since then, Xu Zhiwei carried the wood and began to walk on the plane, around a dozen village. Due to the brain spirit, deft hands and feet, and enthusiastic people, so soon stand feet, "one day can earn up to more than 20 dollars."

in 1953, Xu Zhiwei was born in the village of Xin Zhuang in Jiangsu. It is a longitude 120 degrees, 31 degrees north of the beautiful countryside, warm in winter and rainy summer, unique subtropical monsoon climate moist with numerous rivers, Taihu, clear lake, Gehu Lake formed dense river network, has become a paradise for snakes and other reptiles.

"spring, summer, autumn planting weeding harvesting wheat," rural life difficult. The spring of that year at the age of 15, Xu Zhiwei 6 in the morning mountain firewood, across the river, dizzy did not wake up, the one foot into the river and drowned to death.

three a month now, see a lot of people are coming in with their own website, want to engage in a website to attract more people, after all, to do with the blog promotion is really too tired, no time to do. Finally, give some advice to the beginners. I’m not an old hand. I can only say it’s a proposal. I can’t say it’s experience. In Tao do not when you do not want to do, to heave great sighs, do believe that there is a return, if it is half done and not do that any more income is not your

but, life is still going on, Xu Zhiwei had to follow the crowd as a carpenter, "thanks a teacher teacher Fu village." To learn a craft, Xu Zhiwei at 6 every morning to get up to the master, sweep the floor, water, cooking, but also to help take care of her grandson. Master a happy, put a few hand skills to Xu Zhiwei.

once had an income, no longer doubts whether Ali mother can make money, and the next few days have almost continuous income, and in this period of time, the more you do, the more dynamic. Oneself also no longer see whether have income, but see today’s income have broken record. This feeling is very comfortable, sometimes in the Q group, in the forum to see people when drying income, more than their own N times, but he is also satisfied, because he did not pay so much.

well, other than that, what do customers should pay attention to what. Three months ago, I thought that it would not be possible to make a website now, but if I do it with my blog, it will work quickly. So I thought for a long time, what blog to do it? This problem is not difficult to me, the beginning of the time there is a YAHOO NCP, but when they have to do, but no, and had to think of another way. Looking for information on the Internet, I saw someone say such a sentence: in the Sina blog is not a celebrity, is rich. At that time I didn’t think other decided to open a Sina here, time is very fast, almost every day in the blog in a few days, almost good, began to increase in popularity, go on other people’s blog, visit etc.. Finally feel it is very fortunate to do something bitter, but ultimately rewarding, persist for several days has no income, to a week later, finally saw the inside account 5 dollars, she was very excited.

began to contact the guest three months ago, the time is not long but ourselves to Amoy truly feel the happy Wangzhuan income account, at the time your heart will secretly happy for a while. Income is not much, just as a part of their own lives, every day up to work, open the mother of Ali to see their accounts, there is no income, this is the happiest thing in the day.

he is a carpenter, but because the snake and a strange combination of circumstances to enter the health care industry, the first year is $1 million, then get out of hand, such as revenue this year more than 7 billion. He is the founder of lung nilfisk, Xu Zhiwei.

village people see more, are not afraid of snakes. But Xu Zhiwei played little afraid of snakes, even see a cauliflower snake will be scared to walk. It’s no wonder that his family is living in a big city. Before liberation, Grandpa was a capitalist of the great Shanghai, only to his father’s generation, after a variety of sports, family business gradually declined.

in the winter of 1999, Guizhou Liupanshui area, a more than 80 year old father to buy 5 bags of snake ointment, unfortunately, was out of stock, Xu Zhiwei said, let the Nanjing headquarters to the father express past immediately, "do not care how much money, the key is to get people’s trust".

4 years later, Xu Zhiwei Tan Tan, became a genuine farmer. The autumn of 1970, the school can resume, but Xu Zhiwei but because the perennial in the paddy field work, rough hands even hold a pencil. Finally, he left school with tears in his eyes.

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11 months after Xu Zhiwei failed, "saw plate, line, plane grinding knives, trailer" swordsmen. As long as the customer speaks like that, he can beat out furniture. More amazing is working fast, "3 days will be able to play a large closet".

therefore, Xu Zhiwei was afraid to go out when the sky was dark, and the only hobby was reading. His novels such as the travels of the old, the romance of the Three Kingdoms, the count of Monte Cristo and other Chinese and foreign novels became his favorite. However, in 1966, to the cultural revolution, "is full of criticism," the 13 year old Xu Zhiwei had to leave school, go back to farming.

so tolerant, good to analyze the visitor’s psychological, take what they want to buy what you put out, this effect can be said to be the most effective. It is to use the brain guest.


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