single page optimization, seems to be an outdated topic, now talk about it will make people feel a little belated effort.

, but read a few people’s cases and articles, always feel that most people talk about the use of single page to capture some of the two or three hot words, through optimization to quickly get traffic, and then hang alliance to make money. Usually do not live long, belong to shoot a gun, change the tactics of a place, although not tired, but unstable, not sustainable development road.

single page on Baidu until now still works, the CN domain name until now is 1 yuan, there is some space support sub directory binding, so for some commercial sites, this is a very good tool, can make good use of, access to high quality flow with minimal effort. For example, a station 591 adult products shopping mall, station like this, keywords is certainly some very popular words, such as Adult supplies, supplies, adult products, sex toys, health care products, for a new station, chasing the words qualifying is certainly not easy, how to do it the long tail keywords?.

+ Adult supplies various places such as Beijing, Shanghai, Adult supplies Adult supplies and so on, can do hundreds of single page, although the quality of these words is not so high, but is also relevant, but competition is relatively weak, such as Chengdu, Zhengzhou Adult supplies adult supplies of these words is easy to do first finally, put the flow into the station, traffic can be good Many a little make a mickle..

in addition, in this way, you will have hundreds of highly relevant websites, and the chain will do whatever it takes to optimize the master station in the future.

a little bit of ideas to share with you, success lies in the details.

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