I began to

by the end of 07 began to do stand, do not know what, because the previous contact PowerEasy CMS, so I chose to move easily, just start stealing a template, do not start station promotion, also do not know what, see the article on the Internet, learn it, learn it, but the chapter is updated every day, the station began to use a CN meter. Later, Ali mother to promote a station to earn 20, to promote their own earned 60, sold a NET meters, in fact, this time CN meters have been included, and I changed this NET, so the previous efforts and white.

then began to update the article, Baidu received, and later look at other people’s templates, and put their own template replaced by someone else’s.. Take a look at, and look at the other good, and change the set of templates (their own very easy to move, Pirates of the template is very easy), 1 months changed to have 5 sets of templates, and later chose the pink.

due to the original admin learned in at Baidu TOP, saw a white novel, I do not know what it is, just search the article, copy to my station, later pornographic fire, I copied some spoof poems, I was copied, what has not changed, but strange. Pornographic, every day to more than 2000 IP, no matter what the search pornographic, my article on the first page.

this time white novels are also hundreds of traffic, Baidu is also the first (now I know, this is yellow Novels) many words in the first, beautiful in my heart, this time more than IP6000, then I saw another template good-looking, but also for a change, 3 days to find advertisements little less, back again. So the weight fell, during the page changed several times, I can’t remember how many times I changed.

anyway, site to now, I have been changing, my highest IP reached more than 10000, until now, the weight of the page has not been restored.

I have a bit of experience, the home page has not changed, the home page restored a point of weight, every day to 2000IP, so, I have more than 1 years of standing by me destroyed.

I think it should be reminded to do new station friends:

1, want to be a station, have to buy space by myself (I used to use free, there have been a lot of changes, such as unstable, closed to you, etc.).

2, corn doesn’t have to change.

3, do not always revision, in fact, you see Baidu’s first many stations are not good, it is ugly. No need to do too good-looking, flow is King (I’ll ask for perfection).


site title not change, can be subtle changes, such as the QQ space station I gossip code on page second, I put the title code QQ space message into my message, I stand on the second day to the first page.

, I’ll tell these to be a new friend of the station. SEO doesn’t understand. It’s not necessary to try to update your station,


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