this summer high temperature rampant throughout the China, but the weather is hotter than the Chinese group purchase market, from the first mainland group purchase site meituan was born more than four months time, join the market competition for hundreds of group purchase website ranks. At the end of June and early July, the major portals, Internet giant saw the violence after began to enter the group purchase group purchase website, group purchase site reshuffle accelerated.

buy site is changing the lifestyle of young people

in the absence of group purchase website, colleagues, classmates or friends will decide dining and entertainment destination, then find relevant discount information, after the group purchase website was born, people’s consumption trend in the LED status, for first-tier cities inside ordinary college students, white-collar workers and young working-class, not average seventy percent off (as shown below) the group purchase website will certainly than some of the vertical life service website offers more attractive, usually reluctant to consume hundreds of yuan of restaurants and entertainment venues, now only tens of dollars you can experience the life of petty bourgeoisie. In the early days of the new group buying website, I didn’t go through the Groupon model, and didn’t enjoy the privilege of group buying website. But recently, they began to find the right group buying activities in the big group buying websites, and began to be used to guide the consumption trend.

Disadvantages of

group buying website

, the group purchase is more like the extension of a few years ago a large commodity group purchase, many home appliances, the group purchase Home Furnishing appeared on the Internet a few years ago, and now the popular group purchase is more small, more use of mainstream consumer market. But group buying website basically is the upgrade of online shopping now, or it is a kind of promotion and sale way, so no matter size, buy Group website more or less the following malpractice exists.

1. group buying websites, businesses, consumers disputes. The consumer will have consumer disputes, the group purchase website acts as a medium of identity, although not the real estate intermediary so sinister, but the intermediary can guarantee the other goods and services are not to make any mistakes? Once the error between the group purchase websites and businesses and who is responsible for this


2. burn industry profitability. No doubt like rice network website from the profits of the door, any advertising or promotional activities, glutinous rice nets will be packed with students. But when both portals and big brothers want to share the soup, how can a small group buying site make a profit? A group buying site is unusually hot in the eyes of VCs, even a small group buying site. As shown below, sales data for mainstream group buying sites.

The future of

group buying websites

first of all, because of the existence of many consumers and businesses, such a crazy buy site will be very popular in the short term. However, Sohu, Tencent and Tencent entered the group buying market one after another, together with a large number of users of the "three oaks interactive" launched "glutinous rice" network, to seize a large number of markets, "buy site" competition

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