making money on the web often means using a profit generator, such as alliance programs and site ads.

all of these monetization methods rely on enabling visitors to develop a specific behavior, such as clicking on advertising or affiliate links, buying products, subscribing to newsletters, etc..

visitors do what you want, usually depending on the visual structure of your site (design, advertising, location, etc.), the type of content in front of or around the product.

The success of the

Alliance Program is particularly vulnerable to copywriting and personal referrals. Nothing is more effective than letting others link to your alliance.

1. Why is it sometimes that direct League links have no effect on


direct affiliate links are links to external websites directly. You are one of the League members. These links send your website traffic elsewhere, and the effect of this referral is largely determined by the master station.

if your site’s login page is bad or poorly designed, you lose a potential referral opportunity. Many web sites have design problems that do not effectively hold visitors’ initial interests.

they will directly to this type of external "tantamount" alliance Dutch act ", in order to obtain a higher conversion rate and the overall benefit, we strongly recommend that you must create the pre-sale page on your own website.



is an example. Brian Clark integrates two pre-sale pages with his blog. You can see the "resource" below the left column, and you’ll find two text links. One is Midphase, Web, Hosting, and the other is Glyphius Copywriting software.

these two web pages promote a product separately. The Midphase Web Hosting page uses a separate page format, while the Glyphius Copywriting software is handed over from 1 posts, and Brian Clark thoroughly reviews the software in his blog.

, if you want to create your own pre-sale pages, they’re a good example. The Midphase section is brief and takes advantage of a scanning format, while the Glyphius article focuses more on detailed reviews and avoids marketing very carefully.

two, creating a dedicated pre-sale page at

creates a pre-sale page, specifically for products or websites you want to promote, and has a lot of benefits. Here are a few typical advantages:

1 to attract search engine traffic. Creating an advance page means that you already have a keyword associated with it and will appear

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