we have opened a column on information technology in newspapers. Recently, readers have been asked to build websites, but in the end many companies have to choose according to their actual situation.

last week, a friend called and said, "the company has been developing for several years and has always wanted to be a website. Now it’s time to mature.". The scale of the enterprise has increased more than before, the efficiency is also better than before, with a fixed customer base. There needs to be a company that does a full publicity campaign for his clients. The network is undoubtedly a low-cost channel. I asked him how much you would be willing to pay for, more than a few thousand dollars, and hundreds of thousands of dollars, depending on how much you need for your website. The other side was obviously not satisfied with the answer and asked, "what would I do if I put in 10 million?" I was speechless. Ha-ha。 Communication is so unhappy and final.

in fact, now do stand, the original price difference is very large, this should be determined with the current needs of the enterprise, but also take into account the future plans. Overall, the enterprise site can be divided into the following categories.

type 1: simple template building.

website template general investment in several hundred yuan to 3000 yuan, this kind of website is not flexible enough, basically are service providers to provide fixed template, enterprises want to change the structure relatively cannot achieve. Its biggest characteristic is the low cost, can realize the fast station establishment.

Chongqing has a friend told me that they want to do a training industry enterprise website, the enterprise has just started just want to spend less than 1000 yuan, I would recommend him to do the kind of template site, this kind of website system many companies have, typically the nets of the template site, the cheapest is 680 yuan, you can easily have a website, but the website using the time not too long, many modules are fixed, it simply released an important product enterprise (the number is still very limited, or important business news). This website for the enterprise development to a certain size to destroy, then the original investment will have been in vain, because the investment costs are low, so there is no too much damage. This urgent need for a web site, and do not want to have too much investment, the site does not have too many requirements of the enterprise, is undoubtedly a better choice. At present, southwest Netscape and other companies also carry out such business, costs roughly a few hundred dollars, you can have a simple web site, net wins technology has also launched 2800 yuan, has an industry website slogan. Most of them belong to the domain of template construction.

second categories: multi function free construction site.

such websites have more freedom of information release, product release and other functions, and even some have orders and other functions. Freedom in many functions. The service provider can customize the function of the website according to the needs of the enterprise, and the authority of the enterprise is larger for the website.

, a friend of Chengdu, goes through various channels

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