this article has no combat skills too much to share (after operation), but I am sure that, as long as you read carefully, I believe you will be on the web site operators have a re understanding, especially what is the nature of the operation (operation road). From the title point of view, perhaps a lot of people do not understand, how can the website operation and psychological doctor get involved? Can calm down to think carefully, the whole process of website operation and psychological doctor treatment process is almost, is a process for user psychology analysis!

I, the psychologist’s job role,

we know that the psychiatrist is mainly aimed at the inner obstacles of users, using psychological professional knowledge to provide the diagnosis, to help users out of the new shadow psychotherapist.

so their workflow is divided into: listen to the voice of patients – propose solutions and treat (communicate) – complete and get user approval! We can think of the mental doctor as a middle link, connecting morbid psychology and normal psychology. It is a process to solve the transformation of patients’ psychological needs;

every mental patients have different psychological disorders, psychological doctor to treatment for these patients are different such as mood fluctuations of patients, doctors will try to slow down the tone to comfort him, and even hypnotic treatment; pessimistic patients the doctor will try to give him hope, and try to maintain a positive tone…… So before that, a very important part is listening and analyzing the confusion of users!

two, website operations and psychologist’s relationship,

In fact, the nature of work

website operation and psychological doctor is very similar, is a connected relationship, connected with the user pain points and solve pain points, as the middle of the process (actual operation skills) process and psychological therapy, can be free to play, based on the needs of different users of different solutions. This is a big connection, but also the main idea of operation!

why do we often hear a lot of new operators complain about what websites do? The root cause is not knowing the existence of a connection like the site’s operations!

In fact, this is not only the

connection between the above macro, each specific operation steps, which contains the connection between different, here we have to illustrate the connection between this ubiquitous in the website operation:

1, user positioning (pain point demand – resolving pain points);

on the target user positioning, the front has written a lot of articles, explained here, no longer details. What we want to share here is the connection between the target user and the target: the pain point, the demand – the solution to the pain point

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