social tenderness an authentication for the music staff "users said LETV VR has two teams, one of the external components of the VR team has completely dissolved, another from the music as caused by the new VR team is currently in the internal representation will retain and do other business transformation.

last talked about shlf1314 AdSense "hot spot" adjustment analysis and coping strategy, and voted in Webmaster network Admin5, got a lot of friends attention and comment. One friend said "good price adjustment station ~ ~ ~ my industry quickly goes up ~ ~ ~ ~ I will complement", now, why shlf1314 Adsense advertising strategies adjusted some website advertising price will be increased and how to keep the good condition of income.

everyone knows, shlf1314 advertising is competitive ranking, the higher the advertising unit price, his advertising will show the more the former. And I said "hot spots" to reduce the error, click and click malicious will to some extent be controlled, so that advertisers can reduce some meaningless pay, of course that this part of the investment on the province. That is good, will be the main effect of advertising advertising compared to previous thought, well, good, is to target customers, quality is very high. As a result, he will increase investment in advertising, raising the unit price in order to get better returns. This is also shlf1314’s new advertising marketing strategy. For our webmaster advertisers, the benefits are obvious. However, in the short term may not be able to see, but according to the analysis, I am sure that after a period of time, this effect will gradually emerge. Advertisers, after all, have to see the effect before they can afford it.


furthermore, how do our webmaster keep this good income? This is also the topic that the webmaster cares most. I conclude with 3 points for your reference:

, who has left the music as VR employees told Phoenix technology, as the music VR does not exist two teams, only part of the project will take the form of outsourcing. The person said, after the music as the VR team experienced in April this year the adjustment team go, the reorientation of the transfer, has become an empty shell. In this regard, Phoenix Science and technology as a result of music, holding and new aspects, the response is not clear.


2. optimize your website, so that high priced ads love your station. Well, that sounds romantic, doesn’t it?. But for webmasters, the most romantic thing is seeing steady increases in income. OK, let me analyze how to make your station keep good income.

first of all, why does the shlf1314 Adsense policy that seems to be detrimental to our webmaster will bring us the benefits of unit price rise?.

May 22nd news, just experienced a major adjustment of personnel as music, there are new bad news: music as VR team disbanded.

recently closed a little known is the perfect fantasy, this is a focus on the panoramic camera production research and development company, they get from Intel investment in 2015, but could not survive this spring.

1. takes full advantage of the Adsense control panel. Adsensse control panel, we use the most is to see the income situation. But it has an important function besides looking for income. You must make good use of it. It is a channel". If you set the keyword of the channel, you can follow the advertising effect, analyze and find the best channel to adjust the best display of the advertisement in time. Here’s an illustration:

red box is the channel you set, and the blue box is the best channel for Adsense statistics, hits, hits, hits, pages, ECPM, and your income. Ha, now you can make a comprehensive analysis to get your Internet users’ most attention to those ads. And then, what follows?.

The The VR venture company

music as the December 23, 2015 release of its first VR terminal hardware products – Mobile VR helmet LeVR COOL1, equipped with EUI VR version of the operating system, priced at 149 yuan. In addition, music also announced its VR virtual reality strategy, the concept of vertical integration of the value chain, will VR content source, platform, terminal open.

from the point of view of the environment, the content of the team had gone all the way, as the music VR dissolution is not surprising. Beginning in 2015, VR industry in the domestic hot, after two years of big reincarnation, VR industry began to turn cold, and now 90% of start-up companies have closed down.

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