Single page optimization from a business point of view

single page optimization, seems to be an outdated topic, now talk about it will make people feel a little belated effort.

, but read a few people’s cases and articles, always feel that most people talk about the use of single page to capture some of the two or three hot words, through optimization to quickly get traffic, and then hang alliance to make money. Usually do not live long, belong to shoot a gun, change the tactics of a place, although not tired, but unstable, not sustainable development road. read more

The future of the nternet in the eyes of student stationmaster

Zhanyou are all good, I do not know again, after we have no impression on me about a month ago I speak here a "webmaster should pay attention to the psychological problems of" one month to the identity of a student to share my personal views on the Internet to be honest. In the future, "it’s not easy to talk about the future of the Internet, after all, this is a forecast of future, and prediction and reality there is always some gap. I’ve been searching online for articles on the future of the internet. Unfortunately, I didn’t find the parts I could use for reference. They are so professional that I can’t understand them. read more

The battle of skill included in Baidu

a team made two websites, content and design are good, almost colleagues started, the station content is almost the same, so far, 0 included Baidu, included 675 pages. Pr value pseudo 2. same site, the same content model, why the inclusion of different circumstances, which also answered the beginning of the problem.

1., Baidu observation of the new station will take a long time, because the algorithm is different. Not as timely as google. The time will be long, about a month’s observation period. This month, that is, Baidu included key, must pay attention to. Do more in place. Patient, rather than not, adhere to the original principle. read more

What are the conditions for the success of the site

China’s Internet industry is still in an emerging industry, but it is in development at the same time, there must be a process now mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore, many websites (especially personal website) such as a cluster like bamboo shoots after a spring rain, the molecular network, we in the end how to blaze a new trail? We can do the analysis from the following several representative sites: (Zhongtian blog)

1, Google (

has not done a television advertising, not pasted a poster, did not do any network advertising links, users rely on "word of mouth", worth $2 billion to set up the brand? This is the Internet search giant Google. It is now in the search engine market position can be used to describe almost run amuck. After a careful analysis of Google, it has indeed gone through a different path from other online companies. Google’s dedication and dedication, advanced technology, and Google are all well received. read more

The best thing to do is to stand right

we have opened a column on information technology in newspapers. Recently, readers have been asked to build websites, but in the end many companies have to choose according to their actual situation.

last week, a friend called and said, "the company has been developing for several years and has always wanted to be a website. Now it’s time to mature.". The scale of the enterprise has increased more than before, the efficiency is also better than before, with a fixed customer base. There needs to be a company that does a full publicity campaign for his clients. The network is undoubtedly a low-cost channel. I asked him how much you would be willing to pay for, more than a few thousand dollars, and hundreds of thousands of dollars, depending on how much you need for your website. The other side was obviously not satisfied with the answer and asked, "what would I do if I put in 10 million?" I was speechless. Ha-ha。 Communication is so unhappy and final. read more

Patience and persistence are the necessary conditions for a successful website

practice is the sole criterion for testing truth. This sentence we each stationmaster should keep in mind, only through their own hands, in practice, you can know that this method is correct and reliable, and in this process, summed up their experience to you. Often can see a lot of friends in Baidu Google asked: how not included me, what is the matter? The beginning, everyone was very impatient, every day to keep your query, every two minutes for landing statistics, is to look at the search engines have no, no one came. What I want to say is that these are not necessary, and everything needs time to test, and the same is true of websites. So you don’t have to spend too much time on it. It’s enough to do a good job of building a website. read more

Baidu Mo Xiang Mega algorithm to update more original original A5 support

today is the latest share Mo Xiang Mega found that Baidu algorithm update more original content, at this time of writing this article, I had two days of the original article is still in A5 webmaster net home page, "Mo: Discussion on the original" Xiang Mega importance to the future development of the webmaster in this article I listed three aspects, illustrates the importance of the original for the owners, the original collection is also very good, and other friends in pseudo original. Here the more I adhere to the original, now webmaster friends say the original is difficult, but now Baidu’s latest update algorithm, compared my submission included, the same article, dozens of websites, Baidu only included 3 article, Google included the 38, enough to show that Baidu pays more attention to the original new content, today I share Baidu algorithm update to the original owners, and now as one of the webmaster A5 webmaster network also is hot for the "A5 forum" enjoy life and enjoy the ceramics "essay activities, you can get involved in fine ceramics and thousands of yuan in cash". Recently, A5 Adsense network has organized many essay activities, the purpose of support Adsense original, let webmaster realize the importance of originality. The problem is difficult to master the original, not original, do not know what the original, found today’s update the Baidu algorithm more original content, tell the webmaster friends to the three principles of the original, let our webmaster friends face the new algorithm of Baidu, and business website optimization, the chain and so on, can make their own the cause of strive for further improvement. read more

How is the education website positioned to achieve rapid profitability


education type website has been a site type for many webmasters to explore and study, especially its profit model. The advantage is that the Education Station face the object or that the market is large enough, but both in breadth and after the breakdown of the field, can let you can have a sufficient number of objects for potential profit mining. With this broad market, the profit is the key to design a how to make full use of the profit model, especially how the profit model is built on the site, which combined with the website, this is every webmaster should do education key note of serious thought. read more

How to exchange links high quality friends chain exchange seven elements

in the network marketing SEO optimization process, the exchange of friendship links is a very important link, but also in the day-to-day network operation process is a very important part. We may be most of the webmaster should often receive Links exchange request, how to choose the site links to many webmaster have some measures for the evaluation of their own, I’m here to share with everyone I have some experience and a chance to exchange links today.

most of the SEOER in looking for friendship link exchange, often the first is to see the other website’s PR value is how much, pay attention to the PR value of the site is not wrong, but affect the quality of friends chain is not only the PR value. read more

