China’s Internet industry is still in an emerging industry, but it is in development at the same time, there must be a process now mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore, many websites (especially personal website) such as a cluster like bamboo shoots after a spring rain, the molecular network, we in the end how to blaze a new trail? We can do the analysis from the following several representative sites: (Zhongtian blog)

1, Google (

has not done a television advertising, not pasted a poster, did not do any network advertising links, users rely on "word of mouth", worth $2 billion to set up the brand? This is the Internet search giant Google. It is now in the search engine market position can be used to describe almost run amuck. After a careful analysis of Google, it has indeed gone through a different path from other online companies. Google’s dedication and dedication, advanced technology, and Google are all well received.

2, Baidu (

Baidu is a representative of local search websites and is the world’s best provider of Chinese information retrieval and delivery technology. More than 80% of all search engine portals in China are supported by search engine technology from Baidu. This is about "know, do not know the Baidu" the pet phrase, even can feel to "Baidu", the influence that the Baidu search engine in the us. Baidu is China’s economic development, China’s tens of millions of small and medium enterprises, of which one hundred thousand are already Baidu advertisers. This figure can grow faster and faster in the future. As long as China’s economy continues to develop, the influence of Baidu will continue to develop.

3, Alibaba (

Alibaba has a strong sales force, and after the listing, the sales team will further play their marketing role. Ma Ma eloquence is good, appeal is strong. Together, these factors can make the Alibaba a sales force with a fighting capacity. The second keyword is international trade. Relying on small and medium-sized enterprises in Zhejiang Province, they need international sales cooperation, Alibaba provides them with a platform, Ma Yun through the Internet to provide them with an alternative road. This is the key to Alibaba’s success.

4, Tencent (

Tencent started with a major focus on the creative industry, which is designed to appeal to users for use and purchase by engaging in a personal, stylish, virtual product that is close to market demand. This pioneering experience has a strong reference to other Internet creative enterprises. Tencent has become one of the most closely regulated companies in the industry, which is known as "chaos". An emerging network company that is much smaller than Tencent

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