in the network marketing SEO optimization process, the exchange of friendship links is a very important link, but also in the day-to-day network operation process is a very important part. We may be most of the webmaster should often receive Links exchange request, how to choose the site links to many webmaster have some measures for the evaluation of their own, I’m here to share with everyone I have some experience and a chance to exchange links today.

most of the SEOER in looking for friendship link exchange, often the first is to see the other website’s PR value is how much, pay attention to the PR value of the site is not wrong, but affect the quality of friends chain is not only the PR value.

first, the website must find their relevance, and the content of the website or industry related websites to exchange links, example, you do the enterprise website construction, and you will find the website construction, network marketing and other related, you don’t see what infertility, QQ plug-in is not related to have no relevance to the site.

second, the PR value of high standing a certain program can show his chain is strong, but we have to confirm that the PR value is not real, the site has not suspected of cheating, the site has been Baidu punishment, I’ve met many high PR cheating or search engine punishment over the site, especially some businesses, merchants, car rental and other types of special site.

third, the number of sites to see Links, I will only choose a chain of not more than 30 site exchange, if the other site has hundreds of Links words stand, or abandon it, even if the weight of his site is high, to your site is almost equal to 0, we the website of the output weights is even higher than his, so we don’t need to exchange.

fourth, to see the time snapshot website, website snapshot time directly affect the spider patronage to his site frequency, site data are updated to every page or every day included rate is relatively high, indicating the spider patronage opportunities will site is relatively high, the faster the snapshot the frequency of updates to the site search engine attention the higher the degree of.

fifth, site to the other side of the website domain name, look at the collection of each website is normal, "according to a recent day" and "last week" and "last month" check each other sites recently collected.

sixth, domain (Baidu) the other side of the site domain name, look at the other side of the web site outside the chain, the number of the chain, how many procedures must explain the search engine to the opportunity to visit the site.

seventh, every day to exchange the number of links, preferably not more than 3, delete the link is the same, do not delete a lot of one-time, it is best to slowly, not more than 3 a day.

sum up, there are many factors affecting the quality of friends chain, so when you change links, do not blindly pursue the PR value and ALexa ranking and other factors, you need to assess the integrity of friends

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