, according to media reports, a well-known blog site has recently been stopped by domain name resolution domain name service analysts, the reason is that the station there is illegal content. But the site’s management told the media that the site was blocked because of a deleted illegal content. I happen to know the news of the interview, the phone did not know after the communication, the truth is that at the time the article may have been deleted, but the server had time synchronization, which leads to the contents of supervision personnel can still see this article.

if the above statement is true, then the site should be very innocent. All the contents of the website are decided by the user contribution characteristics of blog service theory, the Internet can publish content on the site, according to China government requirements, such sites must be part of the real-time monitoring, the blog website as a commercial operation of the company, in accordance with the request of the government, and has established a monitoring system. Found the problem and delete. In this case, because of technical reasons still cannot be overcome (the author speculates that the reason may be, and telecom technology Chinese characteristics Unicom disruption related) was stopped DNS, which is obviously a problem.

is the core of the problem, not the fault of the site, law-abiding business, has been very powerful punishment be stopped operations, the fight is very great, because the stability of the core business web service value is destroyed, will also affect hundreds of thousands of Internet users in the open blog rights and interests. The author believes that in order to promote industrial development and protect enterprises and individuals, it is time to reflect on the content supervision system of the Internet from the perspective of the rule of law.

the current situation is that the various government departments are on the regulation of the Internet industry, in the renovation process, the website server and the whole room from time to time is pulling the cable, the website was sealed IP address, stop DNS etc., many sites have been asked to hand over the server root password. The dissemination of these initiatives are against the reactionary, obscene information, but also because the system is not accurate, for the existence of any tiny problem sites have taken yigunzidasi station closed, a heavy blow to the Internet industry, from upstream of the basic operators, IDC, to large, medium and small website has a lot influence, even on behalf of the government on behalf of the Internet association officials have issued a "very few managers to take some simple measures such as broken network, a short period of time can be a long time, but can not solve the fundamental problem, and even affect the development of the entire Internet industry voice.

I think, for the current Internet industry management, the government can adopt more sophisticated ways, namely to strengthen the legal management of the Internet, so, not only can achieve long-term social stability, prevent pornographic information dissemination, also can promote the development of the Internet industry, to promote the realization of double investment and employment. The crux of realizing the rule of law in Internet management lies in the following aspects:

1. Define the management responsibilities of the various government departments. Current management >

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