we live in a society rich things in society, is also a good work of the society, since the money can do, there will be money to do, site operation is the same throughout the whole process, web site operators: planning, establishment, maintenance, promotion, negotiation, contract. Planning is the beginning, the transaction is the purpose, if you are familiar with the entire network operation market, perhaps you will clearly understand what can spend money to do, and what spent the money may not be able to do.


planning is not only the site planning, but you run the project planning, the site is just a tool, a marketing platform for it, so only know the website construction or promotion can not only understand the network planning implementation of the program is perfect, you need to plan better understand the current situation of this industry, starting from the the angle of the market, the potential customers care about or the Internet habits are analyzed, and then plan out a certain amount of gold, you can also pay someone to plan, but for a not familiar with your industry or do not know what you think of the people, how to plan out a a good implementation of the program, so sometimes a good plan is not enough money.



site is certainly money can fix things, now site of the company and individual stationmaster inside the industry beyond count, we eighty or ninety percent of people will build, most owners are from their own society stick to the line, so for us it is not what is difficult, we only need to know the customer wants to see is a what kind of website is good at the beginning of the site, if you don’t know how to do this station, can also go to the network to search for competitors that have already formed website, to imitate it, or learn the essence part of his collection, the director of the public house for their own use is an excellent website. Even if some parts of their own can not decide, to Witkey site, send a task, the basic will be done, so it is not difficult to build a site, and sometimes not spend money can be done.


said the site is to maintain the link details and website update, our webmaster truth is doing this, sometimes when maintaining your site can contact outside the single to do this thing, so do not spend money but when maintain their own website also can earn extra money. But there is one point to note, as the saying goes "Dajiangshan easy to sit the difficult ‘, how to maintain a website, which places need to be adjusted, adjusted to what extent, also need to carefully consider their own, must not be a hot head change, because some factors change effect on the whole the site is very large, especially in the head part of the web site keywords.


plays an important role in the operation of the entire website, which is the decisive part of the product influence

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