from the media should be said to be originated from the first person ", with all kinds of platform innovation, gradually developed into today’s media situation, to everyone can show themselves, since the media frenzy should be displayed in the WeChat and micro-blog most vividly. The network technology also greatly enhance the striding development space from the media, can be said that since the media growth space is generally sunny, Spring returns to the earth. The arrival of the era of booming the media, since the media influence is increasing, at the same time, can make people stop thinking, so behind the frenzy from the future of media growth should not change, the analysis of how to grasp the development trend should be thinking about what the media in


needs quick reaction from the media to refine the essence. Since most media model still exists in the initial stage, the initial stage of this change is not ideal, of course, can not be compared and the professionalism of the traditional media, but as a new media, the body has a natural unique advantage. A little contact with the media people know, reported on a fast, this opportunity for them in the news reported transient, otherwise it becomes old news. Since the media can also have this urgent sense of urgency, rapid response to seize the flash point of things, express quickly out, and cause fans attention. Now a lot of good self media more and more attention from the outside world, a lot of things are collected and reported starting from the media as the source for the basis. In addition, from the point of view, since the media is not a personal space, you can allow individuals to have an element of life, all their own lives, there is no meaning, so there is a degree of sharing.

from the media to strengthen self-discipline, dissemination of value. Can be enough to call it from the media, then there must be a group of fans can not be ignored, can bring an incredible force. As people from the media, the words and deeds will move by the fans attention, so in the business from the media platform, it must pay attention to their own image, strengthen the self-restraint, know what to say, what not to say, say what is of value and so on, deep into the attention from the media to its value so, carry out the positive impact of public opinion. Some from the media in order to obtain considerable traffic, create some meridian must have the audience’s eyes, deprived of some things, the consequences are very bad, just a few years ago in the network of large-scale "cleaning up" these so-called network big V, these people are nothing more than a large-scale unscrupulous rumor by self in a media platform. Therefore, as a self media, when using this media, we must strengthen the socially responsible attitude and spread something positive and positive.

from the media to the team Road, to enhance the height. Is there not a word called "little success is personal, big success by the team, now the pace of development since the media has been far beyond people’s imagination, say vulgar point, rely on personal ability is not cover the scene. Well, information technology is developing rapidly

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