How to reduce dead links from the source

for which we want to do? We have to ensure the normal operation of the website can continuously enhance website access speed, we can start from the website code, a simple code can be very good to improve the speed of the site. Then we will start from the server, including domain name, domain name resolution server and server space. So when we buy a domain name, must choose some of the big brand reputation of the service provider, although all service providers are able to register the domain name, but they provide analytical domain name server is not the same. For businesses, they do not need to have dedicated their own server, when selecting a virtual host should try to choose some professional well-known service providers. read more

Marketing of micro blog PK plagiarism Legion

method three on micro-blog, followed by a [

content library

in the back with a non original micro-blog [turn] or adding a "forward" expression (that is, a rabbit standing around the face), micro-blog owners so that the revolt against plagiarism is not so strong, at least not reproduced in silence.

by A5 first, please keep the author links: sawdust machine 贵族宝贝zzgyrc贵族宝贝/

      recently, Sina micro-blog has a tens of thousands of fans dubbed the "@ the plagiarism" account, this micro-blog to expose to combat Internet plagiarism mission, launched an anti plagiarism revolution with vigour and vitality. Many V companies even star also accused of plagiarism. And in this anti plagiarism revolution in the biggest victim, tantamount to the marketing of micro-blog. How to prevent the marketing of micro-blog is not to identify plagiarism? The author summarizes the following three methods: read more

The website only follow the user to make the station optimization to achieve the ultimate psychologi

is a website of the article may not every one is valuable, even if you are a great writer, also not every day to write a good article. While the user’s psychology is that I want to see the value of a good article, this time we.

third: screening fine article, recommended for users to read

site optimization is an essential work of website optimization, only do house work, to make the website ranking and user experience to a new level. But more and more Shanghai dragon Er do not take the user experience to optimize the station, they abuse the anchor text, keyword stuffing, intention to improve the site rankings, but even this site to get good rankings, the development is not very long, because they violated the user experience, let users feel disgusted on site. read more

How to realize the fast collection and sharing new snapshot update

, first select a good keyword. Keywords the most important and the most important step, is the site of the positioning. What kind of website to run, the best first check the existing situation of similar sites, as long as your website is an on-line, it will become your competitors. The corresponding query method, the weights of first view the type of site, followed by the collected flow, if a lot of people to visit, so this type of website can be the first step you can do that. The second step is to locate search keywords, to love the Shanghai index to check the corresponding word, not more favorable, more competition index is bigger, to your site to the front row is very difficult, too little, others are the old website to do so for a long time, and you want a new station. The ranking is also very difficult to bring. Here it is necessary to consider the compromise choice, good analysis. read more

How to make your own blog for free quick upgrade


blog has launched what holidays live, as long as you can give in to a certain fraction of reward, there is a NetEase blog every day to write mood can be added to, every day can write 10, a total of 10 points, not just write what is written. Anyway, you have a purpose, if not finished satisfactory to you can immediately delete, delete is no effect for a bit! Sina blog traffic can brush their own, also personally operation, if those IP brush tool is of no effect, only manual! Brush once added a read more

Mobile search and PC search you have to know the difference between the three

: mobile search compared with PC devices will tend to be more localized

three: mobile search is relatively more prone to error


from this point of view is not surprising, mobile devices compared with PC devices in the input device has some limitations. Mobile devices generally do not have PC equipment that accurately input keyboard, and confined to the small screen, click on the target will be smaller. For this, as we do in the optimization > mobile device search

it is easy to understand, we generally use a mobile device to search for nearby related information. For example, I want to find a nearby parking lot recently, the nearest cafe near the nearest restaurant etc.. We use PC search, is looking for some more extensive information, information, updates, such as the recent love Shanghai’s recent Google algorithm update algorithm and so on. We can see from the data. Microsoft has released a mobile search data, data show that the use of mobile devices will be in the search on to 53% users to find local information. read more

Love Shanghai new algorithm release what our chain how to operate

chain is essentially the extension of our website on the Internet through the link, the search engine spiders can follow the index web data; through the link, we can effectively transfer the part of the site to the weight, ranking; through the link, can bring a part of the watch for our customers. I think everyone is that the chain is to transfer the weight, rankings. Yes, this is undeniable, but the problem is the search engine now become extremely sensitive. The chain do not, but will play a negative role read more

