I don’t have much SEO technology, but I’m a loyal space user. I see how I can quickly promote your Q station!

first of all, you have to have some communication skills. Plus a person. You have to learn how to express what you want to say quickly and.

hello. Are you there? Are you there? This waste of time greeting. And those busy people are meaningless,.

, get to the point. If you want to get traffic by your SEO technology, then you can’t read this article,

site built. You can guarantee that you stand on the content can attract users. You can try my following promotion method

1. build word of mouth: to the major forums to send you some of the modules on the station. Must be novel. Others send.

a dozen times a day

you go on. It’s just a waste of time. Contact the moderators of the forums. Let them help you release

because they can set hidden content. Users of the forum also prefer the modules they recommend.

someone uses your module. No matter how many or less, it can play a part. Your module is connected to your website

on the right

believes that fools will know that this module is from XX. So what will they do if they feel good?

they will definitely remember their website and then type it on their own. Go to your website to find them.

2. How to attract talent: relatively high popularity of space to look around and make friends with them, let them produce their own


goes to your station, and, of course, you have to make a connection on the article page, if they think you can bring them popularity.

then they’ll keep throwing at you, which saves you time to make your own modules. They might also help you with the publicity,

one day, 10IP, 100IP. Despite the small amount of traffic, long term cooperation will help you find the results.

3, smashing money promotion: this does not know, no one has done, I count, if you buy advertising in a large Q station.

, for example, qzone.net.cn’s home page text ads, a month is 200, plus red, 300, one day attracted most independent IP

is definitely no more than 500. The TT86 forum, ZhengZhan Banner, a week is 298, his station at about 80 thousand IP,

so how many IP can he bring you? Tell you, 1000 or so, these 2 stations, I have practiced it, I dare say.

the most affordable, accurate advertising: TX QQ space, home has a place on the list, every day a lot of people mad to self recommendation

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