a team made two websites, content and design are good, almost colleagues started, the station content is almost the same, so far, 0 included http://s.bitjob.net Baidu, http://s.168qd.com included 675 pages. Pr value pseudo 2. same site, the same content model, why the inclusion of different circumstances, which also answered the beginning of the problem.

1., Baidu observation of the new station will take a long time, because the algorithm is different. Not as timely as google. The time will be long, about a month’s observation period. This month, that is, Baidu included key, must pay attention to. Do more in place. Patient, rather than not, adhere to the original principle.

2. for Baidu, the original nature of the best, the content must be more original, not so many original, must be back to do pseudo original, play can not be directly collected or direct ctrl+v

3. updated daily. Keep updated every day. Updating an article a day is much better than updating it 10 times a day at 10.

4. for page internal optimization, page take div+css structure, this is very important, the optimization of the page itself is very important. Http://s.bitjob.net/ithunter can do that again.

5., Baidu stick to know promotion, Baidu still like their own things. This is worthy of a method.

6., must not be too hasty, don’t do garbage outside chain, can’t be included in the web site as soon as possible and take the garbage outside the chain.

finally, insist, have ten years of grinding sword thought. With its own advantages and views, it is better than any search engine. That is, adhere to the above points to do out, about a month or so. Take it out and share it with you. Discuss in detail.

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