because the computer room investigation, 5D6D server has been affected, unable to land, tens of thousands of Lords have been implicated. When the computer room check is over and the server is fully restored, 5D6D suddenly announced charging service. As soon as the news came out, it caused a great stir.

my territory ( Comsenz (Comsenz) a free forum hosting service launched in 2006 (Free Forum Hosting Services) platform. Provide free domain name, unlimited capacity forum, server space, unlimited data free bandwidth, free professional forum, technical services and a series of free services to webmaster. It has been running for 3 years and has assembled about 1000000 vertical subdivision forums.

has been promised free forever, unlimited space, unlimited traffic, no advertising 5D6D, in no sign of the case, announced charges, causing a strong reaction and turmoil, there will be some. After all, it has made solemn promises. But 5D6D just posted a notice that "bound domain users first month to pay 30 yuan, send 3 months free bound, fourth monthly fee of 10 yuan; the new binding domain users first month to pay 30 yuan, second months 10 yuan a month, the whole year 140 yuan this fee of RMB measures did not specify the charges will provide what services.

users reacted strongly, with the exception of a handful of lords who understood and supported the vast majority of lords who were skeptical of charges. Yesterday, 5D6D officials in millions of webmaster condemnation, issued a notice again, saying that only in view of national policy requirements and provide solutions for the record, and the use of two level domain name forum without any problems.

, is this a concession or a change,

?Although the

fee is the territory in order to better stability and development, but it is contrary to its original promise. For most lords, it’s still a bit hard to swallow.

but at another angle, the charge is reasonable. 5D6D development so far, due to free binding caused by the server pressure is not small, it may be difficult to bear. Coupled with the recent anti vice incident, the rectification is quite severe, because some forums violations (not filing and other reasons) led to several servers suspended, the loss is not small. In order to develop better after that, it is beneficial for either side to strengthen management by charging.

anyway, the charge has already started. In the end how to develop, try to wait for it.

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