Zhanyou are all good, I do not know again, after we have no impression on me about a month ago I speak here a "webmaster should pay attention to the psychological problems of" one month to the identity of a student to share my personal views on the Internet to be honest. In the future, "it’s not easy to talk about the future of the Internet, after all, this is a forecast of future, and prediction and reality there is always some gap. I’ve been searching online for articles on the future of the internet. Unfortunately, I didn’t find the parts I could use for reference. They are so professional that I can’t understand them.

, and "the future of the Internet" this problem, thinking angle also has a lot. I don’t know much about other things. However, I am interested in psychology and have studied it. I intend to analyze it from a psychological point of view.

everyone may think of the development of the Internet, it can be said that science and technology is the product of development. But more far-reaching, I think the future of the Internet should be affected by the Internet users, that is, the needs of Internet users. Let’s recall the big changes in the Internet over the past few years. QQ is hot. Ma Huateng launched this product why so fire, because Ma Huateng saw Internet users have communication needs.

blogs are fire too. Because people still have the psychological needs of showing themselves. It turned out that not only writers’ works can be shared, but a common people can also write works that have been shared. Video sites are also beautiful. Because it makes people more free to enjoy movies and videos.

Witkey fire. Because it provides a platform that can solve problems and make profits. A part of the problem can be solved. A part of the talent can be brought into play and able to make a profit.

, the Alibaba is on fire. Because it provides a more convenient platform for the development of the enterprise. Taobao also fire, because the demand for goods can be more convenient to buy the products you need.

school fire. Because college students can make realistic friends here.

we found no, these changes in the Internet, fundamentally speaking, are to meet the needs of people. Or so, human needs lead to advances in technology. Therefore, I say that the future of the Internet, rather than from the scientific and technological point of view, it is better to consider from the perspective of human needs. The future of the Internet, must be more to meet the needs of people.

so what are the needs of people,


, in a straightforward way, has two requirements: material needs and spiritual needs.

, we must not think that material demand is to eat, drink well on the line. My understanding is that people’s need for material is endless. There is a saying, there is no best, only better. The future of the Internet must be better to meet the material needs of the people. For example, the Internet and tradition >

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