Seesaw App Could Bring “Wisdom Of The Crowd” To Moral Dilemmas

first_imgMy first Seesaw question addressed whether or not I should crowdsource my moral decision making. (How meta is that?) Not surprisingly, strangers on the app overwhelmingly think I should. But my query also exposes flaws in Seesaw’s ability to serve as a true moral compass. For one, as everyone knows, it’s far easier to tell someone else what to do than it is to make actually make a decision yourself. I have no reason to think people didn’t answer my question seriously, but they could have just found it funny. As for Steve’s groundhog problem, a yes-or-no question can’t possibly get at all the nuances of the situation.Then there’s the follow up issue. Steve has no particular incentive to actually follow through on the crowd’s suggestion. It’d be an interesting addition if Seesaw could let users notify the crowd what they actually decided to do. Obviously, Seesaw is more focused on its ability to gather friends around simple decisions centered on clothing, accessory purchases or food, and the app is a solid decision-making tool for these relatively trivial situations.Crowdsourcing moral decisions, on the other hand, is uncharted territory. Seesaw is inadvertently emerging as a leader in this space. At the very least, when it comes to letting a crowd make decisions for you, Seesaw is a better choice than turning yourself into a publicly owned company.    Why IoT Apps are Eating Device Interfaces What it Takes to Build a Highly Secure FinTech … Related Posts The University of San Francisco launched a clever advertising campaign last year that stated, “There’s no ‘Moral Compass’ app.” Turns out that’s not exactly true.I’m not even talking about the apps MoralCompass or Moral Compass: The former is a rudimentary flow chart and the latter is more of a daily delivery of famous quotes and self-help mantras. The real moral compass for your smartphone is Seesaw, an app that lets you crowdsource decision making. It launched back in February and Seesaw Decisions Corp. announced its first major update Thursday morning. Seesaw’s strength lies in helping users with basic queries aided by photos: Which hat should you buy, or what should you eat for lunch? The update loosens the chains weighing down Seesaw’s sign-up process (you now can sign up using social media instead of your phone number), and as Seesaw’s user base grows its crowdsourced decision-making assistance is beginning to expand into tricky questions about right and wrong.Case in point: on Thursday morning one Seesaw user explained his groundhog problem and asked whether he should release the offending varmints or “make them vanish from the earth.” The crowd answered early on by voting for ‘eliminate for good’  (emphasized with a picture of a rifle), but eventually shifted towards ‘catch and release’ by 22-18. Groundhogs may be annoying, but killing is not the answer – at least that’s what Seesaw users say. Spanning Preference To Morality The original purpose of Seesaw was not to let you ask thousands of strangers whether should, say, put your dog to sleep or break up with your significant other. Its intended function was to help users get affirmation and organize advice based on the opinion and who supplied it. “Often times I’ll ask my friends for feedback, and I’ll already know the answer. You’re just looking for moral support and encouragement. You need that reinforcement to do it,” explains Aaron Gotwalt, Seesaw’s founder. If you’re really trying to make a tough decision, you want input from the people whose opinions you value. “There are the people that are important to you, and then there’s everyone else,” Gotwalt says. The new update lets you both sign up and log in through social media accounts like Facebook. (Because Facebook and Twitter don’t let Seesaw access the API that would let the app send invites, getting your friends to start using it is still handled via SMS.) Seesaw is working on letting you split votes by social network so that you could compare what your Facebook friends think you should do against advice from other circles.Can An App Provide A Moral Compass?For me, Seesaw becomes truly fascinating when moral issues come into play. Not only did Steve the potential groundhog exterminator get a lesson in animal ethics, he got valuable insight into what others might do in his shoes.  Tags:#crowdsourcing#mobile apps Role of Mobile App Analytics In-App Engagement The Rise and Rise of Mobile Payment Technology nick stattlast_img read more

10 months agoBrian Stock joins Bournemouth academy coaching staff

first_imgTagsTransfersAbout the authorPaul VegasShare the loveHave your say Brian Stock joins Bournemouth academy coaching staffby Paul Vegas10 months agoSend to a friendShare the loveFormer Bournemouth midfielder Brian Stock has joined the club’s academy coaching staff.Bournemouth have appointed Stock as the under-14s lead coach.The former midfielder made over 150 appearances for the Cherries between 2000 and 2006. He said, “Calling time on my footballing career was a very tough decision, however with this opportunity at the club where I started my journey and a club so close to my heart made it an easy one! “I’m looking forward to working with all the academy staff and players at AFC Bournemouth and am excited at starting a new chapter in my career.” last_img read more

