studied computers in school and studied for two years without feeling any gains. It seems that every day contacts are theory, but the actual operation will not understand. The summer to do a website or workshop on shallow psychological post, the Internet actually have some understanding, it is practice ah, boast about, and all my contact psychology and site operation experience website and the theory of psychology and the perfect combination.

blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah. If you read on the Internet the development trend is also the perception of words, welcome you to find me chat ah, or directly in the shallow or square psychological post forum post for me. You can look at the knowledge of psychology, while to think about the future of the internet. Ha ha, say so much, get to the point.

The popular



site is now making the threshold is more and more low, various station program will be more mature, what does it mean? It means you can easily create a personal web site, and is a full-featured personal website. CMS, forums, or SNS, through a variety of site building procedures can be easily made out of a personal website. According to my estimate, this will lead directly to a large number of personal websites flocking to the internet. After a large number of websites flock to the Internet, I think there will be a personalized trend of websites. Because of the popularity of various website procedures, this time, everyone will pursue a most suitable style of their own eating the most fashionable template.

at this time of the site program may enter a visual design era. Unless the programmer is for large professional web site production of highly demanding sites, otherwise the general small site, no one will spend money, let you step by step from the code started. More likely, let you do a fashion template. That’s what I’m talking about, DIV+CSS, and most of today’s websites are DIV+CSS. If a programmer in the realm of DIV+CSS is extremely high, there is no need to worry about finding a good salary. On the high side, you’re engaged in a job like art and design at this point.

2. programming technology should be more proficient in

said that some people might not understand. You say, do stand the threshold is low, why do you need programmers programming technology high? In fact, think carefully, is a very simple reason. With the popularity of various website building procedures, the website produced by everyone at this time is seeking diversification of functions. At this point, most people will choose a number of site synchronization procedures, that is, a web site =CMS+DZ+SNS, so it seems that a powerful web site will soon be done. But then the question came. People’s demands are always small. People will want these programs to be better integrated into one piece, such as invoking something in the CMS, or calling CMS in SNS, in short, three systems

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