website drop right after the loss, how to restore Baidu weight

August 1st, one of my websites, QQ space message code network, Baidu whole drop right. Look at the 51 morning get up the habit of statistics, visitors today – 561, heart thump, yesterday was a IP3 million, is expected today about 4000 visitors the first reaction by Baidu "feathers". Then lost to open "old fly" friendship links, batch inspection tools, check the next, included normal, not been "plucked hair", down right, this is determined, and began to analyze the reasons.

1. site content

a lot of webmaster friends for a better ranking, often on the site with some irrelevant or long tail keywords, in order to deceive the search engine to obtain short-term traction flow, the flow is good, but in order to site long don’t do it. So my QQ space message code station has been previously a webmaster friends to help get the update, so be sure the content is absolutely original, and can guarantee the quality, which do not consider.

The reason for

2. server

because of this station, I have been concerned about the website, in July 31st and August 1st respectively, there have been two times the slow speed of the site is not accessible or phenomenon, the search engine spider crawled in and update the website, there has been not a normal visit, the impact of the search rankings, but fortunately did not have K station, this is a reason.

3. site template construction

to change the structure of a website, is to make the search spider again, spider to your site index creeping rules, web directory, re classification of your spider crawling into the claim, it is also an important factor affecting the normal ranking. So, template, before leaving a pop-up ad, and now is trying to get rid of, but also can be part of the reason.

4. links


website Links swap is one of the promotion methods common owners, general Links have chosen the same type of station to exchange links, number 80 or so best, many will come back, even many owners in order to promote the site, using mass software, send a lot of information, the short-term effect may be good, but for a long time the site will be search in the sandbox, lead to drop right. I re analysis of my QQ message code station friendship link, the snapshot is no longer within 5 days of the station friendship links removed, the number of links stabilized at around 80. (webmaster should respect each other, should inform ahead of time)

Is the

5. site attacked


your website was attacked, hackers implanted virus code, affecting visitors computer poisoning, complaints by visitors to search. Search engines also expel "offensive" websites, and people should better improve their services. This little boy experience >

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