analysis of many county sites, most county or market prospects, of course there are also some county doing very good, then there is no novice to enter what opportunity; if there is no local competitors, we still have a chance to do that, the station, the development of machine will do it for only 1 years. Do the boss, or give up.

1. must be normalized at county level

office, business license, please clerk, these are the basic, want to let merchants Amoy money to you, even you are not, how do they believe you? Can rent a office upstairs, 300-500 yuan in general, a self-employed, 100 yuan, then ask the clerk, can carry out business.

2. by starting popular misunderstanding

many webmaster, always think the website must be popular to make money? But think about it, you rely on a website or forum, how long are you going to do on the IP 1000+ (local precise flow), if the start to flow, time is too slow for long, so more suitable for businesses to package design, while making money while operating website; money is not shameful, not to make money is


3. uses free to develop websites that only make websites die faster,

many county station, began to think to be free to do business advertising, free stuff is not treasure, Ma Yun said: "today, Internet entrepreneurs also rely on free is a dead end, so be sure to set the price too low, only to high-end customers.

4 forum misconceptions

novice webmaster, may be just the beginning of the individual to do battle, you 1-2 person, you open dozens of pages, you busy? Open forum proposed single Forum (Baidu Post Bar form), so that the local users can easily complete the interaction.

5 program selection error

Many new Adsense

at the county level, 90% of the time is spent in the study: Web application, style, some two times the development of what, no practical significance, a well-known local portal program, are only a few thousand dollars, some of the site is clean, not too many features, the function of column too much, will only make yourself no no start, website: talent, real estate, second-hand, published articles, display and other functions on the line of business.

the simplest is the most lethal.


program is dead, the key lies in the operation, take 99% time online operations; sit to death, take the initiative, is running out of business.

6 rapid development county level station shortcut

to open a new station at the county level, want to make money fast, is actually very simple, perfect site after 1 months can be profitable, the method is: to find County sites around you do good, a year can earn 5-10 million websites, find people, can choose the apprentice, tuition, but this there should be some chips.

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