has been, 360 in the field of electricity providers are confined to their own alliance advertising. In April 15th, Lasafo officially announced a partnership with the 360 strategy, the people began to wonder: 3Q 3B war, after the war, would there be a war 3A


, we can look for some clues from this 360 collaboration with Le bee network:

1, Lasafo is cosmetics vertical electric providers for women, which is characterized by its own famous brand flagship Master economic model, known as the "Master economy + social business + brand driven" vertical line.

2, 360 and Lasafo cooperation is the way through the 360 "wow" platform, 360 shopping, 360 navigation channels to promote lefeng.com products.

3, from the 360 shopping mall, the 360 partners are mainly large vertical electric, Jingdong, VANCL heranzailie.

, 4, 360 shopping Title reads: "360 shopping – online shopping first choice, comprehensive online shopping comparison, easy and happy shopping, from 360 shopping started!"

5, 360 security guards, and shopping directly related functions, mainly online shopping first compensation".

from the above clues, you can analyze 360 of the electricity supplier development strategy:

one, from the title of online shopping first choice can be seen: 360 in the electricity supplier sector will never meet the League advertising model, nor will it be satisfied with the so-called marketing platform model.

two, the introduction of Le bee network and other high-quality vertical electricity supplier, help 360 shopping mall upgrade grade, that is, the so-called "go cock wire"".

three, the introduction of vertical electricity supplier scale and quality is the key to the value of 360 shopping malls. 360 is currently in addition to Baidu, Tencent outside the maximum flow inlet, for traffic entrance, the flow rate of conversion is as important as the size of the flow. There must be traffic flow into the realization of the value of the model, otherwise traffic is cloud.

four, from the history of 360, each war is for traffic inlet. 3Q war so, 3B war so, and Lei Jun millet mobile phone 3M war is the case. Therefore, the 360 most likely to compete in the electricity supplier is the electricity supplier traffic entrance.

five, in the field of electricity supplier, Ali is strong enough, but the most powerful elephant also has weak place, no doubt shopping search remains Ali’s weakness, especially in the future mobile field. "Comprehensive comparison of the entire network of goods", just showing 360 of ambition. Pull vertical electricity providers and integrated B2C mall, undoubtedly laying the foundation for shopping search.

in summary, 360, if the electricity supplier in the field of force, will be in the shopping search electricity supplier entrance force force, is currently just the time is not yet ripe. (text / Ning zhe Network >

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