practice is the sole criterion for testing truth. This sentence we each stationmaster should keep in mind, only through their own hands, in practice, you can know that this method is correct and reliable, and in this process, summed up their experience to you. Often can see a lot of friends in Baidu Google asked: how not included me, what is the matter? The beginning, everyone was very impatient, every day to keep your query, every two minutes for landing statistics, is to look at the search engines have no, no one came. What I want to say is that these are not necessary, and everything needs time to test, and the same is true of websites. So you don’t have to spend too much time on it. It’s enough to do a good job of building a website.

I have a new station, this can be said to be my first test station, because everything is new, unlike before doing site, this time, the domain name is registered in my prepared program, so I’m looking forward to the results. I’m glad that, as with the last experiment, this is a thoroughly new station, in a week after the home page was Baidu included, in the process, of course, very important, I have maintained the website content updates. In fact, this result is good, I don’t like many other Adsense request new station on the first day included, I just need to include the time in a certain time. From the experience of two stations, now Baidu to new sites included, basically is a week.

here is a let me by surprise, Baidu is on the other site included content release time, the last time is in half a month, the other site included page release, this time for 3 weeks, but it is in the acceptable range, that work is not white do. Is to insist on the content of the site information to maintain updates. In Baidu released, now the number of pages included is increasing every day, according to previous experience, I believe it takes a longer time to make Baidu audit, how to weight this website belong to where, I am looking forward to this day, I believe in 3 the month will have a relatively anticipated results.

there was another surprise in the process, and Alexa’s statistics on the new domain were much bigger than I expected. Alexa has something to do with it, at least in the SEO process. This time, Alexa’s statistics took more than a week. This is quite different from the previous ones. Especially the new domain name registered after September. This process took a long time, but fortunately, late is better than none. By today, the first phase of the experiment is over.

search engines are changing, Google is no exception, in this stage of the process, Google’s performance is very different. Now Google included more timely and more widely, put out the time soon, almost with the home page included, and is increasing slowly collected every day, many of my friends have noticed, Google included the number is more than before.

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