believe that many brothers have been Baidu K station to give up his beloved website, I have included in Baidu and K station in wandering, and give up a lot of website, or the results of search engines don’t accomplish nothing, we will not stand for? Do we do stand for Baidu since? Baidu abandoned us, let us forget it, to update your own website, rich content, the user experience in the first place, the site is to see friends, not to see the Baidu, what is spam, most users have the right to speak! Baidu relies on many web sites have today now, people are now bigger, we despise small owners, that we don’t take the hot face to stick people’s cool ass.K K, why the Internet called the Internet? Don’t leave Baidu is not the Internet? There are a lot of excellent web site, We can do the Internet ah, Links, multi landing navigation station. We help each other, for users to consider, don’t do things that you don’t want to see the contents, you will discover, not Baidu, we can stand a good job! Remember: the word of mouth is the best search engine! Abandon a users think it is a good site, it is Baidu’s losses included you upset me out of my K is not sad. To maintain a sense of balance, from another angle, with the vision to see your own website, so I will do the best


I am a migrant type webmaster, used program, all manual update, do not know what search engine optimization, so now I have not been to the site search engine’s favor. Who told me is a stupid, stupid fool only adhere to the method, apply a word! XuSanDuo " don’t give up! Don’t give up! "

Baidu recently blocked the Marx movie program, many with this program the station was K, the station I was among them, but I didn’t give up, you don’t bird me down, I don’t bird you, love ye ye, I still insist every day update, to ensure users in the first time to see the view the new film. The support is my power station, now about IP5000 PV100000 about 90% of the flow of active users to visit. This flow of master is not what, but I am very satisfied, after all my efforts to get 5000 people recognized, I am willing to continue to serve on the.

for them

under the station memory free movie hi statistics is public, welcome to the.

welcome not to abandon brother, friendship link, make progress together! QQ:49918850


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