1 is a text link, not a picture, and JS does not have the nofollow attribute.

2, link keyword diversity.

3, the location of the link front, whether the surrounding text is related to your site.

4, link number of links, PR1, 2, no more than 20, PR3, 4, no more than 40, PR5, 6, no more than 60.

5, home links better than inside pages.

6 is a link to the related web site.

7, the other side of Baidu snapshot is within a week.

8, the link in the text works well.

controversial details,

1, http://s.77online.net is different from http://s.77online.net, www.77online.net is a two level domain name, 77online is better.

2, cross link, don’t do it.

welcomes the addition of

links, buying and selling, exchanging links, http://s.bbs.admin5.com/forum-65-1.html,

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