16 days agoBayern Munich maintaining contact with Man City attacker Leroy Sane

first_imgBayern Munich maintaining contact with Man City attacker Leroy Saneby Paul Vegas16 days agoSend to a friendShare the loveBayern Munich are maintaining contact with Manchester City attacker Leroy Sane.Bayern were eager to sign Sane over the summer – before he suffered a knee injury in the Community Shield. The German giants, at that point, pulled back.However, contact has been maintained between the two parties.BILD says Sane’s representative David Gardner has just met with agent Giovanni Branchini, who also acts as an advisor to Bayern.The summit was held to assure Sane that Bayern remain keen – with Gardner also delivering an update on the player’s rehab. TagsTransfersAbout the authorPaul VegasShare the loveHave your saylast_img read more

Roger Goodell Is Getting Blasted For His Comment On Laremy Tunsil

first_imgLaremy Tunsil and Goodell smile holding his draft jersey.Laremy Tunsil.Former Ole Miss offensive tackle Laremy Tunsil’s draft experience was unraveling by the second Thursday night as both his Twitter and Instagram accounts were being hacked, sharing posts detrimental to his draft stock. No matter how you feel about the things posted to his social media accounts, one thing was clear: somebody was out to get him. But when NFL commissioner Roger Goodell sat down with ESPN’s Mike and Mike Friday morning to discuss, he seemed to think the chaos was just part of the draft experience, telling Greeny and Golic: “I think it’s all part of what makes the draft so exciting.”Roger Goodell to @MikeAndMike on Tunsil situation: “I think it’s all part of what makes the draft so exciting.”— NFL on ESPN (@ESPNNFL) April 29, 2016While it clearly wasn’t meant to be a malicious statement, it probably wasn’t the best way to describe it either, and he’s getting blasted for it on Twitter. Oh, @nflcommish. It’s a good thing the owners don’t pay you for your public-speaking skills.— Jim Trotter (@JimTrotter_NFL) April 29, 2016 I’m pretty sure Roger Goodell is universally hated— Joseph Kennedy (@bigjoebadger) April 29, 2016 How can people respect this rat @nflcommish— Mike Sheerin (@Mike_Sheerin) April 29, 2016 Wonder why players and fans don’t trust @nflcommish to be judge and arbiter of “integrity”…— Nick Dorich (@NickyDPharmD) April 29, 2016 @nflcommish I felt bad that u were booed all day yesterday …until I heard ur comments on what makes this draft so exciting. Keep booing!— Jason Trawick (@jasontrawick) April 29, 2016 Does @nflcommish realize how stupid he sounds? Nice job throwing @KingTunsil78 under the bus! Only thing deflated in the @nfl is #Goodell— Russ Weakland (@MrSandwich96) April 29, 2016 Roger Goodell has less than zero class.— John Archibald (@ResSports) April 29, 2016 @nflcommish thinks it’s “entertainment” to see a kid slandered and lose millions of dollars. I scream conspiracy.— TheBron James (@Phaulkner) April 29, 2016 @rogergoodell thinks a kid getting railroaded is #exciting. Never got a thank you for gift he gave to the Starks for their #redwedding #nfl— Ron Cardashenstein (@RonCar69) April 29, 2016Tunsil was picked up by the Dolphins and will begin his NFL career as a first round pick, but he’ll never forget draft night – for all the wrong reasons.last_img read more

Two deaths from West Nile in southwestern Ontario health officials

first_imgWINDSOR, Ont. – Health officials in southwestern Ontario say two people have died from West Nile virus in the last week, the first deaths linked to the infection in the area since 2012.The public health unit in Windsor, Ont., says the two cases are unrelated but gave no other details about them.It says the deaths are a warning to the public that West Nile continues to be a risk until temperatures drop below the freezing point, though most people infected never develop symptoms.Ontario has seen by far the most human cases of West Nile this year, with the province’s public health agency reporting 37 confirmed or probable cases as of Sept. 2.The latest data collected by the Public Health Agency of Canada, meanwhile, shows only one confirmed human case outside of Ontario as of Aug. 19 — someone in British Columbia who showed no symptoms.There were 104 human cases of West Nile confirmed last year, though the federal agency says others likely went undetected.last_img read more

