Baidu search engine optimization guide with special emphasis on the importance of user experience, a friend is operating material night think secretarial nets, keyword ranking and traffic has been unsatisfactory, and I made the exchange of private. The author believes that as the industry website, regardless of whether you are doing talent, second-hand car, marriage, secretary, or do the site, decoration, law, literature, examination, a very important point is to show your expertise to enhance the user experience, thus enhancing the user trust in the site, but also enhance the search trust on the website of the engine. Today might as well to secretarial website, for example, Sanming SEO and webmaster friends to form a consensus, and share with you.

(1), there are model essays, but also to comment. Now I like the first essay website innumerable, network traffic exceeded 500 thousand days, 114 secretary, grass model essay net and other secretarial sites have tens of thousands of IP, plus Baidu library, Sina library, Douding, 360doc and other large share strong intervention resources station, the floating old secret network and Mian Feiwen secret network most basic secretarial website one thousand under IP. How to survive in the fierce competition, I believe that we must strive for users with characteristics. With the continuous advance of government information disclosure, many government web sites will be released to the public party official, what leadership speech, annual summary of the work report, opinion outline, work report, experience, honest and so on, as long as you carefully collected, can say everything, and then not go to Baidu Library search, can be reference. If we don’t do enough, we can go to the collection station and garbage station. Therefore, we should seriously consider and break through the direction. For example, now I sites are basically simple classification model and presented directly, but the article is good, strong comprehensive writing skills can also be a friend to make a choice, for many beginners, but it is difficult to tell the way. If your website can make a brief comment on the article, this article clearly pointed out the deficiencies in the fortunately?? a user’s choice, on the other hand, users see each article is a learning process. If you can do this well, your secretarial website will be different, it will be able to form a better reputation, and slowly precipitated a number of loyal users. This has a premise, that is, the personal quality of the webmaster should be excellent, reflecting professionalism, of course, relying on the user’s public comment is also a good idea. In this regard, some civil service examination counseling website do better, interested friends to refer to.

(2) tutorial, but also a question and answer. As the saying goes, "to teach people and fish is better to teach people and fish.". Simply providing models, can only meet a copy of it purely to cope with it, the user’s demand for the moment, this time through the search to your site, then the next very little probability, website bounce rate is high, the low rate of return. The crux of the matter is this. So, as the Secretary in the website, provide reference model, to provide more help to clear up doubts, questions, teach the writing methods, in order to attract customers, retain customers. In fact, >

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