takes Jingdong as an example and expresses his views on building a user growth system. I hope that you can bring some thoughts and Inspirations to your product classmates.

Before planning the user growth system for

, I would like to introduce the following 2 thoughts on how to plan the user system:

first: the user community is constantly changing.

, that is, "pure new users", "retained users" and "loyal users", and even death users, are constantly changing.

new user orders, will become "old users", "to be retained users" in operation after many times to arouse and guide the purchase will become loyal users". Similarly, even on the platform to spend many times on the old users in the platform 3~4 times frustrated, or by other platforms with thick prizes, activities attracted to other platforms, will become "lost users."".

, for example, even before the "easy to car" iron powder, in easy to recharge the thousands of yuan of old users, experienced in the "easy to abolish" customer service team, complaints no door. Several orders, even will enhance the value of 2 times the amount still no orders, will change the investment drops, the Shenzhou arms, so these users for easy to undoubtedly become a "loss of users", or even "death user".

secondly: what are the core goals of the product at this stage?.

to electricity providers, for example, there are many core path.

The initial concern for

might be the path to register, download, and use the product.

mid term focus: recommendation, evaluation, purchase, and payment.

Later in the

, you might be more concerned with logging, uninstalling, and missing paths.

leads users to do what we want him to do, that is, to reach the core goal.

Under the premise of defining the core target,

is more reasonable in considering how to divide "loyal users" and "retain users".

How does the

user growth system plan


divides the user growth system, a lot of things need to be considered. Among the most important, I think the following:

determine growth hierarchy factor

distinct grades are clearly divided into

, unequal rank, exclusive privilege, differentiation,

more than one point content, I Jingdong user growth system, a brief explanation of which doorway.

1. Determine the growth level factor

Jingdong as an electronic business platform, the growth value of Jingdong members through login, shopping, evaluation, sun alone obtained. The most direct way for users to upgrade their personal level is to shop, and his growth system is designed around how to enhance the user’s RMF.


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