The local

station now seems to have been showing the trend of blossom everywhere, bamboo shoots after a spring rain, but really bigger and stronger smooth profit is not high, which is often because the local station in operation ignores some factors, in fact, do stand at the same time often will note in the notebook, remind yourself note that the party can be conducive to the promotion of local station according to the road of healthy development of smooth development, then enter the profitable period.

first, identify hot spots and keep hot spots attractive.

is a prosperous popular local station must have its own characteristics, such as hot events in the life of local attention and timely tracking reports, for example on some important issues related to people’s livelihood concern and discussion, of course, we need not involve sensitive topics, to ensure the safe station. But it is important to establish and maintain a focus on hot issues. Only in this way can the local people find what they like, and be willing to stay and stay focused on the local stations.

second, to maintain the level of interaction and enthusiasm.

place the most important function is to serve the local people, people came to get some information, but often there is confusion on some of the information, then communication is the best way to let visitors stay and pay attention to the site. In addition, in life there is often a lot of boring time, many people first reaction and find a place to pass the time, if the local station will chat and online entertainment to the local people, it is easy to attract more and more join them, sharing happiness.

third, a passionate and capable team of moderators.

as the saying goes, "a man can’t clap his hands", "a hero still needs three help", and the same reason, the operation of a local station can not be completely managed by a webmaster. Then you must invite the friends around, especially with some special friends to join the management team, and usually focus on friends on the site if there is a suitable candidate, to enrich the management team to. In reality, the use of parties and other forms of gratitude to the management team, and enhance the cohesion of the management team, is conducive to concerted efforts to promote the prosperity of local sites.

fourth, rich and diverse forms of offline activity.

with a strong management team, the members of the group, the webmaster should spend their efforts to train "hardcore member", forming a fixed user base, they are also formed for the local station reputation propaganda main force. This needs the webmaster often think about how to use the local conditions, to carry out such as gathering, hiking, singing K or outdoor training and other activities, from the cultivation of core members, enhance the centripetal force of the member, and the photos or audio and video to share in the station, to attract more people to participate in future activities.

fifth, meaningful and purposeful social activities.

in addition to carrying out membership activities aimed at enhancing cohesion, the webmaster should also think about how to make use of local conditions

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