network game raging like a storm era, not only brought us the fun of the game, more layers of profiteering opportunities, from gaming to game studios, has become a mainstream wangzhuan.

as a 80 after the students entered the University, I finally have their own completely free space, I would love to play the game, I believe that many students like me, so when I was in college I had enough time to play the game, I started to play the legend from the junior middle school, because learning is not playing a variety of factors very cattle, so I consider myself a high-end game player to play well in the game is a kind of regret.

a chance all night, let me realize the perfect world of the game, but not out of the international version, I have played a few feel good, a few days later on the international version, then I’ll enter the perfect world. A year of game life, let me in the fishing for more than 1W blocks, paving the way.

I’m a very lucrative, early play perfect time always thinking about how to get very cow X, the result of the free game of the game led to popular items inside is very valuable, since then I began to earn money on the inside, then the game or game, thought in the past to make money, just want to get a lot of game B to change good equipment and good RMB items from my account to play a 90 when I earn enough money on the game 1000RMB selling price, but at the time I have to leave, I do not have this concept the network trading platform, put some money to those usually played with good friends, send the account.

really began to make money in the game which is in the second semester, because I have noticed the game in the industry will make money blowing a wind, and I often see some people inside the game began to make money, so I started to slowly and then use the living expenses estimated market price, buy a few account and start their own WG the Shuaqian Zhilu, actually opened his own studio, start a few days, found that although the money can earn, but also not easy.

day is more than 100 piece look, and heroes is not necessarily sell out, then I began to study the psychology of game player, because it is the most beautiful time of the perfect weapon basic no one to do it, I began to study the production process of the weapons, after several days of hard work, we first put the weapon when released, the cheapest can also sell 1000RMB (no doubt, game tycoon, and I often meet the eye everywhere) quickly brush out mainly for 2-3 days, the things I have to brush 7, a net profit of more than 5000, less than 20 days, after I go to others to imitate.

that time also had some problems so I didn’t insist, but 2 months for me in the game net 1W multi block · · 1W is the first in my life, in that game earned W a few free games, there are 2 kinds of people. "

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