5D6D starts charging What do you think

because the computer room investigation, 5D6D server has been affected, unable to land, tens of thousands of Lords have been implicated. When the computer room check is over and the server is fully restored, 5D6D suddenly announced charging service. As soon as the news came out, it caused a great stir.

my territory ( Comsenz (Comsenz) a free forum hosting service launched in 2006 (Free Forum Hosting Services) platform. Provide free domain name, unlimited capacity forum, server space, unlimited data free bandwidth, free professional forum, technical services and a series of free services to webmaster. It has been running for 3 years and has assembled about 1000000 vertical subdivision forums. read more

nternet development trends see web site programmers should be more strength

studied computers in school and studied for two years without feeling any gains. It seems that every day contacts are theory, but the actual operation will not understand. The summer to do a website or workshop on shallow psychological post, the Internet actually have some understanding, it is practice ah, boast about, and all my contact psychology and site operation experience website and the theory of psychology and the perfect combination.

blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah. If you read on the Internet the development trend is also the perception of words, welcome you to find me chat ah, or directly in the shallow or square psychological post forum post for me. You can look at the knowledge of psychology, while to think about the future of the internet. Ha ha, say so much, get to the point. read more

After a year’s stand why is my P still 2000

I began to

by the end of 07 began to do stand, do not know what, because the previous contact PowerEasy CMS, so I chose to move easily, just start stealing a template, do not start station promotion, also do not know what, see the article on the Internet, learn it, learn it, but the chapter is updated every day, the station began to use a CN meter. Later, Ali mother to promote a station to earn 20, to promote their own earned 60, sold a NET meters, in fact, this time CN meters have been included, and I changed this NET, so the previous efforts and white. read more

A cow’s Web site runs first to become a good psychiatrist

this article has no combat skills too much to share (after operation), but I am sure that, as long as you read carefully, I believe you will be on the web site operators have a re understanding, especially what is the nature of the operation (operation road). From the title point of view, perhaps a lot of people do not understand, how can the website operation and psychological doctor get involved? Can calm down to think carefully, the whole process of website operation and psychological doctor treatment process is almost, is a process for user psychology analysis! read more

Blog websites have been MS sealed and the nternet management ruled by law

, according to media reports, a well-known blog site has recently been stopped by domain name resolution domain name service analysts, the reason is that the station there is illegal content. But the site’s management told the media that the site was blocked because of a deleted illegal content. I happen to know the news of the interview, the phone did not know after the communication, the truth is that at the time the article may have been deleted, but the server had time synchronization, which leads to the contents of supervision personnel can still see this article. read more

Lost weight after the site how to restore the weight of Baidu

website drop right after the loss, how to restore Baidu weight

August 1st, one of my websites, QQ space message code network, Baidu whole drop right. Look at the 51 morning get up the habit of statistics, visitors today – 561, heart thump, yesterday was a IP3 million, is expected today about 4000 visitors the first reaction by Baidu "feathers". Then lost to open "old fly" friendship links, batch inspection tools, check the next, included normal, not been "plucked hair", down right, this is determined, and began to analyze the reasons. read more

By 360 hand music bee network to see Zhou Hongyi electricity supplier counter attack

has been, 360 in the field of electricity providers are confined to their own alliance advertising. In April 15th, Lasafo officially announced a partnership with the 360 strategy, the people began to wonder: 3Q 3B war, after the war, would there be a war 3A


, we can look for some clues from this 360 collaboration with Le bee network:

1, Lasafo is cosmetics vertical electric providers for women, which is characterized by its own famous brand flagship Master economic model, known as the "Master economy + social business + brand driven" vertical line. read more

How do professional websites enhance the user experience with professionalism

Baidu search engine optimization guide with special emphasis on the importance of user experience, a friend is operating material night think secretarial nets, keyword ranking and traffic has been unsatisfactory, and I made the exchange of private. The author believes that as the industry website, regardless of whether you are doing talent, second-hand car, marriage, secretary, or do the site, decoration, law, literature, examination, a very important point is to show your expertise to enhance the user experience, thus enhancing the user trust in the site, but also enhance the search trust on the website of the engine. Today might as well to secretarial website, for example, Sanming SEO and webmaster friends to form a consensus, and share with you. read more

Group buying website leads consumption competition is fierce the remnant is king

this summer high temperature rampant throughout the China, but the weather is hotter than the Chinese group purchase market, from the first mainland group purchase site meituan was born more than four months time, join the market competition for hundreds of group purchase website ranks. At the end of June and early July, the major portals, Internet giant saw the violence after began to enter the group purchase group purchase website, group purchase site reshuffle accelerated.

buy site is changing the lifestyle of young people read more

County gateway station is only the first to have opportunities for development

analysis of many county sites, most county or market prospects, of course there are also some county doing very good, then there is no novice to enter what opportunity; if there is no local competitors, we still have a chance to do that, the station, the development of machine will do it for only 1 years. Do the boss, or give up.

1. must be normalized at county level

office, business license, please clerk, these are the basic, want to let merchants Amoy money to you, even you are not, how do they believe you? Can rent a office upstairs, 300-500 yuan in general, a self-employed, 100 yuan, then ask the clerk, can carry out business. read more

A few points to pay attention to when making a profitable local station

The local

station now seems to have been showing the trend of blossom everywhere, bamboo shoots after a spring rain, but really bigger and stronger smooth profit is not high, which is often because the local station in operation ignores some factors, in fact, do stand at the same time often will note in the notebook, remind yourself note that the party can be conducive to the promotion of local station according to the road of healthy development of smooth development, then enter the profitable period. read more