yesterday was 315 consumer rights day, I wonder if it was a coincidence, or God intended to arrange it. Today, the webmaster news said: China registered overseas CM domain name, the initial estimate of the loss of 10 million. Since March 3rd, a large number of.CM domain names (Cameroon state top-level domain) can not be resolved,.CM registrar and agent Lau, York revealed that the head of the.CM top management is suspected of running because of internal reasons. For the majority of registered users who occupy the majority of the registered users of the.CM domain, China has suffered heavy losses, with a preliminary estimated loss of about 10 million. .cm domain name is Cameroon’s top national domain name. Although it is only a small country’s top-level domain name, but in China has a huge number of registrations, accounting for the majority of global registrations. .cm registration fee is relatively expensive, about 1000 yuan a year,.Cm caused millions of losses can not be resolved to China users, a large area cannot be resolved, the.CM administration official website ( did not see the relevant response, also can not contact the relevant personnel, this also let people suffer the loss of China registered domain name rights difficult. Although Chinese registrants suffered heavy losses, the reasons behind.Cm’s popularity among Chinese users are not worth our sympathy for the damaged.

also said before, "315,.Cm can not parse the news, can not help but somewhat ironic.". .cm in this domain name "Li Gui", has caused the Internet users to hate unceasingly. By querying.Cm’s Whois information, you will find that CM domains such as,,,, and other well-known websites have been registered by individuals. These domain names are not intended to sell high prices. Because these well-known websites and companies do not need to acquire.Cm domain name to maintain brand image. The purpose of these domain names is to confuse.Com and.Cn domains so as to achieve the purpose of fishing. Another goal is to confuse well-known websites simply to attract traffic. As you can imagine,.Cm is quite similar to.Com and.Cn, and even the wrong input can lead to huge traffic. This is the purpose of many domestic domain name speculators to rush.Cm domain names. .cm management oversight also further indulged in such preemptive behavior.


.Cm domain is similar to the domain, giving the domain name opportunistic investor a chance to make a big fortune. Phishing sites, Shanzhai sites, many of which are built into.Cm domain names. .cm registration management institutions mismanagement, loose policy, it is prone to problems, resulting in losses. Although the sudden foot accident, but in fact, can also be expected. Even if there are many loopholes, the loose policy and management allow opportunistic investors to take risks. There is no need to submit data, do not need to audit, or even have no domain name arbitration mechanism. Even investigated and dealt with, it is difficult to find responsibility. It may bring losses, but it pays more than it does. Although the.Cm domain name registration is mostly to speculation no sympathy. But foreign institutions manage and sell in China

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