suddenly wanted to write something today, impulse, not for others, just want to engage in fair communication with you.

although I am not a bird, but also have access to the Internet for four years; though I did not succeed, but it has accumulated some experience, the way out, hope to share with you. Well, no nonsense, okay.

detour 1: website positioning, today I speak of positioning mainly reflects two points.

first, industry positioning, in fact what type of website have money, but there is a problem of time, so the first choice we must as soon as possible to earn money, is not, as long as there is, my confidence was set up.

so my advice is: the first station to follow the trend, do more popular websites, biased entertainment, such as online movies, QQ space, code, etc..

second, the scope of positioning, and some other industries are not limited to the scope of the set, but if you choose such as talent stations, real estate stations and other regular industry station, this requires you to do a range of positioning

. Do not want to do the national talent station, property station, to become a new generation of Chinese talent network or soufangwang. The popularity of these national sites, the global ranking index, is very good, but if these parameters are divided by 32 provinces, each province divided by 6 cities, then a very small number. And on the other hand, the most important thing is to do the national station, ready to burn money, these factors determine that we are single webmaster, energy and money are inadequate. So, non entertainment regular site or choose local or near the region to do, refinement is not big.

: two stations and detours, the owners will ask, I can maintain several station? I believe that many successful webmaster behind runs many sites, web site, movie station, what music station, but all walks of life have, however, they are not the same site the time to do it, is the order of. Only when a station is successful can it move the next site more successfully. Why do you say so? Reasons: 1, lack of energy, new station just started, need a lot of data maintenance and function improvement, so the webmaster needs to analyze the development of the site and the next step of promotion. If you do more than three new stations at once, the chances of success are quite low. 2, it is easy to waste time, and multi station is easy to cause a waste of time, especially when more than one of the same site at the same time, if you find a station that can take a detour, this N station has similar detours. Before I was doing Zhangzhou talent network, suddenly Xiamen talent network, Fuzhou talent network, Quanzhou talent network have done up. As a result, one month down, which I can not attend to, because a site’s function, it is necessary to change the other three sites. So I still firmly believe that all the energy into a site, I think the maintenance is relatively small, and then to develop the next site, the heart should not be too big.


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