Matthew benefits of the web site optimization

website content is king of the law has not changed, a good site to be successful, the most fundamental is the content of quality do well. But once the website expands, will obtain more resources and channels to further strengthen their content, consolidate their content wangzhongwang status. The Matthew effect of website content is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

, 1 station acquisition station content. High weight website content again, small website did not dare to act rashly to start collecting, and high weight website if it is found that the original content of high quality small website, can be collected in a flagrant way over, also do not have the brains to pseudo original, a copyright can openly on own website. While search engines, small site because the weight is low but may be recognized as a collection of cheating, especially when small website content has not been included, the living can only swallow this grievance. Sometimes not major acquisition, but the third person to the content of the site moved to the station, the result is the same. Big website can pass this way to enrich its content, and small websites to be careful, often unjustly punished. read more

New website optimization techniques to analyze how to do more with less

fourth is the focus on the promotion, promotion is another effective strategy to shorten the period of the love of Shanghai, the promotion is not a simple love Shanghai through bidding, instead of using the chain or Links way, which Links is the most important way is the rapid and effective way to find Links website the weight is relatively high, the appropriate circumstances can also spend money to do so, this can be appropriate to do some outside the chain, but.

second to set the key words, add some content, when the website framework and template recognition, it is necessary to further supplement the content of the website, this is the basis of the content itself has a certain shape, and then again on the basis of appropriate daily updates, updated content and keywords to remain the same, or the long tail keywords model construction. Because of the love in Shanghai included new sites of the website after a period of study, this process often according to the update frequency and the content of the site quality will have a different time to adjust, the higher the general quality of the rich content, the website of the study period is short, and ranked after the end of the study will be higher, on the contrary will the lower, thus it is the key point to improve website ranking strategy multiplier. read more

How to make the overall site optimization scheme of Shanghai Dragon

2. familiar with customer products and services of rival

website optimization seven steps:

analysis of customer groups, to determine the site Keywords:

will confirm the final customer website optimization Shanghai Longfeng target in business negotiations and customer, have a clear goal to a better arrangement of specific work. This goal can be long-term, strategic significance, it can be short-term, but whether it is short-term or long-term, we must set the goal can be achieved under the premise, do not set an impossible target. Then the target decomposition to specific monthly, weekly and daily stage goal. read more

Create a picture using the flow of the site must be Shanghai dragon points

as everyone knows, customers can be detonated site traffic, in fact, have been observed in many traffic sites, found a lot of traffic sites have their Shanghai Longfeng characteristics, this article, by using some pictures of traffic to the website of Shanghai Dragon Phoenix skills to tell these flow optimization tips and if you want to take a picture of the site, so I hope this article can give you some advice.

after the search has been shown, but is more similar, that this figure has been marked by many webmaster, so as to obtain the keyword ranking, also shows that the ALT on the other hand to a picture of the search ranking opportunity, can get more traffic. PS: Generally speaking, the alt attribute is the same and the title of the website, in many websites, this setting can be passed to the image correlation by Title Correlation, can also attract a possible relationship between flow. read more

Discussion on the quality standard of Links


many friends will see.


as Shanghai dragon ER, Links exchange is also a very important work in the process of optimization, who hope that their website can meet a few high quality links, but people are a bit selfish, so we are in the process of exchange will determine the other site, and then determine the quality this link, finally we will decide whether to do it or not, the construction site in Zhengzhou according to their own experiences to share their experiences in exchange Links: (now Shanghai friends tend to experience sex, the love of Shanghai) read more

Site factors cannot improve

website original content is difficult to write out the relationship between things, many owners are not professional, occasionally to reprint copy and paste some peer content, in a series of pseudo original, but also every peer will update a website, then you wouldn’t like everybody else, so little update frequency every day, the content of the website where will be included, even if you have 30 days to update a full 3 months was 90, the content of your site update so little spiders crawl it rarely, it will occasionally to grab a snapshot of your love, Shanghai also will slow down the website, updated more frequently, the spider is more frequent, the website grab chance is bigger, then you also have included not tall? Unfortunately, many owners don’t love updates, nor what The content can be updated, lazy is everyone’s habit, not a lot of related web content, but the weight is not very high, not even. read more

