.The win is the second of the season for the Killjoys and gives theNelson-based squad sole possession of top spot in league standings. In the other game the Dam City Rollers of Castlegar outlasted the Valley Vendettas 238-161.last_img read more

Hall, Martel busy in off season; Nelson Baseball prepares for 2014 season

first_imgSoon sounds of baseball cracking off bats will be flowing through Fairview and Uphill districts of the Heritage City as Nelson Baseball Association begins another season of diamond play.Registration, which has climbed again for the fourth consecutive season, for the 2014 season closed Tuesday.Now it’s up to the NBA board to select teams, which is scheduled to be completed by Monday (April 7).Two players not waiting for the snow to leave the diamonds at Queen Elizabeth and Lions Parks, are Quin Hall and Brendan Martel. Hall just returned from a winter baseball tournament in Phoenix Arizona during spring break. The Nelson Little League player was picked up the BC Big League Experience team that recruited players (14 year old) from the Lower Mainland and Okanagan.  BLE finished third place with a 4-2 record. The tournament attracted teams from throughout United States. Meanwhile, Brendan Martel has been chosen to play with the West Kelowna Diamondbacks in the BC AAA midget baseball league this season.  Martel’s season started this past weekend in the Best of the West tournament held in Kamloops. West Kelowna started the weekend with a 12-1 win over Sherwood park on Friday but came up short against the North Shore Twins, Badlands Baseball Academy and Okotoks Dawgs. The Dawgs brought 60 players(2 teams) so their bull pen was very deep. Martel went 6 for 11 at the plate and played catcher and second base. The Diamondbacks play in a 12 team BC AAA  league.last_img read more