Supreme Court says Harpers tough on crime laws unconstitutional

first_imgThe Canadian Press OTTAWA – The Supreme Court of Canada has struck down two federal laws from the previous Conservative government’s tough-on-crime agenda, ruling both to be unconstitutional.The decisions mean an end to rules for minimum sentences for specific drug crime convictions and limits on credit for pre-trial detention in certain conditions where bail is denied, giving trial judges more leeway in how they deal with offenders.In both decisions, the top court said Parliament has the right to set laws to maintain public safety, but the rules should not be so overly broad that they capture offenders whose incarceration would benefit neither themselves nor the public.Speaking in Waterloo, Ont., Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said his government is reviewing the laws around mandatory minimum sentences.“There are situations where mandatory minimums are relevant,” Trudeau said.“The Liberal party of the past in government brought in mandatory minimums around serious crimes like murder, but at the same time there is a general sense, reinforced by the Supreme Court decision today, that mandatory minimums brought in by the previous government in a number of cases went too far. This is what we are reflecting on.”In a 6-3 ruling, the high court said a mandatory, one-year minimum sentence for a drug crime when the offender has a similar charge on their record constitutes cruel and unusual punishment, a violation of section 12 of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Only twice before has the court found mandatory minimums to violate that particular section of the Charter.The majority ruled that mandatory minimums in this instance cast too wide a net and catch conduct that can range from a “cold-blooded trafficker of hard drugs for profit” to someone who shares a small amount of marijuana with friends. Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin, writing for the majority, said that in the latter instance “most Canadians would be shocked to find that such a person could be sent to prison for one year.”The case came about after Joseph Ryan Lloyd was convicted in September 2014 of three counts of possessing crack, methamphetamine and heroin for the purpose of trafficking in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside.An addict, Lloyd also had a 2012 trafficking charge.The provincial court ruled that while the appropriate sentence for Lloyd was one year, the mandatory minimum sentence constituted cruel and unusual punishment and violated the charter.Raji Mangat, director of litigation for the West Coast Women’s Legal Education and Action Fund, which intervened in the case, said the Supreme Court’s decision righted a wrong by giving judges more leeway in sentencing.“Those sentencing judges, this is what they do day in and day out,” Mangat said. “They have the expertise to be able to decide what is going to be a fit and appropriate sentence and we think that that discretion should stay with the judges.”The Supreme Court also unanimously agreed to strike down provisions passed in 2009 that prohibited a trial judge from giving more than one-for-one credit for pre-trial detention if a justice of the peace denied bail to the person because of a previous conviction.That’s what happened in the case of HamidrezaSafarzadeh-Markhali, of Pickering, who was arrested in November 2010on drug and weapons charges.He was awarded extra pretrial credit by his trial judge and the Ontario Court of Appeal agreed, noting that three offenders with the same criminal records and given the same sentence could effectively end up serving substantially different amounts of time depending on whether they received bail.Safarzadeh-Markhali has since been deported to Iran.The Supreme Court found the law was overly broad and would capture offenders who, for instance, might have been convicted for failing to appear in court.Safarzadeh-Markhali’s lawyer, Jill Presser, said the decision means thousands of people will serve less time in jail “by a factor of days to even years,” many of whom couldn’t get bail because of their circumstances or a lack of support.Combined, she said, the decisions continue to dismantle the Harper-era, tough-on-crime agenda.“The question for Parliament now is do they want to rebuild the structure on solid constitutional grounds, or simply let it come down?”last_img read more

