in the "soldiers assault" hit the time, I signed in QQ also wrote "do not abandon, do not give up" why? I think from my own experience, as a webmaster, also very need this spirit. It is precisely this spirit of insistence that the Sichuan University Union website has been here today. In the start-up period website (2004 – 2006), did not earn a penny, and I have invested nearly 100 thousand, at this time is actually the most difficult period, has invested nearly 3 years of effort, did not earn a penny, although a little discouraged, but I still insist on down, but the main reason is that I don’t know how to operate this site, was only a hobby and a belief in support, I believe that we can do, believe that the site has the prospect. Now since schurrle saw this figure, my lips always smile, because I saw his shadow, also saw the hope of the future.

as mentioned above, I spent a lot of energy in the first three years of the Sichuan College Alliance Web site. For example, to send leaflets to schools, party, community holding some gold coins for gifts and other activities, I spent a lot of money. During these three years, I have been paying, and some of my friends and family have been less supportive of me and continue to do so. The environment at that time was very bad for me. And I am a desperate desire to succeed, but at the same time I am also a very persistent person, so I insist on it, there will be the Sichuan University Alliance website today. So I hope that other owners in the process of running their own website, we must strengthen our goal, not affected by the surrounding environment, be like a person like xusanduo.

read "soldier assault" man, this sentence will not unfamiliar, a simple and honest people can say such a word is very rare, this one is almost philosophical, when I watch the deeply touched. What is the meaning of life? Our life in the universe is so small? And our life is so short! Is my personal feeling: since I now live in this world, so I will cherish, do the things you love. Shaking heaven and earth thing, not everyone can do, and more people are ordinary little people, little people like XuSanDuo the same, we can not with vigour and vitality, but we have the significance! How meaningful it is live?.

in the past few years, the review of the road through these years, a lot of emotion. From the beginning of creation of Sichuan University Student Union website, until now, to the website today one day grow up to say when I meet the webmaster in the process of the biggest difficulty, I think it should still in the early stage of website development, website community sentiment on this issue.

Sichuan student union website mainly among the college students in Sichuan Province in the area in the early establishment of community website, popularity is not to mention up, post every day looking at the bleak, really is very scanty gives me a headache. If you keep doing this, please

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