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trade website, marketing is inevitable, but the foreign trade website is for foreign customers, to bring out the website promotion, also must first boundaries across time and space, set up with foreign customers trust, in order to do further marketing, besides general website optimization, advertising etc., and in recent years the rise of social media, it is also a good way to make good use of foreign trade website promotion.


familiar with the social media including micro-blog, WeChat, QQ, blog, are based on social tools, but was later used as a marketing tool for most users, their first purpose is to exchange and share, when it is used as the promotion of the time must be in a certain risk, because the original intention and result not equal, mishandled could only end in vain. Of course, good use does more harm than good. Here are a few hundred million Web pages to share with you the benefits of using social media to promote your web site.

first, Internet social media and traditional media is not the same, its emphasis on interactivity, a foreign trade website is targeted at the domestic and foreign users, not easy to direct access to those users to talk about interaction is even more difficult, only through traditional media advertising to do marketing, not the basic interaction may, social media can be organized by Internet users to actively participate in interactive marketing promotion, can be subtle.

second, the use of social media, which are not affected by the geographical position, eliminate the distance between users and foreign, in marketing before, usually with the users to play the emotional card, to win the trust of users, after the transaction. In addition, enterprises can also understand customer needs in the process of customer communication, and it is much more efficient than market research on the spot.

third, domestic and foreign websites to enter the overseas market is clearly not simple, to make a brand influence, basically rely on offline activities, such as advertising, but these are not practical for the foreign trade website, social media is just to community activities to affect the user, so the use of social media to hold activities, to attract users to participate, to share in micro-blog WeChat and other circles and comments, to the word-of-mouth to raise brand awareness, and promote their products out.

fourth, social media in the process of conversation with the user, in understanding the needs of users at the same time, can be more initiative to the user, the user can use the product through the feedback of social media in the purchase of products, for their feedback reply to the fastest speed, let consumers know the enterprise of attention to them, the impression will gradually improve, increase user viscosity, become your loyal users is self-evident.

in fact, there are many advantages of social media promotion, in this "wonder billion network" is not one by one examples, especially for foreign trade websites for specific market goals, you need more time and precision

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