website for 26 days, from the beginning of the day in 10 to now hovering several IP every day more than 200, this one does not know how many experienced bitterness and tears, do not know how many nights lying up in front of the computer to update. Hair chain is everywhere, just to get more than a few IP every day, all this seems to be so far away, and so close, near, and even hands can be caught together.

I’m still very good at cooking. I don’t know what a valid IP is and I don’t know what is invalid, IP. But now IP is over 100. There is also a kind of heart can not say happy, because it is also a reward for their own pay bar. I know this 200IP for some webmaster, really not what, the future of the road is still very difficult, very difficult. All this has to be done by ourselves. It’s up to us to fight for it.

relative to the novice webmaster, perhaps I am lucky, in this period of time has been a lot of help. And I’m very grateful to the older generation in the group, where I learned what I should have as a station owner. And learned a lot from some of them.

I also appreciate the friends who used to learn how to do web work and later had to leave because of other reasons. It was their encouragement that I had the confidence to keep on doing it.

the Internet is always an elusive world. Everything here is changing every day. However, in this world, friends and brothers are so important to us. We only support each other, to go further in this fast changing world, go better.

I admit that I’m not a smart webmaster, and I don’t even know what a soft text is. Later, a friend told me, soft Wen is a kind of can let others can’t see is advertising, but let a person want to go to your station to see things, it can give you a lot of traffic.

I did, but I think there’s a genius like this in the world. I admire them for their talent, but at the same time I have another kind of sadness that I can not say.

because I believe that communication between owners should not be true? Why in order to that point (perhaps a lot of traffic flow) to deceive others feeling, we see his article, because they believe their own articles can help bring them. If you do it for your own benefit, I’m sure you’ll never see your article again,


I think that’s why everyone is on the webmaster network. We came here to study, and we shared the good experiences. The successful station, we will go sightseeing together. But what would you get if you opened your article and found the big ones that were copied from you,


, I never try to look for articles everywhere for the sake of traffic

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