cause: because listening to friends say, buy some links can increase site rankings, in A5 stroll for a long time, decided to buy a batch, so yesterday in the BBS posted posted, and then QQ news constantly,


process: to find some suitable to do, Alipay paid money

results: this morning, the purchase of links to review, found that liar, the other site is not my link, QQ no news,

first talks about how to buy links, as well as prices and requirements, based on the market price of

Baidu included +5 yuan (the number), whereas the -5 yuan +5 yuan; Baidu snapshot, -5 yuan and -5 yuan; most of the link SF, whereas +5 yuan; the chain is less than 20+5 yuan, > yuan; -5 50; PR high Baidu abnormal not cheap.

talk about how the anti cheat:

1, decided to buy the other side of the link, first in the Baidu search his QQ, such as: QQ number, if the liar is likely to be present, and yesterday did not do this step, so in the

quoted content: liar qq:389514874 Alipay: [email protected]


qq:19453305: Alipay [email protected]



2, now privately buy links are generally a direct hit Alipay, although Alipay, but this is no guarantee of buyers, strongly recommended by A5 medium, even if only 10.

3, to see whether the other party is an intermediary, the judge method: open the other side of the station, and then find the station of contact, ask to understand, intermediary purchase is relatively insecure, unless it is A5 intermediary.

4, carefully each other’s secret operations, such as hidden links (it is said that Baidu will think you cheating), such as he was in control of some station, but he didn’t have a website, or do you link after the station is not known, then this type of link is also very easy to cheat or buy 1 month to do a few days.

5, be careful IP strategy, some bad vendors, through the display of your IP segment, and then through technical means, only you this IP segment can show the connection, out of this paragraph is gone.

6, below the normal price, is likely to be a liar, or his station has super links.


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