in view of the dispute between the two sides is the equity distribution, so the circle of friends and brush once again, how to educate you when you share the popular science paste. Just like Feng Dahui just left office

I hope they can all go up from purgatory, but I know most of them will toss about in the nineteen hells. As well as some people soaring, may also fall back a somersault.

since 2016, I’ve been writing a book on venture capital. But as a male dog, just like chasing Frisbee on the lawn, I chase the gossip and hot spot every day. The book was slow to finish.

he is very low-key, never said that he is a master, but I always admire him. His website in less than a month, sh419 was collected more than 500 pages, the first shlf1314 update on the PR2, the first page of many of the keywords are discharged into the search engine.

last week, some entrepreneurs wife wrote to her husband again "husband did not get even a 10 Fen stake in my heart, he is still the best entrepreneurs". Two days later, she rebuked the object, your startup CEO back to an article, said her husband is not Niubi article.

in the first month of income, very shy, only 3000 dollars, he said, this is normal, is considered a good start, second months, with the income of 8000 yuan, he said, the challenge has just begun. During that time, we do SEO optimization, update the content, mass promotion, really quite hard is also quite interesting. Look at the ranking gradually increase, increasing the amount of access, a sense of achievement. Third months, our income exceeded 20 thousand. Fourth months, income of more than 30 thousand yuan. The highest month software revenue, close to 60 thousand yuan, even now, but also to maintain the income of 1000 yuan / day or more.

is a master at his old geek, :864002174 knew that he was for many years the Internet, he said: in the network, as long as there are good things, as long as you will let others know the good stuff, you can make money through the network. He said the key is the product sales, followed by the method.

, a weekly business startup, is called "Purgatory paradise."". From heaven to see purgatory, everywhere is the idea that drama; standing in purgatory to see heaven, everyone is a king of chicken soup.

below is the text time

2, our software is registered for customized machine, spend 1000 dollars each month, and to share with members, each month on average less than 20 yuan, so the super.

1, on the site of SEO, get a good website ranking, bring a lot of high intention customer visit. absolute core of SEO is the best static station website program, must be able to generate static pages,

everyone with a microscope, the alignment of the support their arguments that the coin force tended to read two articles, this is the pony said the two companies CTO

summarize the focus of Wangzhuan, nothing more than the following:

I think about it, write the public number is watching in people’s eyes, the book is a person in my room hangchikengchi. As a vain northeast man, he naturally completes the work of gazing. So, since I couldn’t finish my appointment at the hotel, I decided to try it on the beach. So, I’ll be here and write an article about VC every week.

has worked as a business journalist for so many years, and I’ve heard that the dream of changing the world is no less than that of the investment industry. With their shining eyes, said that in the past and Ma promotion pages, comments that Robin Li is standing in the survival of the fall of the mark, Wang Xing and Cheng Wei gossip with what is not a good gay friend. They look forward to the day when they will be on the clouds with one unicorn and become one of those people. They looked at heaven, and then stepped into the purgatory of entrepreneurship.


is my last year and I master a piece of it, when he is engaged in the site, the domain name is registered in June 15th 08, the master of the practice is the specialized sales network marketing software to crack, as long as the network with mass promotion and related software, he went to collect finishing, and then provided to members download and use, and to engage in a software download site, this software download station is indeed quite out of the ordinary, humanization, no wonder then I saw a lot of people are in imitation of this software products.

reverse, it has become the standard of all explosion events.

a friend asked me why the public can insist on writing the book, so hard? In addition to book royalties especially low there are other reasons?

he said to sell things on the internet. First of all, we must make their own things for money, enough to attract and impress others, others will be willing to risk money to us, otherwise, a good marketing strategy, good promotion, cheat you forever do not make money, is also not at ease. Doing business on the Internet, credibility is the most important, absolutely can not deceive customers. Because the credibility will allow you to get the respect of customers, will make more friends, will let you sell more confidence and clout. Good site, good promotion means, lost credibility, sooner or later it will fail.

seriously, if I link up the coffee cups I drank on Zhongguancun’s pioneering street, I think I can circle the earth two times too. Entrepreneurial road devoted her for so many years, share knowledge without what sh419 could not find, rather than entrepreneurs is the lack of knowledge, rather than most people is the lack of equity and cruel enough enough magnanimous attitude.

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