August 2014, Sina, micro-blog launched the "reward" function beta, readers can enjoy the following button to reward the author. Now, it has been open to each user, that is to say everyone can set up a reward, as long as you have your own unique charm, has its own loyal fans, the fans also have the opportunity to get the.

then how to do? We first think of a question, why fans to reward you? I think it is certainly your content is interesting, there are goods, material, like that from the media Luo Zhenyu like that, he kind of pay mode to do more successful, they do all the fans love to see the content, then keep this kind of endurance, slowly enhanced interaction between viscous. For the author to create more excellent works, then fans are also spelled it. As long as you write something valuable, then in the fan economy, someone still comes to pay for it.

below I will from the title of the article, the article layout, the text content, style, the end of the design, such as several aspects of how to write a fan like articles.

first: how to design the title of the article

according to the data show that 50% of Internet users only look at the title or the first paragraph of content; 70% of Internet users in accordance with the title or abstract content to decide whether to continue to look at. Therefore, a good title is basically half of success, the title design should be attractive curiosity, concise and precise. And to see people who do not feel the same, vivid, there is a desire to continue reading.

Title How to design it? Common are the following, just for everyone to learn about.

1. into the theme title: this title is expressed very directly, the meaning is clear. For example: if you like my article, please give a reward. This is the direct meaning of the show, like to play a reward, do not like it does not matter.

2. of the fudge Title: the title is a little suspense mean inside, if you do not point in, don’t know what is the inside view, there may be content title and text is not very relevant.

3. digital Title: this way is the most commonly used, similar: 7 strokes teach you to learn lessons, 6 small coup, 100 public numbers worthy of attention and so on. Because these titles contain numbers, some people are sensitive to numbers and attract people’s attention easily.

4. question type Title: for example, how to learn micro-blog marketing well, this kind of title is to tell you the content of the next article, and it will tell you the ways and ideas. If you are interested in people, will certainly point in to see what is inside, so that the crowd is more accurate, as long as fans recognized, and may reward you,


second: article >

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