is now more and more individual stationmaster, each couple will search the Internet for some people to do SEO optimization experience early in the site, which in itself is a very good thing, but do not blindly follow others. Moreover, to do new sites, there must be hard-working, persistent consciousness. Never have the idea of overnight crash. We often follow the flow when do the new predecessors in the optimization of SEO, we should have their own ideas, not others that we have to do the chain, update the content, we’ll Pidianpidian to do, the result? May for other station useful methods are not very suitable for you. Below, I will introduce new sites, you should do a good job SEO optimization. I summed up, roughly divided into five parts:

1: familiar with the rules of search engines

most of the webmaster flow from Baidu, so we focus on some of Baidu’s rules. For the webmaster, a large number of people tend to ignore this, since we want to develop in the Baidu platform, so we must first understand its rules, we can win. For example, you want to know what kind of site Baidu like, and what kind of optimization, Baidu does not like you to do those things, Baidu explicitly forbid you do those optimization methods. You have to figure it out, otherwise, a little of your website is K, you don’t know what’s going on. Exception, you should pay attention to Baidu, which algorithms have been updated. What are the focuses of these updates?. For example, the focus of this update is Baidu Scindapsus algorithm against selling links, buy links hyperlink cheating, this update to make Baidu more love those rich original content, user experience good site. So we need to know what the current rules are, so that we can make our website better.

two: do not put up advertising at the beginning of the station

I know many new Adsense on the site of a line began to hang advertising, actually do no good at all, that is to attract users to the search engine is not love, I suggest that in early may wish to update the content on the website, other sites included, and then hang up after the weight of advertising. Why should you? Because the early stage is a very important period, and it is in the foundation stage. You must wait for your website to have a certain foundation, then consider how to make money.

three: pay attention to the original article

The importance of

original article, I think we all already know, especially after the Baidu update algorithm, a lot of new owners in order to save time, then a large number of other sites copy an article posted on its website, actually this kind of practice not only on your website is not good, it will make the search engine more hate you. I think copy, 50 articles are not as good as a copy of his article carefully written, if you write the article was reprinted, can bring the chain more to you, that there is no harm. Why not try it?

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