website user experience seems to be the webmaster attention, Han saw many websites and personal blogs are mentioned in the user experience, user experience is very important, for a bigger and stronger website, user experience is a part of the first consideration, but part of a long, lip, such development the site is an influence, there is a hindrance for browsing, more income affect you. But some websites are just saying. User experience requires practice, not an armchair strategist. Zi Han talks about what a website can do in terms of user experience and what should be done?

may have encountered such a situation, click on a web site, open very slowly, in fact, the site is now thousands, we have to consider the problem of pressure server or space business, webmasters may feel in the development, the current purchase server pressure is a little big, later developed in the upgrade, but you users can so many users to browse the web, usually within 10 seconds or cannot be displayed or click on the browser will open slowly, the upper right corner of the red cross". So the webmaster can optimize the home page and inside pages, do some simplified structure, content of jane. The site access speed is improved, it is not, we change the size of the space, although we are not a Tencent such as station, but access speed or in an acceptable range. Good! Now enter this website, omnipresent advertising, what type has, and pop, if Han into such a site, the first reaction is fast, the site shut down and it pop pop, annoying! Put so many ads to users only offensive, you might as well do advertising network enter your website at least users are about love big advertising. In fact, the appropriate on the site put some advertising, so as to increase the number of advertising revenue (although advertising alliance advertising costs less) but accumulated enough sites less spending, so webmasters have love in their love to stand on the advertising alliance advertising, access to advertising, Why not?! but as a "degree", do not, do not up to the effect of moderate, to the benefit of both, have a degree, perhaps for small owners will be a disaster. Because of the small owners, in order to do what? What to do traffic flow!? leave users, increase advertising? Leave users do? Buy website products, find the products they want or want to understand the problem, thereby increasing the stationmaster income.

in the process of advertising revenue is a small part of the revenue for the small owners, certainly also has the strength of this stationmaster, rely on advertising revenue is greater than the proportion of income can regardless of website products, Han said this one, because the main income of your website is advertising, but Han or your advice, let website advertising popups put less to lose weight and tone, market coordination to advertising and website, so users will feel your sincerity is a little more, naturally willing to buy more and more a bit, look a little, just make a little more? So in order to benefit to our.

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