Pryors future uncertain

As the U.S. economy continues on its rocky path, the job market remains unstable. It’s especially shaky for a third-year athlete facing a five-game suspension and questions about whether he can succeed as quarterback at the professional level. Terrelle Pryor, center of the Buckeye universe since he committed to Ohio State on March 19, 2008, must confront an intricate situation containing the key to unlocking his future. The Jeannette, Pa., native confirmed to the media Saturday that he will return for his senior season, even though he will first serve a five-game suspension for receiving improper benefits. “When bad things happen to you, that’s when you want your family around you,” Pryor said. “Going through all of this, that’s when you realize that Ohio State football is your family.” The NCAA suspended Pryor, running back Dan Herron, receiver DeVier Posey, tackle Mike Adams and defensive end Solomon Thomas for five games after learning the players had violated NCAA rules by selling gear, apparel and memorabilia to the owner of a Columbus tattoo parlor in 2009. Freshman linebacker Jordan Whiting must sit out one game. NCAA rules prohibit athletes from receiving benefits or discounts based on their persona. The suspensions, however, won’t take effect until next season, allowing the athletes to play in Tuesday’s Sugar Bowl. The NCAA concluded that the rules education provided by the OSU compliance department did not meet NCAA standards at the time the players sold the merchandise. Pryor came to OSU because he felt coach Jim Tressel’s system would better prepare him for the NFL than if he chose to run rampant in Michigan’s spread offense. Now, despite a 30-3 career mark as a starter in scarlet and gray, his legacy rests on thin ice. Fans have voiced displeasure toward the quarterback who, although proud of the Block ‘O’ tattoo on his right forearm, didn’t value the sentiment of his Big Ten championship ring or gold pants trinket as highly as Buckeye Nation preferred. “You shouldn’t worry about what other people say, but you do take a lot of what other people say into your mind,” Pryor said. “They’re saying it for some reason. That’s the hardest thing, is hearing people say some cruel things about you. You know what you did and you take the responsibility, but guys are still out there nailing you and talking about you.” Pryor said he tossed around the idea of turning pro after the Sugar Bowl to evade the lengthy suspension and lessen the hit on his draft stock. But then Tressel required all five players to pledge to return for their senior seasons before granting them permission to travel with the team to New Orleans. Although the promises are nonbinding, Pryor vowed to hold up his end of the bargain. “I think some guys pledged and some guys — we were just basically saying sorry,” he said. “I don’t want to say that if (someone) would choose to leave, that they’re breaking a pledge. I think some guys have different situations. (But) once you pledge something, I think you’ve got to keep your word for it.” Should the NCAA uphold its ruling — which OSU is appealing — Pryor wouldn’t be eligible until the Buckeyes’ contest at Nebraska on Oct. 8. That would leave him with seven games, plus a possible conference championship game and bowl game, to script the final chapter of his college career. But would he regain his starting job that easily? Tressel has had a penchant for rewarding veteran players. Quarterback Joe Bauserman, who has served as Pryor’s primary backup for two years, will be a redshirt senior next year. Ken Guiton, who has also seen action this year, will be a redshirt sophomore. Then there’s Braxton Miller, widely considered one of the top recruits in all of college football. The Huber Heights, Ohio, native enrolled early at OSU so he could take part in spring practices. Tressel said he expects a testy quarterback competition in the spring. “I’m sure in the spring and so forth … in the spring that would heat up,” Tressel said. Regardless of how he fits into next year’s plans, Pryor knows a memorable Sugar Bowl performance will go a long way for his legacy and NFL stock. For the quarterback who always seems to have the ball in his hands, he’ll have to learn to bide his time until it’s his turn. “I’ve never sat out a game in my life,” Pryor said. “I don’t know how it’s going to affect me next year.” Pryor acknowledged that he has work left to do at the college level, work that somehow must be completed in the minimal time he has remaining in Columbus if he’s to improve his job prospects. “We’ve just got to win,” he said. “I’ve got to come up with some type of plan with (Tressel) for next year, because that five-game suspension could really mess up things I really want to accomplish. As of right now, (I’ll) keep winning as much as possible and keep leading the team as best I can. “I guess I’ll need to leave the rest to everyone else.” read more

Bahamas govt to assist cultural NGOs with registration

first_img Unified effort to help Fire Victims Related Items:michael pintard, ministry of youth, NGO, Sport & Culture Bahamas Senator gets help for Crooked Island Government Camps start July 1 Recommended for you Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppGrand Bahama, Bahamas July 20, 2017 — The Minister of Youth, Sport & Culture Micheal Pintard has said that the Government will pay half of the registration fees for NGOs focused on cultural work.Pintard made the statements at a meeting of cultural leaders at the Bishop Michael Eldon School on Saturday. Those present at the meeting included artisans, dance and drama performers and Junkanoo leaders. Pintard said that the creative industries is the fastest-growing sector in most countries and The Bahamas was behind in this industry. He said: “Those are the areas that are rapidly growing, multi, trillion dollar industries around the world. The Bahamas is one of those developing countries that have not yet gotten the memo. So, we have to change that.”He encouraged cultural practitioners to legally register their organizations and pledged government’s assistance with this process. “Half-way for us means that we are prepared to bring in house two attorneys who will sit in a room with those of you who have paper work completed to assist you in getting incorporated,” he added.Saying that it is important to monetize certain aspects of culture and talent, Pintard also told attendees that registration would open doors to them for international funding. “This will dramatically drive your cost down. Our goal is to make sure that all of you are properly registered, which will open up the doors for you to go out there and apply for funding for your product or your organization. Being registered will allow you to seek funding from overseas as well.” Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApplast_img read more

