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2. develops the product and the task is finished: if you think your app is on the app sotre and your work is done, you are completely mistaken. Developing a app is the easiest thing in the Create Company process, and it’s the hardest part for users to keep using your app.

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PPC AD model

below are some misconceptions about entering this field. Avoiding them will help entrepreneurs who enter the app market for the first time on the right track and let them know what difficulties they will face in creating and promoting products.

5. can validate your creative project to a friend: ask someone about an imaginary product feedback, and what you get is an imaginary response. Save your energy. Don’t ask for advice from people who don’t have to deal with their opinions. The ones you should trust are those who really use your app. A better approach is to ask for advice from someone who uses your app.

actually placed ads on the web page as requested by advertisers. The location of the advertisement determines how many times the ad is viewed. Each time the ad is clicked by Internet users, the site receives the appropriate advertising fees.

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most commonly, their advertisers advertise by matching specific keywords and related populations, locating potential users. When users search for these keywords in search engines sh419, shlf1314, etc., the right ads will appear on the search results page. These ads are often referred to as "sponsored ads", sponsored links, sponsored links, or sponsored websites. Search engines do the same, and PPC is also an important way for websites to make money through the internet.

compared with the Internet start-ups, the mobile Internet ecosystem is still very new, so many entrepreneurs who first entered the field of app development have some wrong understanding of the whole process.

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3., creativity is everything: if your idea is unique, so no one has ever thought of it, then chances are that no one will agree with it. A Cornell University published papers had concluded that the more creative novel, the uncertainty of these issues is higher, this idea is feasible, whether it is useful, if there are no mistakes, whether can be reliably replicated. These are questions about implementation – how you implement your ideas is the most important. There are many great ideas that have not been successful, not because they are creative, but because they have not been well executed.

PPC ads on

search engine technology or web technology to strengthen the control on cheating, but click cheating is still very common, click fraud directly affect the PPC effect of advertising, so PPC advertising problem is how to effectively control the cheating behavior. Each advertisement pattern can not simply say which There are both advantages and disadvantages., better, I want to combine multiple modes of use should better.

because of the rise of the Internet, there are countless websites offering free information, pictures, and other content to users. People access the content of numerous websites free of charge through the internet. The site is what the survival? Most of the establishment of the website in order to wangzhuan. Who is to give these sites earn? Who will pay for these sites operating costs? The answer is advertisers pay millions placed on blogs, shopping sites, search engines and other web page click on the cost of advertising. The cost supports the operation of most websites. The most popular advertising model when the number of pay per click PPC introduce the PPC advertising Wangzhuan mode.

PPC model work,

1. overriding: if you do not have a technical background, do not consider technology as startup vertices, so technology is only a promoter of your project, your company and commercial purposes is the core. You don’t have to know how to write a technical product. Hire people who are proficient in this business or outsource to other organizations, and you can help them achieve your business goals through these techniques.

6. marketing means spending: of course, paid marketing is the easiest path, but not >

4. has only one creative prototype to finance: now, the overall cost of technology start-ups has fallen a lot since the creation of traditional software companies. At the Hackathons contest, a app can make demo and first versions within a few days. When investors consider investing, they often look for products that have been tested by users, and the number of registered users and the retention rate of users have increased.

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in other words, in a pay per click model, advertisers pay only for page ads, and when potential customers actually click ads, visit the site for more information or buy. Advertisers don’t have to pay for the site anymore.

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