education type website has been a site type for many webmasters to explore and study, especially its profit model. The advantage is that the Education Station face the object or that the market is large enough, but both in breadth and after the breakdown of the field, can let you can have a sufficient number of objects for potential profit mining. With this broad market, the profit is the key to design a how to make full use of the profit model, especially how the profit model is built on the site, which combined with the website, this is every webmaster should do education key note of serious thought.

1, the use of resources to profit

if you lack professional knowledge unriddling a professional in the field of ability, so be prepared to do a hard work of bees in the webmaster, then you can use your efforts, make your website a collection of one or more resources of the site, making it a download station or online reading station, of course, in addition to a portion of the resource is used as free for users to enjoy and identify, should also set up some excellent resources as the charging items, users after quality free resources, willing to pay a fee to buy the use of toll resources, such as education resource type the website main products can also get considerable income, especially when you make known in a certain area, after the accumulation of resources has a considerable scale, such Economies of scale are often considerable.

2, agent enrollment or sales profit

use of the positioning of the site will be the content of the web site for the user location for a learning stage, students need to take a card or some object, so this website has a clear user groups, on the basis of these user groups, you can dig out their potential value. For example some Grading Research of user groups, the website can accept the corresponding class advertising or recruitment agency, commission by marketing recruitment agency commission way, also can to a certain stage of the students on the website to sell them some learning counseling books or counseling software or other tutoring, the electronic products, the use of the royalty type profit model of these admissions agents or product sales agents, can also make the webmaster gain through the website, and the efficiency of input and output will be quite high.

3, direct user oriented fee counseling program,

both professional knowledge owners have certain areas, or invite some webmaster have certain professional knowledge of the field experts on the site to site Zuozhen, webmaster can create a particular field or stage of professional students targeted counseling website, open online classroom in this website, I invite the expert webmaster or play the professional advantage, their professional advantage through the website spread out, offering some online tutoring class class, attract website >

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