Shanghai dragon challenge a picture caused by multi station thinking

4, other

2, Shanghai dragon to help find customers and potential customers

The use of

we are separate websites on the Internet, how to let users pay attention to what we do, the search engine can help us achieve. The Shanghai dragon can help find potential products and target customers accordingly, improve the site’s potential. In fact, many enterprises in Shanghai dragon under the help of the successful promotion of their products to enhance their own business, it’s hard to imagine, if there is no search engine optimization, how will we? Products can not find the user, business is difficult to improve, so we will spend more time, effort and money to promote the product, so we need to search engine optimization. read more

Fuzhou decoration company ranked first Shanghai dragon secret

for the small enterprise general path hierarchy is generally three layer finally, up to more than five layers, because the multi-level spider would cost the spiders crawl time is not conducive to the customer experience


yuan (Fuzhou Shanghai dragon ink decoration network http:>

2, dynamic URL can not generate the path is generally need to write dynamic code

The path page !


of a website is the one and only the number of different paths but sometimes default can also access the same page, the spider will think this path is based on different pages, so this will lead to reduced page weight, 301 power can avoid such problems. read more

Shanghai dragon new book search rules under the scheme

, a construction site

website construction should consider the following:

7. the content of the website pictures can not be too large, too slow to open the page, affect the user experience, try to keep the pictures around 200K in the product list page products too much, try to keep the picture within 50K.

2. JS code as concisely as possible, try not to put in the page, can put in an JS file, and then call

two, positioning analysisHave a great relationship positioning layout

website construction should follow the "fast speed priority value" principle, so in the construction site should be taken into account during the follow the rule of the search engine and a good user experience. read more

Simple two let Shanghai Longfeng chain become more efficient

this is good, we can look at their industry website, look at other data not too bad website is the chain must be in the front row. The answer is negative, the author make a point reading pen website, called small Master point reading pen, the chain is only more than 2000, but some of the chain number than me twice and three times the site behind this phenomenon is not surprising, as long as you look carefully you can find this site. If you use the tool check if you can find such a problem, basically as long as the chain domain more sites generally row in front of the chain of domain name website less. This description of a problem: for the chain in terms of the total domain name is more important than the total number of links. The second point is to change the mentality, from the previous pursuit of the total number of the chain into a number of the pursuit of the chain of domain name. This is said we often brought wide problems. 100 domain names have a link to their must have better effect than the 100 we link 1 domain name. read more

Some of the latest search related information to love Shanghai

贵族宝贝baidu贵族宝贝/s? Wd=%F6%AA%B7%E6%C7%A9%D7%D6%C0%EB%BB%E9& n=2& inputT=2266

贵族宝贝baidu贵族宝贝/s? Tn=baidurt& rtt=1& wd=%F6%AA%B7%E6%C7%A9%D7%D6%C0%EB%BB%E9

rtt=1 is the love of Shanghai in search of the database to read the round-trip delay, 1 represents a week with the latest search keywords related information, when the parameter is greater than 1 will read all of the data.

after the analysis of the above two links can be found between love Shanghai recently updated search results and regular search results that two parameters of TN and RTT, which is tn=baidurt& rtt=1& this part. read more

Small series started SEM for promotion a few days early experience

1. new promotion plan: for example, XX product promotion plan, promotion plan, day night > push

in the account center we can see some basic account information, such as the name of the account balance, promotion. Incidentally, the first contact the client I feel too much information, a lot of operation can not start, have small spent time to love Shanghai, slowly groping for a few hours, I know that some.

search engine marketing: English Search Engine Marketing, we usually referred to as "SEM". According to the use of search engine users to retrieve information by the user the opportunity to try to marketing information to target users. The common SEM like Shanghai for promotion, 360 dotting platform, Sogou promotion and service time what search promotion etc.. The use of the majority is love Shanghai, after all, is not the user has several other promotion platform can be compared. Digital cube small to talk is also love Shanghai today, Xiao Bian just recently in charge of a small love Shanghai for promotion project, dare not say in effectiveness, or at least to mean Shanghai bid is going on. Small make up the problems encountered in the practical work and experience for everyone to see, see a love Shanghai "auction specialist daily". read more

The chain of steps

1, the chain effect of many, can improve the site’s effect for website weight and keywords ranking score and transfer / correlation. A high quality of the external links can be brought to the site of good IP, learn the chain resources of mining. Outside the chain of resources is not to say that there are, and we need to dig accumulation. Find some and the site itself correlation is high and there is a certain weight can be the link site but this is a bit difficult, because now a lot of advertising platform. read more