Zhu Geliang asked Ma Su what strategy is to attack the south, Ma Su said a word, let Zhu Geliang think Ma Su in military strategy is still very talented, that sentence is psychological, the final error Jieting Ma Su, leading to opportunities for the best time of the Northern Expedition ultimately ended in failure while Ma Su! After Zhao Kuo an empty talk loser, but in South Africa put down unrest psychological strategy, or have a certain significance! In fact, in network marketing, but also follow the psychological strategy! Only the user to capture the heart, can make the website to obtain high conversion rate, can make the number of users and into the profits of the enterprise website or


how in network marketing, realize the hearts and minds of the strategy? I think the best way is reflected in the marketing copy, a mind to seize the user, and provide users need help information, there is a very great help to get the user’s heart, the reason why Zhu Geliang can capture Menghuo the heart can now Malaysia, Burma still worship the God Zhuge, this is not the decisive strategic long-lasting effect! Zhu Geliang and the successful implementation of psychological tactics, not only to martial arts to defeat others, is starting from South Africa to actual, Meng Huo and enormous help! Only to be able to help others others sincere love! Here I come to talk about how to do marketing content to help


1: give a detailed introduction to the product and let the user know the advantages and disadvantages of your product

is now a lot of people in the marketing of their website or product, always hype their products and website popularity, from the perspective of publicity, the appropriate exaggeration is not bad, but exaggerated, there is suspicion of deception, and many people in the promotional products and website, completely avoid the product defect! Although can make the product perfect, able to form a good temptation for the user, but the user when using this product, product defects found no prior to be reminded, that will have a feel cheated, then to obtain these again the heart of the user, the possibility is almost zero


two: to remind the current trend of products, the product was serious, potentially dangerous

now many industries are counterfeit products serious security crisis can not be avoided, even now can be used to cure drug detoxification, have strong toxicity, really make people panic, then we can use these already exposed all kinds of crisis and chaos in the industry, coupled with the very easily lead to multiple products, users in the choice of these products, easy to push themselves to danger, and even health event! Let the user feel the importance of brand or buy genuine products! Then time to introduce their own products are genuine, product safety is absolutely guaranteed!

three: use actual cases to speak with facts, and at the same time borrow facts to prove the benefits of your product

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