Bahamas 2nd Annual Best of the Best Regatta Takes Place December at

first_imgFacebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp#Bahamas, October 12, 2017 – Nassau – The Ministry of Agriculture & Marine Resources, in collaboration with the Star Sailors League, announced they will host the Second Annual Best of the Best Regatta at Montagu Bay, December 6-10 of this year.   Agriculture & Marine Resources Minister, the Hon. Renward Wells addressed the press in the Conference Room of the Ministry’s Headquarters, October 11, to invite the public to support their fellow Bahamian sportsmen participating in the international cultural event.“Our Planning Committee’s work is well underway as we are looking forward to the battery of activities that will heighten public awareness of, and participation in, Bahamian culture, and showcase sloop sailing for Bahamians and tourists alike,” said Minister Wells.“One hundred and fifty sailors from 24 countries around the world participated in the Inaugural Event in 2016.   The international participants included Olympic-class sailors.  This year, we have built on that success.”Minister Wells invited the public to come and enjoy the intense competition among the different sailing groups, which include 10 A-Class sloops, nine B-Class sloops, 32 C-Class sloops, and 50 world-class sailors.“We will have Olympic-style sailing with live-streaming via internet around the world.  The competition is open to all boat owners and sailors and has already registered over 200 Bahamian sailors, hailing from New Providence, Grand Bahama, Long Island, Exuma, Acklins, Ragged Island, Andros, Cat Island and Mayaguana.   We are grateful to the event’s major sponsors: Paradise Games, Commonwealth Brewery, and Janaee’s Uniform Centre.   I encourage other organizations to add their financial support to this cultural exhibition,” said Minister Wells.Gratitude was also expressed to all stakeholders and sailors who are participating in the Sir Durward Knowles 100th Birthday Regatta, which will be held on October 28-29 at Montagu Bay.“Sir Durward has contributed exponentially to the sport of sailing in The Bahamas and the world at large.   While I’m on the subject of sailing, I take this opportunity to congratulate Mr. Gavin McKinney, who last month won the International 5.5 Metre Class Association’s 2017 World Championships in Benodet, France.  The Bahamas is very proud of him,” said Minister Wells.“As we embark on the Best of the Best events in December, I look forward to fierce sailing competitions, pageantry and vibrant, energized cultural entertainment.   All are invited to join us and we pray God’s blessing on the activities.”By: Gena Gibbs (BIS)Photo caption:  Agriculture & Marine Resources Minister, the Hon. Renward Wells, centre, along with organizing committee announces world class and local sailing events at Best of the Best Regatta, taking place at Montagu Bay in December.  (BIS Photos/Derek Smith) Related Items: Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApplast_img read more

Kapil Sharma stuns with his epic transformation Photo

first_imgKapil Sharma, Krushna AbhishekSony TVKapil Sharma leaves no stone unturned when it comes to entertain the audience with his gags on The Kapil Sharma Show which has been topping the TRP charts since the beginning. The comedian has undoubtedly come a long way after overcoming depression and cutting down his alcohol consumption. And Kapil has yet again stunned his fans with his epic physical transformation.Over the past few months, Kapil was seen sporting a bearded look on the show. But now the comedian will be sporting a clean-shaven look.Giving a glimpse of his new look, Kapil Sharma shared a selfie on Instagram flashing his million dollar smile and wrote, “Smile makes you more #lively what you say.”Besides dedicating his time for the shoot, Kapil is also looking after his pregnant wife Ginni Chatrath who has entered into the third trimester. Like his mother, Ginni also accompanies Kapil on the show and can be seen sitting in the front row watching all the madness on the stage.#NewProfilePic— Kapil Sharma (@KapilSharmaK9) July 19, 2019Kapil will now be seen interacting with Kangana Ranaut who has been hitting the headlines for her verbal spat with journalist at the recent Judgementall Hai Kya song launch event which had taken place in Mumbai.On tonight’s episode of The Kapil Sharma show, Kangana will be seen taking a dig at herself saying that she can’t resist herself from getting into trouble.last_img read more