recently, the field of mobile Internet Triumphant news keeps pouring in. CNNIC latest data show that in the first half of 2012, the number of Internet users to access the Internet through mobile phones reached 388 million, compared to 380 million desktop computers, mobile phones become China’s Internet users the largest Internet terminal. Another professional institutions predict that in 2011, China Mobile Internet advertising revenue almost doubled compared with 2010, to $457 million, and this figure in 2012 is expected to double again, breaking the $900 million mark.

however, behind these figures is dance for joy developers, but conceal "impoverished" depression.

mobile advertising market

keep going by painstaking effort

current mobile Internet market profit model for two kinds, one is paid directly to download, two is free APP plus implantable advertising. The former, because most Chinese Internet users do not pay the habit of downloading, and pay APP for common use, product quality, user experience, user stickiness and other high requirements, so the market outlook is not optimistic.

industry insiders said, for a period only want users to developers, advertising is tantamount to Dutch act directly reduces the user experience, and for; one already has tens of millions of user level developers, once there are similar products to compete, advertising is also likely to own users over to others. In addition, the advertisers, due to the application of the built-in advertising conversion rate is low, only 1%, so the majority of advertisers to invest such advertising; more important is the lack of good media on the mobile phone, especially Android, is filled with a large number of pornographic books and software, this is the media brand advertisers. Less.

mobile marketing "experience is king"

mobile advertising has no future? Reports show that advertising spending in advertisers in the United States and Western Europe is about to exceed that of mobile web display advertising. Under the stimulation of mature markets in Europe and America, we should also find a road of mobile marketing with "Chinese characteristics".

first uses the advantages of mobile advertising. With the development of rich media, HTML5 technology, mobile advertising is a lot of users criticized the impact on the user experience stiff form of advertising will be greatly improved, more show in the form of ability and integration of social networking, video and other multimedia will make brand advertisers pay more attention to the mobile application advertising media. Moreover, the accuracy, portability, interaction and feedback speed of mobile terminals are beyond the reach of other media. Mobile advertising can provide personalized and diversified marketing models for advertisers. In addition, with the help of data monitoring professional tools can also find the most active users of time push advertising, "CNZZ mobile statistics" can become a developer operation assistant, as 24 hours starting times of trend, the number of APP use told developers in different periods, the most concentrated periods which use the number >

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