website was launched a year ago, has just entered the University at the time, professional learning network, of all things feel fresh, never made their own web site, the Internet is not a short time, only a short while ago, the overwhelming network like Li Xiang, Ma by the website Jiacaiwanguan examples already deep in my heart, beyond count. So the first thing is to start college, make your own website, because learning network engineering, so spend a month’s time, Google hack Online – finally forming, to the satisfaction of all, immediately bought the host, domain name, set up their own small world, because it is very early contact with the network security so the site is the technology site, then only know a Links will let more people know your site, so a lot of people, Coupled with the website is written in their own, no second similar sites on the Internet, so with a lot of links, but now I know, that is really very high quality links, but the IP is not very good, every day is more than 100 of the IP web site to do what is not the driving force, so a few months after the purchase of a problem with the host, so there is no longer a management.

Since then

frequented network owners want to find the reason of diving, site is not prosperous, then finally understand, the site is mainly to do search engine optimization, which is called SEO, which will see light suddenly, think about it, your site is not worth what a great deal of attention to key words basically, a keyword density only has reached 40%, with the key words do not search to my site, so the key to the right, after learning many knowledge of SEO, the new light of my desire to do stand, I re planning my site, on the site also add their own blog. But when the home is really not what to write, so only in the home at the welcome to my website wrote, so later caused a fatal mistake, the site after reconstruction Baidu, Google, and so on, updated the home page first day, and looked at pr. It is 3, or good, so included soon, I want to put a page first so, then, first included the contents inside again, followed by Baidu, Google every day included my website home page snapshot 2 days update, a few days later, I thought of a better title and immediately changed, but since then, Baidu included stop? Did not care a lot, but for several days to Baidu has not included, Google snapshot home page is not updated (but included normal), then after a few days, when site, Baidu by actually reducing the homepage! No see! This just suddenly think of SEO, included early cannot change the home page of the statement, but it’s too late, his failure to let you pay the price of blood, remind a new webmaster, must not make The same mistake.


site has to be a manager for a long time, so this vacation is very careful

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